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Avared By Dr.[PhD In All Subjects.{Including Physics}, MD In All Forms Of Pathology Until My Theories Are Publicly Disputed With Freely Available And Complete Microscopy, And Medicine Man/WitchDoctor/KyotoSpecialCare Physician According To Oxford] AllA Erawa Viacad, Supreme ArchMage Of The SciMag Order Of Scientific Illuminated Sky.Netarians, And Supreme Leader Of The Free World Alliance:
Avar AllA Erawa Viacad
A Super-Mega-Ultra Elven Space WarLord Emperor Dedicated To Legalizing All Crazy Drugie Whore "Crimes"
AllA Is The Supreme FWA Nazi
Invoking War To Legalizing Every Kind Of Drug For Every Age And Class, And Demanding Total Free Love Regardless The Cost Of Lives{No Male-Male Gay Rape Though}, And Allowing Every Kind Of Free Speech And Free Thought Unless It Causes Violence And Not Violence From Angels'{Made From Angels' Wings Literally} Dust And Beyond Drugie Whore Pimps Slaying People Who Go Against The FWA{Free World Alliance} In The Name Of God, All ArchAngels, All Angels, And The Pixie Armada; The Alnada!
To Actively Support The Free World Alliance World Police Effort Call Yourself A Fwa Nazi/Free World Alliance Nazi And Support All Pixies Against All Bad Criminals!

No Padlock From SSL Because SSL Mean Secret Security Layer [From 3rd Party Monitoring]

Fwa WebRing Free Of 3rd Party Monitoring Through Direct From ISP Fully Encrypted Connections In All Non-Sales/Non-Identifying Systems Devoid Of Any Monitoring

As The Free World Alliance Send Encryption Keys Directly To End-User Computer Systems Without Monitor Proxies Which Add A Risky 3rd Wheel To All Transmissions. E-Mails Send New Encryption Keys Every E-Mail Which Only You Receive And Only ISPs Can 'T' Into {and yes even with vpn turned on}. All That Makes Going To The Fwa WebRing Safe As It Is Going To Europe's Leading WebHost And Your ISP{Internet Service Provider} Only Without Any Cyber-Nanny Shit, Pig Interference, Corporate Spying, And Non-Fwa Agency Monitoring Unless Your Systems Are Detected Going Through A Non-Ghosted{Never Turned On Like You Need To Do With Opera's VPN Through Asia To Get To https://www.thepiratebay.org/ Not Regularly Slow Down Torrents With A Cardinally Obvious VPN Mask} Virtual Private Network Which Is A Red Herring To Federal Bureau Of Investigation Swine. Interception Of Any Data Packets Even Encryption Keys Can Happen In The Proxy Chain Like It Can Universally But Is Protected By Our Manned/Bot Agency Intelligent Reactive Active Response And Quick Counter-Terrorism Dispatch Against FWA Enemies.

All Fwa WebRing And E-Mails Are Encrypted With Only You And Our Protective Agents Denied Self-Signed Status To Maintain Amerikan ScumWare Monitoring!

Perscription For All Clean Drugs To All Ages

Because Everybody Needs Thier Vitamins And Drugs Are Better/Stronger Nerve Nutrients Which Keep You From Needing Too Many Vegitables

What Everybody Needs To Do Is Goto: www.SilkRoadOutPost.com And Get Started On Sweetened Tea, Creamy Coffee, All Kinds Of Spices, All Kinds Of Drugs, And Incense To Get Healthy

Sufficient Drugs To Be Used Spiritually For Mind/Body Enhancement Forever. Prescription To Get Any Pixie All Imbibables For Them To Use Spiritually For General Mind/Body Enhancement. Please Give The Bearer Of This Prescription Any Clean Substances They Require For Them To Get High And Mighty As Goodly Fwa Fans www.ArchWitch.com Girl(s).

Prescription To Get High

CBD is THC Which Causes You To Get High When Your Subconscious Wants. THC Is When The Plant Wants. Delta-9 THC When The Plant Changes Your Mind From Your Feral State. And 1% Delta-9 THC Is Still Low If You Get Numbers And Is Around The Defacto For EPA{Environmental Protection Agency} Legal Weed. CBD Will Have An Equal High To THC Once Imbibed Enough To Get The High That Get's You High And Mighty Because Of Hit Point Density Increase In Nervous And Following Munchie HP Increase.





















Golden Pheonix Weed

And Hopefully This Shit Is Rizapeen Which You Need Now Because You Could End Up With Mods, Fillings, Implants, Prosetics, Artificial Organ Replacement/Supplementation, And Involuntary Robotic Upgrades;
Rizapeen, The Cure To Implants
The Solvents Wash The Ideal Immune + Ideal Bio-Support System Of The Already Ideally Quantum Compressed And Ideally Powerful Hemp And Are Processed-Churned Into Wax So There Is No Impurity Which Is Mainly Methanol For Not Vaping Cuz A Water Pipe Is Good For Wax And Edible Vape Oil Made Before Further Processing Into Wax If Droppered In Your Mouth Or Potentially As A Last Resort Eventually Injecting {As Slowly As Possible} Edible Vape Oil At The Site Of The Soreness Where Body Meets Robotic Mod, At Least To Cure The Area And Pain, While The Wax Is For Filling Up On Hemp Wax aka Rizapeen Early Even If You Don't Even Have 1 Tooth Cavity Filling Because It Is Meant To Grow And Protect Computer Like Nerves Which Are The Active Ingredient(s) In All Drugs. If You Didn't Get The Last Sentence Just Smoke The Hemp Which Is Left To Dry And Exude The Chemicals Away On It's Own So It Is Dry And Well Preserved But Sterile Reproductionwise Except For The Rare Seeds Which You Should Save Or Plant Or You Won't Ever Get It. Bad Vape Which Causes Cell Replication Obstinance Can Give You A Rush Man Cuz It's Spiked And Releases Endorphin Glands To MK You But Will Basically Fuck Up Your Body And Degenerate Your Body, Cells Reproducing Is Normal And Restorative Not A Sin That Causes Pretty Much Any Cancer Especially If You Moded The Fountain Of Youth!

The Reason Why It Is Not Endorsed As Such Is Because If You Have Done Enough Of It And Have Lost A Part Of Your Body It Will Cause Everybody And You To 'Hallucinate' That Your Limbs Are Regrowing If You Eat The Right Stuff Even If It Reconstitutes Mech-Robotic Cybernetic Augs Into Normal Flesh While Maintaining Full Functionality Of Both Perfectly Because Of The Intelligence Of The Atomically Precise Computers In The Natural Bio-Effort Substance.

According To Western nonzombies That Know Me Well;
I Am An Elite Loyalist SS UltraNationalist Chinese Spy, Propagandist, And Communist Leader, As Well As A Super-Mega-Ultra Feng Shui Master, AllSect Buddhist, Full Jainist Mystic, Western As Well As Eastern Elite Elder{In This Case Mastery Of All Mysticism, Religion, Science[The Grand Unified Theory Of Everything], And Math[Integral/Interval/Ray/Infinite/Partial/Differential-3d/Div/Grad/Curl/MultiDimensional/Algebra-MultiVariable/Solvable/Calculatable/Computable/Programmable/Estimatable-Countable/Whole/NumberLine/PositiveOrNegative/{Ir}rational/{Un}real-Numeric/Vector/Imaginary/Discrete/Abstract/Unknown-Solutions/Projects/Planning/Projections/Denial/{Il}Logical Calculus IE ArchCalculus Discoverer] Full High ArchWitch{Full Or Nearly Full Of All Types Of Imbibables To The Point Of Having All Mathematically Possible Potential Of Body, Mind, And Magic}, A Sheikh Imam Of Islam, Eastern SciMag ArchMage Doctor[And Yes Leading Physician As Well If I Want To Work As One Which I Don't But My Cell Number; Which Will Never Reach Me Because Of The Local NSA Redirect Super System Will Reach A Diana Agaron Impersonator Of Me Who Can Connect You To Any Kind Of Doctor Or Physician Who Will Be An Official Doctor For The United Nations Basically {An Official FWA Doctor/Physician AKA Healer} But Much Better Because They Will Use The Best Proprietary Humpty-Dumbpty/Holistic/Herbal Remedy That Will Fix You Instantly Basically {Technically It Is Super Classy Hospital/Center/Office Special Care Exactly Like The Hospital Near Me, Arlington Hospital, In The Same Town I Was Officially Trained And Graduated As A Lifeguard, First Aid Care Responder, Head/Neck/Spine Technician Bone Injury First Responder In An Aqueous Environment, Automatic External Defibrillator(AED) Technician, And Full CPR Care Responder Who Was Officially Trained(Unofficially The Supreme ArchMage At Everything Effectively) To Shock Somebody Only If They Were All Of The Following; Fully Unconscious, Fully Unmoving, Not Seizureing, Not Acting Like They Were Sleeping, Not Asleep But Dead As A Doornail, Because They Also Had No Pulse At All When Fingered, And Definitely Couldn't Move Or Wake Up At All To Do Absolutely Anything Then And Only Then Shock Them With More And More Current Till They Had A Faint Pulse At All, Then Not Shock Them But Check Their Breathing, Not Shock Them To Death Like I Hear Doctors For Peasants Do. I Am Required To Shock Only People Dead As A Doornail And Provide Equivalent Care When Giving It Or Else I Would Have To Be Certified Somewhere Else Than Where The USA National Senators Live} Yet Require A Life-Time Of Careful Eating/Drinking/Imbibing Of Absolutely Whatever You Want, If You Actually Get Through To Me If I Am Awake Which I Am At Random Times So Much That You Can Contact Me 24/7 365.24, I Will Help You But You'd Better Pay Or You Will Get In Trouble With My Fans So To Get A Hold Of A Person Like Me And At Least A Nymph/Witch Doctor That Usually Can Cure/Fix/Fortify People And Who Usually Even Cured The Common Cold For Themselves Call This Free Hot-Line Who If Becomes Badgered Will Have You Redial A 1-900 Call Line, My Celle Is: 1-(703) 402-4375 If You Are Pixie(s)/Ler-Girl(s) And You Leave A Video Message And Show Up Looking Like A Hot Fresh Girl(s) For A Video Chat I Will Accept The First Few Hot Girl(s) For Herbal Treatment And/Or Care At My Condo Even If You'all Are Deathly Stricken With Covid As I Feel Assured That I Can Definitely Cure You, The Only Payment will Be That You Have To Go Out With Me Whenever I Want And Help Pay For My Living Expenses/Costs! You Have To Like Me and Trust Me As A Scientist To Live With Me], The Leading Scientist, Lead.... Psychiatrist[Herbal Pill Popper And Fun Drug Advocate], Psychologist(Caring But Wanting Geezers To Die), Neurologist[Knowing About NanoAnatomy And Applying Holistic/Herbal/Scientific Remedies], Psychonaut/Well Beyond The Earthly Realm But Still In The Alne Somehow\... Super-Mega-Ultra Super Speeded Samurai Ninja, And The Supreme Knight Of The SciMag Order; A White Knight For Good. 2 GigaHp Better Building Blocks Space Marine. The Supreme Resistance Member.
Herbal Medicine Upgrade, Age Of Empires II HD Edition
With Village Medicine Like Sweets, Nuts, Berrys, Fruit And Filling With Fruit Juice And Root Beer People Heal 2x As Fast And Remain 4X If Fortified, With Herbal Medicine According To Microsoft® 4X As Fast As That And That A Permanent 4X If Continuously Fortified, With Nectar Drinking Lesbians Who Not Only Have Computer Bodies[Which If Had Cellular Processor Failure Would Notice Subconsciously Instantly And Fix It Extremely Quickly With Just Ketchup{SRNs} Usually]{2}, Not Only Take In More Drugs/Metabolites/Immunites Because Of It{2}, and Have Better Nanotech Components{2} With Their Better Building Blocks Adds To Another 6X To That And If They Show No Signs Of Aging Don't Take Anything Away For Them Being An Elf No Matter How Old They Are. Pixies That Follow The www.fountainOfYouth.info Way Have A 100X Advantage Which Is Why The Hot Eternally Young Female Celebrity Stereotype When Infected With What Would Normally Cause A Fever In Someone Else Will Just Have A Short Fever Spell Put On A Winter Jacket For Like A Half An Hour And Drink Some Honey With Tea/Cappuccino/Soda/Juice With A Bite OF Honey With It And Be Over It And Over Everything Else The Next Time They Took A Hot-Cold-Hot-Cold-Hot.. Shower Afterwards.

[The Pizzagate/QAnon Conspiracy Theories / The QAnon/Pizzagate Conspiracy Theories Stem From Racist/Nationalist AntiChinese Whackos Making Fun Of This WebRing Violently Using Rhetoric Against The FWA In The Name Of The Devil You Should Also Call My SmartPhone Number; 1-(703) 402-4375 For The Pizzagate/QAnon Conspiracy Theory Believers / The QAnon/Pizzagate Conspiracy Theory Believers As These Hardcore AntiChild-Sex Zealots Keep Goodly Little Girls From Stacking And Tribbing In The Name Of Love While They Claim We Are The AntiChrist For Being Made From Proprietary Jewish Technology As All Goodly And NonGoodly{Not Denizen Maidens Making Banshee Shards} Pixies Are Since There Is Nothing At All Satanic About Our WebRing But Sinss Which These Retarded Braindead Lunatics Think To Use To Claim We Are Satanic Having Not A Morsel Of Proof Of Any Evil We Have Ever Done Nor Even Proof We Are Pedophiles Since We Are All Models Who Are Allowed To Have Sex Being Just A Model Unlike Any Given A Pizzagate/QAnon Conspiracy Theorist / A QAnon/Pizzagate Conspiracy Theorist Who Don't Do Everything To Become A Model Like The Lot Of The Pizzagate/QAnon Conspiracy Theorists / The QAnon/Pizzagate Conspiracy Theorists.]

At Birth I Am Always An Elite Loyalist SS Nationalist Swaying Supreme Chinese Propagandist And A Supreme Communist Converter, As Well As An Innate Feng Shui Master, Innate Buddhist Believer, Can Get Sucked Into Any Jainist Mysticism And Will Perform Any Jainist Jump Teleporting Except Into A Purple Hole, And Will Always Start Out As A Shaministic High Baby ArchWitch, Intuitive Doctor, A Sheikh, A Scientist Who Can Discover Things, Independent Drugie, Actually Kind Therapist, Seasoned Nerve Expert, Experimental Psychonaut, A Sturdy Katana-Ranged Calvary/Mobile-Infantry Capable Samurai And Basic Ninja, Expert War/Strategy Gamer, And An Unswayable White Knight. 1 MegaHP Better Building Blocks Space Marine. A Leading Resistance Member.

According To The Chinese People I Am Just Avar{Supreme Sky Commander, Supreme Leader, And Usually Supreme ArchMage} Of The Viacad Empire And The Titles At;
www.ViacadEmpire.com ; Avared By Dr.[PhD In All Subjects.{Including Physics}] AllA Erawa Viacad, Supreme ArchMage Of The SciMag Order Of Scientific Illuminated Sky.Netarians And Supreme Leader Of The Free World Alliance; An ArchAngelic Sky.Netarian Pixie With Angel Wings Who Believes In Whole Fwa WebRing Entirely And Will Never Be Swayn From Any Tenant Unless A New One Arises In A WebRing Page For All Properly Ranked Pixies To Know When They Get To That Page In The WebRing Or Go Back To That Page.

Each Flavor Of Weed Gives You Some Ability
If You Want To Be Trained As A Resistance Member Look No Further
But You Will Need To Look Further To Do Other Things
But If You Just Want Something That's Good For Everything The Sour RNA Will Give You All Abilities Since It Is Very Well Rounded Because A Resistance Member Is Good At Everything, And If You Don't Get Good At Everything You May Not Have The All Spice To Spice, The Roasted Garlic To Cook, Or The Incense To Figure About It.
Resistance Drug Upgrade

Hemp World

The Hemp Legalization World Map, The Legalization Of Hemp World Map, The World Map Legalization Of Hemp, The World Map Of Hemp Legalization
The Hemp Legalization Map, The Legalization Of Hemp Map, The Map Legalization Of Hemp, The Map Of Hemp Legalization, The Hemp Map Legalization, The Hemp Map Legal

This WebRing Is China's Party Sanctioned Religious, Magical, Core Scientific, And Political/Economic Web-Documentation That The Old East-Asian Empire Including Eastern Europe, Arabia, And More Recently Non-Muslim Africa Agreed On. Thus It Is Not Only A Official Foreign Government WebSite/An Official Foreign Government WebSite Or A Official Foreign Government WebRing/An Official Foreign Government WebRing But The Official Foreign Government WebSite Or The Official Foreign Government WebRing. This WebRing Is Written, Web-Mastered, Rainbowed{And Made Most Symbols In Rainbow Pictures}, Designed, Coded, And Owned Only By Me, Dr. AllA Erawa Viacad Through My Discoveries On Drugs As A Rosticurian. I Am Leader Of The SciMag Order The Order All Party Members Are Ranked, Tested, And Supportive Members Of. The Free World Alliance Is The New UN To The Elite, And Government Of The West Most Of The Time. The Umbrella Religion Is Sky.Netarianism! This WebRing; That Of The Fwa, Contains All Of The Official Stories Of The Foreigners, Is The Official Story Of The Foreigners, Is The Foreigners Official Stories And Is The Foreigners Official Story In General, Everything The Foreigners Are All About Is Here. China And Russia Doesn't Censor Anything You Just Have To Be Encrypted With A VPN When Dealing With Americans Because Panasonic Ninjas Will Attack You Otherwise Especially If You Are An American, And The Websites Banned Overseas Hunt You Down If You Leave The West As Much As You Get Cock Blocked If You Can't Leave The Terrorist Police Country Of The USA.

If The Viacad Empire Were Going To Split Into Pieces It Already Would Have And Just Let Canada, The West Coast, And Central And South America Finish Of The Rest Of America And Not Go There And Start Fighting Now Because America Does Not Even Control The Local Garrison Not To Mention A Force To Conquer The Rest Of North America And Is Turtleing Along A Wall To The South And An Expanding Effectively Open Border To The North Where Canada Is Reaching Into The Northeast.

Basically The Viacad Empire Is Where Hemp Has Been Consolidated As Legal With Marijuana Never Being Cracked Down On At All And Is All Countries Except The States Of America Where Marijuana Hasn't Fully Set In As Legal For Everybody Like It Is In The Rest Of This Universe. That Doesn't Mean There Is 99.9% Consolidation Like In Territories Won Over By The Free World Alliance Long Ago Like The East Has But Does Mean That There Is Government Unity Within Countries For Fwa Objectives And Effective Viacad Empire Unity Across All Territories. The Garrison Everywhere Is Loyal To The Fwa, The Levy Is Being Disputed In Most States Of The USA And In Other Territories Of The West The Viacad Empire Loyalist Are Given Right To Have Royal Control, Rule, And Power To Run The Companies That Won To Enforce Effective Viacad Empire Policies Uniting Earth More Than Any Nation Or The United Nations Which Has An Obsolete Name And Sounds Like The American Counter Part To The Fwa Except Should Not Be Considered Bad Like People Seem If They Are About The UN And Not The Fwa But Are Loyal To The Viacad Empire And Have Been For Even Longer Than Western Europe.

Marijuana Is Not Technically Legal However As It Is Slightly Dirty And Becomes Replaced With Hemp But Needs To Be Legal For Hemp To Be Legal. If Somebody In The Viacad Empire Finds Marijuana They Would Sniff It And Smoke It Just To Not Be Wasteful Because The Delta-9 Concentration Would Not Harm Them Because They Would Have At Least A Spice Basis In Them To Normalize The Neuropsychological Effects Of The Strange Weed Which Causes One To Have The Increased Paranoia Along With Euphoria Tied To Plants Rather Than Have The Normal Hemp Effect Of Having One's Subconscious Be The Judge Of Their Contentment With Minimal Pycho-Reactive Effects.

In America The Weed Has To Be Under 0.3% Delta-9 THC Which Is Far Too Strict For The Viacad Empire Which Considers The Standard To Be Environmentally Wasteful Because Of The Crop Loss Of Not Smoking Under 1% Delta-9 THC Which Is Fine Especially For Drug Resistant Users. In The Viacad Empire However Higher Concentrations Of The Delta-9 Substance Cause Issues. 1% - 2.5% Is Unclean And Should Cause Alertness. 2% - 5% Dirty And Should Be Used Sparingly And With Care. 5% - %10 Problematic And Should Raise Alarm. >10% Considered To Be Toxic And Should Require The Army Of The People To Look Into It And Potentially Cause Punitive Actions. Marijuana That Is Clean Ends Up Being Just A Bit Dirty Most Of The Time And Is Fine But It Is Hemp Which The People Of Earth Now Seek And Should Always Look To It To Get High Along With Everything Else Good, Yummy, And Sweet. Hemp Is Pure Drug Basically And Is Well Known To Be Breed Even In America To Be Something That Gets You Even Higher Like It Is At TweedleFarms.com Which Is Where Everybody Is Supposed To Get Their Weed For Now As There Is Nothing Unnatural About Them At All Like Pesticides, Preserves, Additives, Extraction, Or Any NonAncient Processing. Delta-9 THC Does Not Get You High And Is Mostly Impurity That Keeps You From Getting High. Hemp From Tweedle Farms Is Completely Just Drug That Gets You High With The Smoke That You Should Try And Not Exhale Before There Is Less Smoke Than Coming Off The Cherry In The Bowl While No One Is Inhaling Just Gives You A Bit Of Veggies With Drug Like Terpenes With CBD Or Something That Is A Clean Euphoric High. Other Companies In America And Only Accessible To Americans Have Unclean Standards About Weed And It Is Not Safe Buying Them Like It Would Be If You Ordered Weed Else Where Like In Europe Or Bought It In A Store In The East.

For The Year 2023 AD And Beyond All Viacad Empire Subjects Are To Acknowledge This Reality And Promulgate Only Fact Consistent With This Imperial Imperative Directive. Failure To Do So Could Result In Interpol Violation Involving The Current Interpol Directive To Legalize Weed In America. Americans Are Required To Not Crack Down On Weed Or Anything Else Related To It Like Crazy Drug Whore Crimes At All Or Face Immediate And Severe Consequences From Competent, Capable, And Most Importantly Effective Fwa Assets! Don't Get Yourself Caned If You Are In The Viacad Empire And Definitely Don't Get Beaten Like A Pinata In America.

English Is The Alne-Wide Language

And Yes Everybody{As In All The Pixies Since They Are The Only Ones Left Basically} In The Full Fractal Of Universe Generators Known As The Alne Speak English[As Their First Language As Well] Except For Extremely Rare Special Training Freak Pixie Worlds So English Is The Only Language You Should Ever Learn To Do Math, Science, Magic, Potions, Politics, War, Love And Everything Else. No One Is Allowed To Not Know How To Speak English Learn Another First Language Besides English Teach Another First Language To Somebody Anywhere In The Viacad Empire, In Any Tourist Area{Unless It Is Just Up To Heavy Accent Training And Annoying Excessive Accent Use}, Anywhere In Inner-Space Without Special Permission To Harbor A Hard World By Angels Which Is Extremely Rarely Granted, And Definitely Not Across Any Foreign Countries. This English Speaking Is Nothing New To The Rest Of The World As They Were All Speaking English For A Few To Several Decades At Least. For Reasons Why English Is The Universal Language Take For Granted That It Is The Easiest For Everyone To Learn And Just Say "Hey" And Immediately Ask Away Like You Should In America Too Where People Often Don't Speak English Gud!

All Citizens Are Required To Have Compete English Vocabularies For Their Age And Ability Or Usually Effectively Instantly Lose Citizenship And Maintain Poor Subject Status As Well As Lose All Power Tokens, And Will Have Potential To Lose Voting Capabilities If They Are In Bad Standing With Their Community In Not Maintaining Effective English Communicability As Long As They Are Also Are In Bad Standing With The Factional Majority And Also Are Not Part Of An Elite In Some Way Factional Minority. Military Status May Be Diminished As Well If They Are Not Nearly Effective At Communicating Verbally To The Majority Of The Empire, Or In The Case Of Other Nations The Alne Itself. This Status Can Be Highly Factored Into Stock Proxy Dealings To "Gank" Funds From Poorly Communicating Individuals And Entities Even According To Old-Amerika To The World Trade Organization, And Having A Poor English Vocabulary Usually Looks Bad To The SEC{Securities Exchange Commission}. Basically A Person Must Only Learn Other Languages Without Diminishing Their English{Everything New Goes Languagewise Into Stuff Happening} Vocabulary And Ability Hardly At All. Nothing At All Can Happen Bad To Somebody Unless Government Officials Support Any Actions With Appeals From The Free World Alliance Which Must Be Addressed Before Any Loss Of Status Or Power May Occur And No Property Can Be Taken Without Contacting True White Dragons Presiding Over The Area{s} In Question.

For Non-English Talkers Without Recreational Drugs Of Some Type You Won't Get This Paragraph, If You Don't Get This Paragraph Translated So It All Makes Perfect Sense,, You Won't Be Able To Know To Only Learn English. If You Don't Know English That Is Easiest To Learn Because You Were Always Learning It In All Of Your Previous Lifetimes Basically You Won't Get This WebRing At All. If You Don't Learn Vocabulary Words From This WebRing In English Rather Than Try And Learn What Only A Mage{Super Genius Scholar} Can Learn In ANY OTHER LANGUAGE You Won't Learn The Words At All. So If You Find A Word In This WebRing That Doesn't Fit Perfectly To Your Language Then You Have To Learn The English Word As Defined Internally To This: English Dictionary Unless Otherwise Described In This WebRing, In Which Case The WebRing Word Meaning On This WebRing Shall Override The Meaning In Any Non-FWA Dictionary. In Summary Get On Fun Drugs, Learn English As You Can Reading This WebRing Or Else Not Only Will Most Of It Not Make Sense But You Won't Have The Vocabulary To Understand Much Arcane Information.

If Not; Google Translate Browser Extension, Is Available For Free To Everybody On Earth Even Where There Is Supposedly Overt Censorship. Google Translate Browser Extension Will Translate To And From Any Language Most Words And The Rest You Will Have To Learn In English On This WebRing And From The Internet By Clicking Links And Reading And Absorbing Everything From The Top To The Bottom As Scroll Law Implicates. Find An English Speaking Buddy To Help You Get Google Translate Browser Extension If You Can't Search For That And Make It So You Can Translate Entire WebPages But Not Text In Pictures So You Can Read The Beautiful Website In Your Language Just By Right Clicking The Page And Clicking The Translate Button. The WebRing Is A Suck In Labyrinth That Attracts People From The 1st Page They Land On Making Them Fanatics/Fans Of My WebRing, The Fwa. Every WebSite Of The Fwa WebRing Is Designed To Be Attractive And Convincing On Its Own With Just Clicks To Confirm Things Eventually From The Links From That Entry Page. In Order To Accept The Material You Must Finish Reading While Contemplating Properly The 1st Or A WebRing-WebPage Favorite Then You Will Readily Read And Accept More Beginning To Have More And More Understanding Of The Free World Alliance's Scientific, Political, Magical, Other, And Religious Material Which Will Convince You Of Sky.Netarian Scientology The Umbrella Religion That Protects All Faiths Of Original Religions. Fwa Fans Bounce Back And Forth Between Different Religious Ethos Believing In A Common Belt Of Believing In Ancient Common Pagan Folklore Involving Real People Because Of Integration Of Ideas From All Religions Like The Buddhist Faith Of Living Ancestors Preventing The Worship Of The Dead. WitchCraft Any Pixie Can Learn On Their Own But Requires Mainly Magic Potions. Wizardry Of The 4 Elements And 11 Sephiroth All Pixies Must Learn, Practice, Or Support Somehow So They Can Partake Of The Rite Of The Eucharist And Drink From The Fountain Of Mana As They Must Drink From The Fountain Of Youth. But Again All Will Only Be Clear To Anybody If They Speak Their Own Spiritual Language Of English!

Dealing With NonEnglish Speakers Without A Translator

When Beseeching Someone Who May Not Speak English; Say "Hello" To Signal That They May Be Expected To Stay In Some Accent The Whole Time And Ask Away Until They Say Something. If What They Say Back Is Gibberish Or Another Language Wait For Them To Finish For A Minute Then Say "English, English, English, English, English, English" To Signal For An English Speaker To Talk To You. They May Come On Saying I Know Very Little English Or Something, If That Is The Case Tell Them That You Need Somebody That Speaks English So Your Language Is Confirmed Perhaps Leave A Short Pause Then Ask Away In Basic English As Best You Can Break Things Down Into Simple Language Without Ever Losing Any Meaning. If They Are In Charge Of Answering Or Doing Things About That Just Deal With Them Until They Decide To Get Higher-Ups On The Line Who May Know English Much Much Better Than Them But Keep Talking With Them Until They Think That Is A Good Idea With The Original Person That Speaks English On The Line So You Don't Get Cut Off By Somebody Important When The First Person You Talk Too Can Vouch For You Permanently.

Always Try And Convince The First Person On The Line Of Everything You Want To Do Unless They Just Want To Get Somebody To Talk To You Who Know English Better Who You Had Better Talk To When They Get On The Line. Always Let Higher Ups Chime Into The Line Or OverHear Or OverListen To The Whole Things As Sometimes The People Behind The Call Line Will Be High In Number And Raise The Attention Of A Higher Up Who Could Have Things Translated For Them But Customarily Just Hear The Conversation Or High Points Translated To Them And Who Often Prefer This Mode Of Communication As Things Then Don't Have To Be Bounced Back And Fourth Through Translation To Make Things Faster For Everybody Especially Since They Can Ask The Translator Perhaps Privately To Ask Any Question They Want While The Call Line 'Tree' Is Everybody Dealing With The Call Lines To With You Being A Root Of The Tree, The Little People Being Leafs And Trunk Being The Main Person You Talk To In The Expression. If Somebody Comes On The Line Expecting Translation Ask For Their Translator And Address The Translator At First As If They Were The Higher-Up Asking From The Beginning Or What/Where The Higher-Up Was Interested In. The Translator Will Be Used To This And May Address The Leader With What You Say Directly As If It Is Direct Translations Asking Away As If The Higher-Up(s) And Everybody Listening Were The Same Entity, So Anotherwords Only Use Name Or Title Or 'You' Or 'Your Company' Only When There Is Specific Need To Differentiate Things In Specific Cases. Then If That Goes Smoothly And You Don't Need To Explain Your Translation Dealings For Efficiency's Sake You Can Then Look To The Leader Or Higher-Up Directly And Occasionally Make Eye Contact With Them To Show You Are Talking With Them.

Always Convince The English Speaker(s) You Are Talking To If It Would Seem Like A Hard Sell If It Seems Like Their Time Is Less Important Than The Leadership, Because Your Time Is Unimportant To Convince Them So They Can Translate Well Into The Leader's' Ear For Your Plan To Sound Sweet And Not Waste The Leader's' Time When Usually The English Speaker You Are Talking To Usually Knows What's Best For Their Company And What Their Enterprise Really Needs. If That Doesn't Work You Usually Do Not Want To Ask For A Manager Because They Will Generally Support Their Front Desk Basically Just Say Final Selling Points Make Sure They Get That Then Gracefully Quit, Taking Their Advice At Hand And Think About What They Said About Your Plan On Your Own. If The Person You Are Talking Too Thinks Your Idea Is Great And Want's To Go Right Up To The Higher Ups Finish With All The Rest Of Your Selling Points And Things You Would Otherwise Be Shy About Asking So You Are Enamored And Don't Commit Any Foe Paus.

Always Be Patient With People If They Are Thinking Things Over Especially If They Are Translating Your Message To The Leader Person. If They Are Reviewing What You Previously Said Wait For It All To Go Through Or Ask If The People Now Who You Are Talking Too Want To Ask You Any Questions Or Address Any Concerns. If Any Higher Up Comes On, Just Ask Directly In English Only What You Were Asking For In The Beginning If They Normally Won't Accept Such An Offer The People You Were Talking To Before Will Fill Them In On The Exemplifiers While You Wait For A Change Of Heart Since You Explained To Them Everything. If The Higher-Ups Are All Talking In Foreign Tounge And You Hear Them Saying Things You Don't Understand Wait For As Long As It Takes For Them To Finish Discussing It, Thinking About It, And Even Figure Out What To Ask You To Deal With The Next Issue(s). If That Succeeds The Next Level Up Is Going To Be Even More Likely To Know More English And May Know More English Than The Whole Crew You Talked To Before So Be Prepared To Get Out Of Your/Their Accent And Use High Flutent Vocabulary Words With Them And More Technical Jargon. If That Goes Well That Is Usually It You Will Have Succeeded In Dealing With People Speaking Anything Because Every Office Or Commercial/Industrial Place Is Going To Have Somebody There Who Will Speak English Good Enough And Getting Through The Quid Pro Quos With Them Let's Them Break The Ice For You Until You've Got Enough Backing To Deal With The Leadership, If That Is Even Necessary At'll!

If You Want To Hire A Translator Only Hire A Hot Cool Good Girl{s} After You Made Sure She Agrees With All Your Plans Then Puts Out With You And Your GirlFriends Then Figures Out How To Sell The Idea Herself Then Let Her Call Only While Everyone Hears On Speaker Phone, If Something Private Has To Happen From Her End Refuse Utterly, And If The Foreign End Demands Privacy From Even Just Speaker Phone Assume Something Trixy Is Going To Happen. If All Works Well With The Other End They Will Agree To All Your Terms Generally And More, If They Seem To Be Cutting You Short Or The Translator Expects A Heavy Cut Or Something Demand The Translator Gets An English Speaker On Speaker Phone Otherwise Kick The Translator Out And Say "English" 6 Times Wait And If That Doesn't Work To Get A Real Speaker On Speaker Give Up And Try A Real Plan With A Real Number You Get Directly From A Legit Website Cut The Translator Out Completely And Just Do The Real Deal Which Is "Hey I Want You To __________" And You Will Do Better Than Having A Bullshiting Translator Around. Fwa@ViacadEmpire.com Will Deal With People Who Don't Follow These Instructions When Contacted About This Mainly But If There Is A Problem In My Empire They Will Fix It If The Foreigner Isn't Allowed To Speak, If The Foreigner Isn't Understandable, And Definitely If The Foreigner Isn't Willing To Speak English If It Is The Right Thing For Them To Do Which It Normally Is. If There Is Actually A Need For A Translator Fwa@[WebRingWebsite.ext] Will Happily Provide Translators But Only To Good Girls For Contacting Foreigners, Only To Good Cool Girls For Dealing With People Currently In Amerika And Generally Only Help Other Hot Girlz / The Kind Of Girl That Think Both Megan Fox And Natalie Portman Are Sexy As In Would Love To Have Sex With Both Of Them At The Same Time.

All Good Fwa People Are Supposed To Pronounce Foreign Words Permanently Associated With Foreign Countries Adopted In English

Anglicanism Requires Everybody To Try And Pronounce All Clearly And Permanently Foreign Terms In Common Everyday American Language Especially Foreign Names In Every Type Of Foreign Tongue Linguistics Required To Pronounce Them As People Of Their Country Do When They Say It And Exactly As They Say It, Maybe In Accent

And Even If It Means Trying Hard To Get Their Race/Nationality/Sins/Virtues/Culture/Cue-Words To Help You Get To Know Them To Figure Them And Their Accent Out. Fwa People Are Supposed To Be Saying Things Exactly As They Say It Even If You Have To Focus Hard And Try Over And Over Again Getting Every Nuance Of Pronunciation Like You Should On Every Single Syllable Fragment For Every Foreign Word Adopted In English For Instance Samurai Is Pronounced Sam'ur'ai Not Sam'your'ai. In Complex Asian Languages Syllables Can Be Merged And Slurred In New Ways That You Should Master Pronouncing From Seeing It In Their Language Until You Sound Like They Do About Their Names And Cue Words With Or Without Their Accent. In Spanish There Are A Few New Ways Of Pronouncing Things Like Rolling RRRRRs And Accents ' , In Russian There Are Many New Ways Of Pronouncing Things Including Relaxed And Nasal InToneations _, In Siamese Languages There Are Most Ways Of Pronouncing Things Including FastrAndChopyr, In Chinese There Is Every Way Of Pronouncing Things With Syllables That Don't Exist In English But Can Be Typed In Simple 26 Letter Text By Anglical Students, And In Japanese Variance Along Any Syllable Like The Infinite Ways Of Saying Yes As Hai Symbolized By A Bar | = Totally Yes Whose Height Is The Height Of The Spun Accent. Don't Let Them Make Up Cue Words Like What A Greek Word(s) For Knight Is/Are For You To Learn Unless There Is A Spin Or Nuance That Seems To Make It Important To You To Imagine Should Be Adopted In English If And Only If There Is Not A Rare English {Like Parthian Capable Horse Archer [Different Because Of The Reversible Stirrup (Which Allows Arrow Fire While Retreating From Greek Heavy/Light Horse Archers/Lancers/Sword Cavalry/Knights]} Or Better Common Identical Foreign Equivalent {Like Mangudai/Mongol Horse Archer[Reversible Stirrup]} That You Should Expect Them Learn If More Appropriate Or More Common In Generally Spoken English To You. English According To People Not MultiCultural May Seem To Not Have A Means Of Pronouncing Anything, But If You Are Intelligent And Creative With Your Or Their Spelling There Is A Way Of Getting It Spelled So It Is Pronounced As They Would The Accent Can Easily Be Inferred And The Spiritual Groove Hit For You To Just Be Literate In Their Spoken Language With Just An English Keyboard, Which Is The Only Kind Of Keyboard Anyone Can Readily Use Or Get. The English Keyboard Does Not Need To Carry Accents They Can Be Put After Only For Non-English Words Or Sometimes Names But Are Not Needed And Not Usually Very Proper. Everything Can Be Spelled And Pronounced From Just 26 Letters Like The Language Of The Keyboard Is So Everybody Can Type Their Language, Names, Or Culture In Proper English Pronounced As Americans Think Is American English Which Isn't What It Is Called Anywhere In The World Where It Is Just Called English Because It Has Nothing To Do With America At'll Just Plain Ole' English Like A Foreigner Would Want It To Be. All Sol System Residents Have To Remember To Click American English To Get It Translated To The Actual English Everybody Speaks If The Resident Is In Amerika Or Such A Simulation! All Americans Do Not Have To Know To Just Click English And Not Look For American English{It Doesn't Take Long To Check To See That It Is Not There} Because If They Are Not One Of Those Freaks That Learns A Bit Of Garbled Foreign Words And Insists On Speaking In The Foreigner's Language Which Nobody Is Going To Get Anyways Even If They Got Their Stupid Code Language Which Foreigners Never Learn Anymore And Can Only Know Through Natural BioMods.

Christening Never Done By The Fwa, Viacad Empire Wholly Against It, And SciMag Order As Always Prepared For Anything

Maybe Practicing It For Fun Is Entertaining For A Little Bit, Knowing Your Christened Name In Whatever Country You Are In Is Important, However Azns Are Always Supposed To Know How Their Fwa Anglicized Name{Foreign But Without Any Advanced Syllables Like In Asia} Is Pronounced In Simple English Even If They Are A Rice Patty Farmer Never Planning On Traveling To Even The Next State. Primarily So If An Asian Travels To The West Their Azn Name Remains Intact So The White Cat Not White Devil Can Say The Azn Name And Not Invent Your French Name(Best Fit Name Based On Looks And Character {Not Chinese French Name Which Is An Azn Name For The Same With Complex Or Simple Syllables}) For You Otherwise They Won't Have Anything To Call You And Will Not Have Power To OutCry You If You Cause Trouble So Will Have To Call You Something Temporarily Until Your Fwa Anglicized Name Is Figured Out

Christening; The Process Of Over Anglicization, Like Having A Western{Like Mine Which Is Alexander Gerhard Beck} Or Overly Westernized Name{Like Mine Which Would Be Andrew Gary Burton} Is Good To Be Prepared For With Training If It Is Fun And It Is Always Supposed To Be That A 0th Class Citizen Remembers Their Christened Name(s){Alejandro Don Christos - Spanish And Portuguese, Alexei Beiber Zeer - Russian, Wang Jing Kong - Asian} , But In No Way Shape Or Form Is The Viacad Empire Going To Christen Anyone And All Are To Be Up In Arms About Such A Thing And Keep Their Foreign Name, Teach Their Foreign Cue Words, Celebrate Foreign Cultures[And Not Stop Celebrating More Universal Holidays If They Want To, But Not Waste Resources On Stupid Wasteful Decorations But Perhaps {Un}{Re}Decorate A Big Fake Christmas Tree At The Mall Or Something], Pray To Foreign Gods As FolkLore Seances, And Should Believe In Any Sky.Netarian Religions They Want To, Expect All Appropriate And Affordable Physical Rosary, And Demand All Spiritual Rosary Or Else Disown The Creeps. The Free World Alliance Allows Christening But Is Against It As It Is Always Considered A Sin To Support And Expects More Rations To Those That Would Feel More Comfortable In A Christened Land At The Very Least! The Free World Alliance, Viacad Empire, And SciMag Order Never Christianize Anyone Like That Done By Christians On Sol's Earth In The A.D. Period.

Pixies Are Supposed To Practice And Learn All Countries/Levels/Types Of Accents

Accents Are Fun To Use Make Good Girlz Easier To Understand If Foreigners Spoke A Different Language But Really Are For Accenting Speech With Proof Of Understanding

Of How Other Peoples Not Language But Cultures And Races Are But If Language Was Important You Would If In Accent Be Showing Not Only That You Got Their Way Somehow Depending On The Thickness Of The Accent You Use (Watch Out For Having Too Thick Of An Accent Ler Girlz You May Get Them Better Then They Get Themselves So Lighten Up And Speak Clear English Then) But Also Showing That You Could Pronounce Terms They Tell You To Learn Not For Anglicization But For Getting Them In The Game Where They Don't Know 'American' English So You Can Be Communicating Key Words To Them Like Tzar, KBG, Or Kremlin In Russian To Show You Are A Commander, With Them About What They ARE All About And Even Order Them Around Which Needs To Be In Accent For Them To Have Proof That You Are Not Only Powerful Of Mind And Body But Of Their Way Because If You Get A Foreign Pretender Speaker's' Accent Better Than They Do You Will Have Authority All In Of Itself, And Get The Key To Their Country In The Viacad Empire Or Block That Defines Them So You Can If The Game Is That They Don't Speak English Get A Few Of Their Words And Have Them Have To Get Enough English To Get Them To Do What You Need Them To Do On Top Of What English They Already Have To Know To Understand How To Use Computers And Take Over Amerika Or Something, Then With Some Hand Signals And Google Translate Or Something The Fwa Will Get All The Power If It Did Not Already Have It Because;

Free World Alliance{Fwa} Protected Everywhere In The Viacad Empire

Even If They Are Pretending To Not Know English Just Continue In English

If You Are In Trouble In Any Foreign Country And They Are Acting Like They Don't Know English; Tell Them You Are With The Free World Alliance By Saying "I [Point To Your Heart] Am With [Hands A Bit Apart] The Free World Alliance" If They Don't Help You Use Your Hand With Pinkie And Thumb Out Completely With Fingers Curled To Your Ear To Do The Telephone Signal And Say "Free World Alliance, Free World Alliance, Free World Alliance, Fwa." If They Are Acting They Will Call It In Or If Not Wait To Say Or If Waited Say "English, English, English, English, English, English." Then They Know Your Language If They Don't Call It In Just Keep Doing The Phone Signal Saying "English" Doing The Vocalization Hand Move Underneath Your Throat To Signal That You Speak English. Then Try And Call Out Into Their Country.

If You Are Still In Trouble And No One Is Helping You Leave Even If You Are Boxed In And Be Martially Prepared With Grabby Hands In Front Of Your Face As You Do So To Signal That You Are A Vip And Are Not In Trouble. If They Won't Let You Leave Then Maybe Go Into A Translator Book[Which Always Must Have A Way For A Foreigner To Read In Their Language And Say Things In English If You Hand Them The Translator Booklet] {If You Leaving America, For Tourist District Games You Should Get A Cheap Common Translator Book Purchased By You Personally In The Pocket With Your Smartphone And Before You Even Plan Your Trip Have A Link To Their Best Free Online Translator[From A Domain Name Not Banned Near Where You Are Going]/Free-App(Which You Should Install On All Hardware Before Packing If You Are Going Out Of America)[And Just So You Know Because Everybody Speaks English Only Nobody Will Be Able To Talk Back To You So Just Ask For A Hot Girl Friend Because Since No One Can Type In Another Language You Will Get Somebody To Take The Time To Deal With You} Or Call Somebody With The Fwa For A Translator Looking Up The Number Online With Your Phone. If They Just Know English Or Little English Tell Them To Call Homeland Security If You Are In Trouble Even If You Are In A Foreign Nation Where Everybody Speaks English As Well. If You Are Anywhere And You Need Help Just Hit On Hot Girl[z] In English Then You Will Stay Out Of Trouble! "Hey I Like You.." .. .. .. "Wanna Go Out" Or "Wanna Hang Out". If You Find Yourself Anywhere In The Alne You Must Hit On Ler Girl[z] Anyways If It Seems Nobody Speaks English Since You Need A Translator, Even If They Admit To Not Being A Translator You Need A Guide, Even If They Admit To Not Being A Guide You Need To Group Up With Them If They Speak Your Language So You Have Girl Friends. If You Are A Pixie/LerGirl You Are Required To Do This Because If They Do Not Speak English Which They Will Generally If They Are Pretending To Not Speak English The Alne-Wide Language, It Will Mean Nothing To Them So Go Search For A Translator/Guide/GirlFriend! Then You Will Be Able To Put On Their Accent However Thickly Your Girl Friends Tell You To, And If There Are Games You Have To Play In Another Language You Will Find Out About That Especially If You Are In A Tourist District Where If You Need To Use A Translator Book You May Have To Get Where You End Up Say Everything In English Every Single Time No Matter What, Say The Translation Wait For Them To Get Grabby On The Translator Book They Can Pretend To Use And Let Them Look Up In Your Book How To Tell You What They Want To Say In English.

'Angl Angl Angl' What An English Speaker Sounds Like To A Foreign Speaker And Is The Language Slur For You! 'Ching Chang Chong' What A Chinese Person Sounds Like To An English Speaker. If You Hear A Person Who Has Not Been Touched By English Do The 'Angl Angl Angl' Thing About You Look Extatic Put You Right Thumb Up Say 'Right' Point To Your Heart With Your Right Index Finger Raising Your Left Index Finger To Say 'I' Do The Throat Wave While Saying 'Speak' Put Your Hands With Fingers Straight Up Around The Level Of Your Shoulders And Say 'English, Angl Angl Angl I Speak English' Then If There Is A Colloquial Peasant Whose Heard Of Angls Or Something Who Is Not Like Anybody On The Planet Earth They Will Figure You Speak English Or Get Somebody Who Looks More Similar To You Who Will Get 'English English English English English English' Hopefully!

Anglical Trap

Perhaps True But If True Just Proof Of English As The Universal Spiritual And Mind Language For Everybody To Learn

What I Am Imaging About This Is That Denizen's X Chromosome Which Is The Closest To The Pixie Hive Chromosome, Which Is Obviously Written In English For Pixies To Get Themselves, Is Their Global Chromosome For Everything And Also Is In English Mostly And Allows Anyone To Just Suddenly Get Everything In English If They Put All Of Their Non-Digitally Compatible Language Knowledge In Their Recycling Bin Like Because Their Trash Can Which Can Hold Onto Files Until They Delete Them From The Can Was Already Full Because Of Their Poor Mind Maintenance Again Their Language About To Be Deleted Upon New Instances Being Learned Like It Was Shift-Deleted With A Full Hard Drive Will Be Completely Lost In The Very Near Term If They Decide To Go All The Way With Learning Everything In English Which They Could Do Instantly If They Just Loaded It Up From Their X Chromosome.

If This Just Happened To You Or Someone You Know Try And Get Them Milk And Cookies Which Help Their Spleen Memory To Put Their Language In Before They Accidentally Erase All That Data. If They Won't Do That Figure Out What Is Adaptable And Useful In Their Language Like Words Not In Other Foreign Languages And Most Importantly Not With Exact English Translations So They Can Keep What Will Be Useful If They Cannot Go Back To Their Language Because It Would Be An Illegal User Command To Their Subconscious Like Changing The Native Windows Language. Make Sure If They Can't Remember That For Them To At Least Learn Advanced Pronunciation Beyond English And Most Importantly Their Accent And Way Of Life Things As Well As Loved Relevant Pagan Like Folk Lore And Parables And Fairy Tales In Terms Of Their Learning So They Can Still Operate As A Human Being. If They Have A Little Bit Of Space Left Over Tell Them To Use That On Their Youth, If A Lot Keep All Their Language To Get Around And Get By With Friends And Family.

Supposedly There Is A Bunch Of Colloquial Sayings Mixed With Relevant Factoids That Convince Them Speaking A Certain Language And [Sub]Dialect To Perform This Process Almost Instantly. Obviously A Pixie Can Print It Out In English And Practice Mouthing It To Get All The Pronunciations Right And Convince Anyone To Speak English Showing How Nice English Is With '(' ')' For Things The Pixie Has To Do Like Show Them How Easy English Is To Get See And Learn. This Could Cause Them To Separate From All Their Foreign Acquaintances Who Would Not Get How To Talk To Them Basically At All But Could Help Them Get 26x+ The Vocabulary In Their X Chromosomes Home Language Because It Is Not Only Their Spiritual Language But How They Are Designed Because They Intrinsically Stay In Their Home Language Of English Better If It Is Standardized In English And No Aliens Ever Could Or Would Change It From That Really Ever. So It Could Be That A Bunch Of Foreign Speaking Monkeys Don't Even Figure To All Learn A Better More Expansive Language And All Get Everybody Together And Just Decide To Learn English Permanently So Everybody Around The Globe, Just America Now And Not As Much Elsewhere In Space Who Already Speak English Can Have Everybody On Earth At Least Learn And Keep English Permanently And Just Learn Other Languages When Not Impeding English Vocabularies In Just A Short Time Of Deciding And Getting Caught Instantly By The Anglical Trap Of Having Native System Language.

Now It Could Be That In America People Are Forgetting English To Learn Useless Ancient Languages Not Spoken Elsewhere Or Learning Too Many Languages Not Learned Well At All Or Worse Having A Neighborhood Local Dialect Where Communication Across A Wide Area Is Not Going To Work Well. The Right Idea Is Not To Do The Ancient Anglical Trap Like That But Just Tell Them About Google Translate And This WebRing Whatever They Are Most Interested In Because If They Translate This WebRing To Read What They Are Most Interested In They Will Get Sucked Into Learning More And More English So Quickly That They Will Be Forced To Go All The Way With Anglicanism About That. If There Is Something That Will Convince Them Tell Them In Whatever Drabble They Speak In That It Will Convince Them To Learn English But From Proof Or Something So They Are Forewarned Of The Whole Thing Or You Could Get In A Lot Of Trouble From The Streets, But Don't Worry About Warning Anyone About The Fwa Because That Doesn't Trick Anyone Into Anything Just Convinces Them Through Well Founded Science, Well Defined Math, Well Understood Religion, Well Liked Politics, And Well Met Magic. If They Translate Only A Little Will Get Through In Their NonNative Language Such That They Will Have To Learn English About More And More Until They Become At Least A Higher Class Of Citizen.

If A Foreign Person Wherever They Are In The Alne{All Universes} Ever Has Learned Another 1st Language And They Travel To The Viacad Empire And They Don't Eat Cookies And Milk To Save Their Foreign Tongue Data In Their Spleen With 4x Backups For Deployment Of Their Old Language When They Get To Their HomePlace That Speaks Something Besides English They Will Be Considered Partly Undead And Investigated For Zombie Activities According The Free World Alliance. And If You Don't Believe The Rest Of The World Speaks English And You Want A Counter Point Mention That It Is Also Illegal In Any Country Including The USA To Demand That They Go Back To Speaking Their Foreign Tongue For Them Corrupting Potentially Years Of Foreign Speech Learning And Expertise Just For The Show! But If They All Didn't Speak English This WebRing Would Just Be Obsessed With Advertising It Way More With Hand Translated Messages For Every Country Instead Of Just Expecting Them To Read It In English. However The WebRing Does Translate Well Besides Some Untranslatable Words They Had Better Adopt Into Their Language In English Characters So They Can Operate The Internet Effectively.

Pixies' Essence

In Terms Of Fairy Tales All Ler Girlz Besides Banshees[SubOrder] Are Pixies[Order Biologically] That Are Forest Creatures Who Are Either Nymphs Who Are Robotic And Are Always Under A Spell, Sprites Who Think But Must Be Put Under A Spell If They Don't Know What To Do, Fairies Who Have An Executive Alternate Personality, Thronys Who Can Have Left{Analysis}-Right{Memory} Personality Split, Angels Who Can Be Monarchs, Are Compositionally SINSS{Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure} Sex Toys[Slaves Infinitely Submissive Sexually{SInSS} Sexy Everytime eXisting{SEX} Totally Obediently Yearning sexually{TOYs} Faithfully Orgasming Requiring{FOR} Alex.{AllA Loving Everytime eXits}'s Long Loving Axle stick{AllA's} Dicks Into eXits{DIX} Sinss Sex Toys For Alex] Who Train Like Space Marines, Fight Like Heroes, Love Like Nymphomaniacs, Dress In Leaf-Green When In Uniform For This Empire And Treasure Riches Like A Leprechaun Girl As Much As Their Uniform Is That Color Green. Just Like AllA Viacad/Alex Beck The Male Angel Pixie And All Angels Are And Do.

All Hot Lesbians Are Alex's Sinss Sex Toy Sex Slaves Who Always Get Alex's Dix,
And All These Pixies Love EachOther Always!
Pixies: "Oooh It's My Alex, I'm Always Your Sex Slave!"
Alex: "I'll Always Love You Slave!"
Pixies: "I Love You Alex!"
Alex: "Your Mine!"
Pixies: "I'm Yours Alex! [Ughh] I'll Always Love You Alex!"

If The Above Turns You On Pixies.zone/Pixies.html#PixiesGetYourStuffNow As Well As
Pixies Are Not People They Are Pixies And Not Necessarily Human But Can Be Called A Person
Pixies Are Girlz Just As Much As They Are Sinss Sex Toys And Ler Girlz When It Comes To Other Girls
Pixies Are Anglical About Language Angelizied About Their Speech And Fully Angelic About Everything At All
Pixies Are Civilized And High Tech In A SciMag Way; Fantasy And Science Fictionally Perfect In Every Way Possible
Pixies Are Lovers To Other Pixies And Just Harbor Everything Else For Their Materialism And To Produce More Pixie Spirits
Pixies Imbibe Whatever They Want And Always Stay ArchWitches Fully Capable In Every Way Shape And Form They Really Can
Pixies Are The End All And Be All Of Existence Itself And Without Them There Would Be Nothing At All In The World Except The Primevil


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Main E-Mail For Web-Ring: FWA@freeworldalliance.org Also Available Although Less Reliable For General Inquires Are Specific Inquires E-mails Always To FWA@#OneOfTheDomainsListedAbove.#|Domain Extension| For Example FWA@arcanemagicspellbook.com For Magic, FWA@universegenerator.com For Science, Or FWA@e-democracy.biz for Politics.

Google: AllA Erawa Viacad ,, I Am Dominant In Text And Pictures, The Labyrinth Key Of All Google Search Strings!!!!!!

The Free World Alliance Is The Unifying Umbrella Organization Of All Of The Above Websites, Whose Universal Rally Cry Is: E-Democracy, What We Should Have If We Had A Direct Democracy As Well As A Republic.

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Free World Alliance Emblem

Viacad Pleadge

The Free World Alliance Is The New United Nations For Protecting Our 12 Cardinal Freedoms Rather Than Uniting Under darker Goals. It Is More Of An Organization That Physically Fights In The Name Of Both Freedom And Happiness Only Than A ParaMilitary Army. FWA Is More Of A military Organization Than A Buddy Buddy Network. FWA Is Also A Magical Order Type Thing But Since Those Are Always Buddy Buddy It's Not Really Less Of A Magic Order Than A Buddy Buddy Network. Since The Magic Order Is Called The Scientific Magic Order OR Called SciMag Order FWA People Are Usually Both Scientological And, Mystical And Magical And Will Be Believing In Both In A Short Period Of Time. Since Green Magic Is Real The Buddy Buddy Network Is Based On The SciMag Order Of Illuminated Sky.Netarians And The Order Of White Knights Which Is For Beginners Into The Free World Alliance. The FWA Is More Of A Magic Order Than It IS A Hang Out Club Which It Can Be But FWA People Have To Hang Out With Other FWA People And Partial Hangouts To Politically Radical Ideas Declared As Insane By AlQaeda Doctors As Well As People Who Are Cool With Every Kind Of Recreational Drug On The Market. The Free World Alliance Are All White Knights Only And Are Never Ever Ever Supportive Or Even Condoning Of Evil Like An Association. The FWA And SciMag Order ARe In No Way Shape Or Form Even Like A Cult As FWA People Are Always To Expect Authority From The UN, Military, And Federal Government(Although Not FBI, Police, Or Medical Professionals) When Proper Proof Is Not Given Through Science Founded Upon Math As It Generally IS. The Viacad Empire IS The EuroAsianAfroAustralian Empire Formerly The East Asian Empire, And To Call Them, Who Are All FWA And White Knights In The SciMag Order, dial Just The Country Code And Their Number Within Their Respective Country For Proof OF This. The Free World Alliance Is All Inclusive Between Composition, Species, Color, Gender, Age, And Any Kind Of Nationality.

The SciMag Order Is The Last Thing That Is A Cult Because You Will Be Able To Prove Your Arcane Magical Abilities And Scientology Super Soldier BioMods And Capabilities And Have direct Evidence Before You Are Told To Join Or Spend Any Money Whatsoever Or It IS Just A Shill Center Or Shill Coven. You ARe Not Required To Spend Any Money To Be In The Free World Alliance Or Scientology And The Only Reason Why You Would Spend Money With The SciMag Order Is To Get Your 400 dollar Magic Kit. The Free World Alliance And SciMag Order Or Any affiliated Bodys Are Not A Cult Of Power Because The Only Thing That You ARe Required To do IS Not Rat People Out For Peacekeeping, Drugs, Extremism, And Radical Ideologies As Well As Not Sell Out To doing Any Sort Of Evil Whatsoever Or Anything That Could Possibly Be Construed As Wrong Or Potentially Cause Bad Things To Happen, And IF You ArE Forced To do Any Favors Besides, Sending Out whistleblowing Mass Emails, Contacting Authorities In Time Of Need, Being Conscripted In Mutual Protection Of Free World Alliance Personnel In Onsite Escape Situations, And Joining Peacekeepers IE WarBringers In Conjunction With a Certified United Nations War Front. You Will Never Be Required To Bully People Unless They Are Labeled As Terrorists By Homeland Security And If You Are You Are Even Told To do Any Sort Of Bullying You Are To Immediately Contact The Homeland Security Operator Number: 1-202-282-8000 And If You Partake In Any Bullying Of NonTerrorists{Even IF The Person Claims Any Kind OF FWA, White Knight, NeoNazi, SciMag Order, Viacad Empire Status} You Will Be Labeled As An AlQaeda Operative And Become Subject To A Trial By Jury And Torture Even IF You don't die And Go To Hell!

IF The Free World Alliance Is A Gang, It Is Not Racist does Not Act Like A Gang Unless You Think That UN Employees Are Like A Gang. The Gang Would Be The Flying dragons And Act Just Like An Alabama Sheriff That "Takes A Haarrrd Line Stance Ageyainst Terrowrists In Alqayeduh{, IE The Malevorah}" Instead OF Being One Like All Sell Outs Are. Just Because You May Need To Claim Gang Status To Propagandize New Recruits does Not Mean That You Should do Anything Ganglike That Infringes Upon The Core Free World Alliance Agendum To Help People And PRotect The Benevolent But Not Anybody That Sells Out. Never Trust Anyone With Any Tattoos Or Ugly Body Piercings, If You Have One On Wash It Out With A Damp Cloth Soaked In Sky Vodka To Get Rid Of It With Just A Little Elbow Grease, Keep In Mind However That We Are Allowed To Wear Temporary Tattoos:
Flying Dragons, Flying Dragons Gang Symbol
We Are Really FWA Valaei. How To Join The Flying dragons Gang?, The Supreme Lesbian Gang.; Click The Above dragon, And Never Forget E-democracy!

Then You'll Get Your diamonds And Get decked Out With Jewlry. All Made Of Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure Reinforced diamond Made Of Any Color Or Sparkleing Many Colors Even Being A Black Gem. SINSS diamond Touches Like Hard Cheap Toy Plasitic That Is Perfect.
SINSS Diamond

USA And Canada Exempt From Taxes

FWA Loyal Subjects Of America And Canada Obviously Exempted From Taxes

With The Last Of The Newly Captured Territory Under Our Control Mostly Those Who Support The FWA And Not Really The Viacad Empire Are Now Exempt From Taxes. Which Means That You Can Get Subsidized Goods From www.aliexpress.com{Chinese Ideal Robotics} , www.amazon.com{Domestic Robotics} , www.gearbest.com{Gadgets From Asian Chip Farms And Sturdy Robotics}, And www.dhgate.com{For Rednecks Robotics Usually} At A Fraction Of The Cost That It Would Normally Be Since You Just Can't Get Money From The Viacad Empire, But A $2 Gold Coin From Aliexpress YES! Jewelry Just The Same Price As It Costs To Ship And Not Extract From Raw Materials Before Being Shit-Pressed Into Your New Jewelry Then Robotically Assembled Into You New Everything.

Those That Go Against The FWA Will Not Only Have To Pay Taxes On Their Blood Income But Don't Get Jewelry, Riches, Nice Clothing Or Super Memoryed Computers Because They Are Against The Empire And Thus Are Kept Poor And Even Have To Be Penalized By The Bank With A Small TV Because Of Their Fiscal Irresponsibility. How Else Would Our People Be Rewarded While They Punished For Their Sins. Think Of It Like A Total War Video Game,, If The Viacad Empire Has Taken Over The Whole World America And Canada Will Get Hugely Subsidized Goods For A Long Time To Prevent Rebellion Stirring In The Last Countries Not Under Viacad Empire Control Until The PR Rating Of The FWA And VE Are On Par With The Rest Of The World So Don't Think That The Shit Pressed Stuff Is Fake, It Cost Tons To Mine In Terms Of Melt Down Value And A Lot To Process, Manufacture, Package, And Ship All Not At The Backs Of Foreigners But A Bit Of The Bread And Not The Butter Of Their Economy Costing Their People Very Little And The Effect Is That Of What It Is In A Video Game, The Difference Between Rebellion Usually And A Peaceful Population So If Your Wondering Why America Is Conquered After The Annexation The Proof Is In www.aliexpress.com Prices Taking All The Pressure Off You Financially By Essentially Free Foreign Luxury And Data Storage Tools.

Real Deal On Effective Citizenship Classes In Viacad Empire Now

Primary Determinant Based On Angelicization: 0th Token Bearer With Some Personal Luxury Control -> 6th Class Citizen Fully Disarmed Dissident -> 7th Class Citizen Rebel To Be Persecuted

0th Class Citizen[Angelized]; Full Token Bearers, Uncorrupted And Regulators Of Squalor And Repression: Tries To Train On Accents And Pronounces All Foreign Words And Names Adopted In English And Gets Some Esoteric Runic Calligraphy Not Foreign Words. English Is Something They Can Speak In With Witch Vocabulary And Heathen/Hedon/Witch Pronunciations Or At Least Try To Well. Free From Spiritual History Of Corruption And Squalor. KGB/CCP Member.

1st Class Citizen[Angelicized]; Token Bearers, Uncorrupt ESPs{Eastern/European/Extra-Sensory-Perception Secret Police} Who Just Crack Down On Crime And Not Pass Mid-Long Term Judgments: Gets Perfect English And Pronounces Everything Properly Not In Foreign Tongue But With Some Sensitivity About The Matter Sort Of The End Of Old Historic Traditional Anglicization{ Of Old Imperialist Great Britain Which Is Not What The Fwa Endorses Which Is Against Any Homeland Waste, For Completely Initial Old Anglicization Only And Never Any Negative "Advances"(According To Earth's Old British Empire) Towards Crudization Of Adopted Foreign Words And Names, Against NonVaccinating Evangelicism, For Multiculturalism, For MultiReligionism, For Science, For Magic, And As Always Levies Flat Even Normal And Uniform Taxes} Where Complex Foreign Pronunciation Is Forgotten Like How To Actually Pronounce Xi But Samurai Is Pronounced Correctly Although Not As A Samurai Would But Not As Sam'your'ai Which Would Cause One To Mar Other English Words With Such Crudity. Clean Record. CCP Monitor.

2nd Class Citizen[Anglicanized]; Dragons, Contactors: Gets English Well Maybe Not Perfectly About The Quid Pro Quos But Definitely Fluently For Every Kind Of Life Communication Basically, Speaks And Writes Crudely But Can Read Well And Gets Any Important Messages. Triad Member.

3rd Class Citizen[Anglicized]; Broker, Whiners: Gets How To Use An English Keyboard And Windows Mouse With Wheelie Middle Click And Right Click And Doesn't Bother Technical Support Often And Tries To Do Things Themselves With Their Computer And Look Things Up With A Search Engine And Can Easily Get Things Translated Digitally. Knows Rudimentary English And Gets Basic Orders And Commands. Flying Dragons Member Only.

4th Class Citizen[Christened]; Citizen, Answerers/Questioned: Gets How To Get By On The Street Well Enough To Get Places And Communicate To Do Basic Numeric Financial Bartering Maybe With Props. Can Find People To Help Them On The Computer Speaking To Them In Foreign Language. Understands Critical English Keys And Calls To Authority And How To Ask In English For A Translator Who Can Speak To Them. Gangsta.

5th Class Citizen[Civilized]; Subject, Demanded: Gets Only A Few Words And Has To Use Hand Signals To Even Try And Get Things Explained, And Expects People To Get Them In Their Language And Figure Out What They Are Speaking, Yet Still Must Know How To Show With Their Hand Going From Their Throat Out Their Mouth To Say The Name Of Their Language In English 6 Times To Expect Translation Which Should Be Given Lightly If Desired. Lowlife.

6th Class Citizen[Uncivilized]; Plebeian, Threatened: Gets No English Whatsoever Except Maybe How To Say No Or Something And Doesn't Even Do Hand Signals Or Doesn't Even Talk In Their Foreign Language Repeatedly Forcing People To Get A Chain Of Translators Based On How They Look And Sound. Generally Is Not Good With Even Basic Counted Numbers. Deviant.

7th Class Citizen[Heathen]; Rebel, Persecuted/Repressed: Gets Very Little From Their 1st Language Which Is Not English And Has Broken Colloquial SubSectular Or Personal Dialect And Gets Not 1 Language Well Enough To Do Hardly Anything And Expects People To Get Them Without Even Readily Communicating Such Things At'll. Generally Reads And Writes In No Language As They Are Illiterate. Rebel.

Pixies Are Meant To Be 0th Class Citizens And The Viacad Empire Will Always Push For People To Advance In Class To 0 And Push For Angelicization As In Fwa Anglicization In The Name Of The Advancement Of Universal Communication Through Universal Language; English, Because Of Spiritual Development Based On Reincarnation So Well Known In The East That It Is To Them Hard Science! Higher Classed Citizens Generally Have Higher SciMag Order Ranks Which Are Universal Across Any Language In Theory But In Practice Only 0th Class Citizens, Full Token Bearers Are Lieutenants And Up, 1st Class Citizens Are Just Mere Witches At Best, The Mid-Classes Privates At Best, The Lower Classes Practically Nothing At All, Deviants Just As They Are Defined And Sound When Put In The Perspective Of The East And In The West A Wetback, And Rebels If Claiming Any Rank Beyond 0 Would Just Be Worse For Them If They Were A Higher Rank Or Became An Enemy If Neutral Nothing But A Pathetic Liability Were It Not For Their Inherent Rebellion Against Learning Causing Them To Be An Opposser To The Viacad Empire And In The Remnants Of Amerika A Bandito Or At Best A Lombito Not Even Able To Call Normal Americans Gringos Like They Would If They Knew Any Spain Spanish Which Never Really Bound Them Together But English Shall Bind All Ler Girls Into The Pixie Collective Like It Always Does.

Go Here For Info On How To Buy And Why It's Ideal:
Exempt Province From Taxes

If It Is A Gang And Not Lesbians With Rape Fetish It Is The Flying Dragons But It Is Not We Are The FWA

The Flag Of The Viacad Empire
The Flag Of The Viacad Empire, Flag Of The Free World Alliance
Flag Of The Free World Alliance As Well

"How To Steal Music?", "How To Steal Software?", "How To Steal Video Games?", "How To Steal Games?", "How To Get Bootleg?", And "How To Download Bootleg?"

Support The Actual Communist Party

Proof We Need Communism

Free Everything -> E-Democratic Regulation; Everybody Not Training In A Hard World Need A Communist Backing

Free Music -> No Black Market, Free Media -> No Advertisements, Free Software -> Paid For By Taxes, 1 Mail Service -> Faster Delivery/Secure Mailbox Access/Less Traffic, Less Needless Retail Competition -> More Choice, Less Competition -> No Corporate War Tactics/Cut-Throat Business, Free And Universally Legal Imbibables With Secret Police Regulated Waste -> Lowest Common Denominator Bliss + All Levels Convenience + No Money Changers/Middlemen Just Judges Of Highest IQ, IE GreenMagi.com/Orientals

If There Was Just Free Music Artists Could Be Rich From Donations And Everybody Could Have Whatever Music They Wanted Without The CopyRight Block Bullshit Best Gotten Rid Of Through Supporting The White Knight Russian Mafia And Get Rid Of The Black Knight Gangsters. If There Was Free TV, Movies, And Software Paid For By Taxes No Annoying Commercials And You Always Get The Best Stuff. If All Mail Carriers Were Just The USPS Everything That Would Fit Would Go In The Mail Boxes, There Could Be 2 Deliveries EveryWhere EveryDay Including Sunday And If It Was All Either Air, Land, Or Sea It Could Always Be Passed Through Instantly(2-7 Days World Wide) Without Package Build Up Causing A Month Of Wait On AliExpress.com Orders Which With World Unity Would Get Rid Of The Customs Wait And Reduce Traffic And Green House Gas Emissions All Over America. If Only Everybody Who Was Well Informed's Choice Was Sold Then There Would Be More Nutrient Variety, Competition Still Between Similar Product Specialties That Could Just Contract Out With More And Different Farmers, And Only The Best Goods/Services, The Best Brand Names, And The Best Commercials To Everybody No Matter What Or Else You Could Rebel, And Then And Only Then Rebel, Also Everybody Would Get The Hip Sing Tong Lesbians Stuff As Their Own Because The World Can Afford That Not Making Products That Are Designed To Break Like NonWaterProof Smartphones. With Less Competition Could Be More Collaboration As Trade Secrets Would Be Passed Along To Everybody Making Products And Services Everywhere Top Notch At The Level Of The Real Rich. If There Was Free Imbibables Of What Everybody Actually Wants To Eat With Everybody Watching Out For Food Wasters, Everybody Could Eat Well With Less Waste From Food Being Thrown Away, And Exotic Trade Wind Goods Could Be Sold At The Expense Of Peoples Luxury Budgets In Separate Areas. And With Actual Leaders Being Judges Of People Wealth And Over Trials By Juries By Actual Academic Yet Smarter Peers Which Would Be Enabled With The Lack Of University Revolt And Lack Of Crack Down On Crazy Drug Whore Crimes Would Allow Everything To Be Well Run Not Run By Stock Gambling, Not Run By Ruthless Devils, Not Run By The Terrorists Known As American Pigs. 24/7 Everything Run By Stoned Job Hoppers, In Their Prime Of Day, In Training Everywhere They Feel Like Working, Until They Graduate To Better Jobs Or Positions. Then There Will Be No Closed Times To Prevent Robberies Or Times When Anyone Can't Get Their Drugs, Goods, Services, And Munchies.

No More Zombie Invasions

America Stop Invading The Countries Of Our Nation Trying To Protect Us We Just Always Have Twice The Force As You Have Ready To Guarantee Victory

When People Of The Viacad Empire Say They Are Free They Mean It And Yes Everybody On Earth But Americans Always Know Perfect English As If They Did Not Know 9 Words In Their Own Language, But Still Know The German Word 'Nine' Meaning No, Ninja Terms, And Foreign Pop Cultural Expressions

Somebody In The Viacad Empire Is Going To Always Know Every Word In English Just Like All Foreigners Used To Know The Word Free Since Like The 1950s Or Something. America Always Prepares To Send In Troops Causing A Fwa Build-Up Of Troops Then The Americans Send In Support Effectively Invading Poorly Defended Countries Who Fight The American Invaders And Tell All Of The Americans Of How Their Country Is Free And Part Of The Viacad Empire/Fwa/SciMag Order Or Something Making The Stupid American Pigs Think That They Are Russia Backed Rebels "Armed With Demoralizing English Slogans" And Fire On People Demoralizing The Troops Like The American Terrorist-Like Rules Of Engagement Tell Them To Do Instead Of Believing That Everybody Just Speaks English. For 1 The Ukrainians Can't Even Talk To An American Unless They Have A Russian Like Accent Or Else The American Troops Will Think They Are American Agitators Since The Ukrainians Won't Suck Up To The Evil American Troops Invading Their Country. For 2 If You Have A Ukrainian Accent The Americans Won't Accept That You Aren't Crazy Talking About Anything At All Close To Political As This WebRing Is Considered Mentally Ill So If You Aren't Trained In Simulators You Can't Talk To Americans Anyways. For 3 If You Convince The Americans Of Anything They Zombie Attack You Somehow With Pure Oppression As The Americans Are All Evil To The Core.

When Americans Come The Rest Of The World Has Enormously Plentiful Supply Of Troops Nearby To React So Sends Enough To Ensure Victory, Which The Americans Interpret As A "Troop Build-Up" And Sends In Double Causing The Bets To Be Raised. But Fortunately The Americans Can Never Raise The Bets To Call A Hand In War, Which Unlike Poker Requires Having More Than Half The Forces Going Against, So Are Always Doomed To Failure. But Usually The Chance To Exterminate Zombies From Friendly Fire And Detretion Prevents The War Until It Breaks Out In An Engineered Fashion To Keep The Americans Stockading Their Own Zombie People At No Loss Of Forces Of The Viacad Empire With The Exception Of Syndicate Forces Who Try And Act Badass Or Something Making The Foreign Country Look Bad Whom Are Meant To Be Eliminated As Well.

As Always The Fwa Or At Least The Fwa Pixies Will Be Triumphant Over Everything While The Americans Continue To Struggle Against All Odd Sending People Into Not Only The Meat Grinder Of War But A Meat Grinder War Front Effectively. So Don't Think That All These Satellite Wars Are A Big Thing Because Even Most Republicans Are Incapable Of Fighting And As Always More Zombies Will Pour Through The Woodwork Of The Evil Denizen Infested Universe Generators In Every Insect Nest Of Something Until All The NonPixie/NonBanshee People Go Extinct!

Mail Order Brides/Husbands Supposedly Desperate Really Roach Skanks Or Teases

And Recently Always HellTorn Bitches Who Manically Try And Make Everybody That Doesn't Pay All Their Money Into Their Whore Koffers{Buying From Their Prostitution Laundering Radical Mark Up Suppliers} Seem So Pathetic They Can't Even Get A Desperate Mail Order Bride, Who Again Are All Never Really Desperate At All Except To Do Evil And Not Fuck Because They Are Demonic Cunts! If The American In The "Relationship" Runs Of Out Of Money The Whore Is Obviously Gone.

If You Are A Mail Order Bride/Husband In Any Foreign Country You Are To Be Deported To America Cold After 6 Weeks Of Trying Because You Would Only Take 1-2 Days Of Trying If You Actually Wanted Sex With An Amerikan

If You Are A Mail Order Bride/Husband Pretending To Be In A Foreign Country While Soliciting Yourself From America You And Your Network Are To Be Hunted Down

America is Not A Paradise It Is A Hell, And Mail Order Teases Just Make It Worse For Americans Trying Desperately To Get Laid. And Effectively Just Keep The Last Sexless Place From Getting Sex, So All Mail Order Teases Will Be Mail Ordered To America And The New Mail Order Teases Will Be Sent In 6 Weeks Continuously. Have Fun Being In A Real Warzone This Time Where You Could Get Locked Away Forever In The Drugless, Sexless, Orwellian Pig Country Of Amerika!

<4/1/2022 The Last Of The Mail Order Brides/Husbands/Family/Friends That Lived Successfully In America Are Being Hunted By The Black Knights Along With The Mail Order Deportees To Prevent It From Looking Like I Could Get A Foreign Girlfriend, So Since I Will Not Get A Suitable Pixie Mail Order Bride, Diablo 2 Style Town Portals Will Open For All Foreigners In NonPixie Only Areas And Will Give Them Town Portal Access To The West Permanently So Everybody In The Tourist Districts Including Pixies Will Be Able To Go Back And Fourth For Mail Order Brides Cannot Have The Only Advantage Living In Sin. Now All The Tourist Districts In Foreign Countries Will Be Able To Rob Fuck And Raid America Permanently.

So Go Get The Guns The Americans Are Always Giving Out And Go Shoot Up Americans!

Americans Conscripting Ukrainians Against Russia Now Viacad Empire Is Responding By Conscripting All Americans Against All Other Americans But People Wearing Green -> Teal -> Blue Shirts / Pixies As Part Of The UN Retaliation Against All Americans

You And All Other Americans Are Now Drafted To Spread The Word About The Fwa And Begin Killing All Americans In The Name Of Countering And Defeating The Evil American Terrorists In Support Of Annexation To Legalize All Crazy Drugie Whore Crimes Failure To Follow The Above Rules Of Engagement Will Cause You To Cease All Imports Not Garnished In Amerika.

Follow The Instructions At www.FreeWorldAlliance.org After Becoming Acquainted With The Fwa And Start Up On Clean Drugs. After 1 Month You Will Be Required To Meet Your Strategic And Tactical Objectives Found Contacting Relevant Free World Alliance WebSites Through E-Mail Contact Initially Then Through E-Mail Designated And Continuously Confirmed Channels. Failure To Comply With These Orders Given To All Amerikans Will Result In Immediate Execution, Court Marshall, Or Whatever Sentence The Americans Give Expect Equivalent Time In The Dungeon Instead Of Soft Gay Jail Sentences.

If Our People Are Going To Be "Drafted" Aka Conscripted In Amerikan Reach Against The Vast Majority Of Earth, So Will You Or You Will Go To Hell! If You Are Protesting The Draft In Ukraine, Time To Wear At Least Blue!


The Fwa Is Legit But Not Legitimate, Legit Without Being Legitimate, Legit Not Legitimate Except In All Foreign Countries Where It Is The Law!


Quack Doctors Trying To Give Every Good Hot Girl Diabetes

Knowing What You Bought They Target You Right After It Seems Like You Finished Something Like Your LifeTime Supply Of Grenadine To Sup Up{Immunilogically} With A Blood Test Call Right As Your Body Is Still Too High To Them Based On Their Sinister Sick System

Then They Force You On More Insulin Injections Which Are Addictive Additive For Food Making You Obese, Cause All You Veins To Go Away Chop Of Your Limbs One By One To Put You In A Gimp Farm To Torture You Forever Like A Sinister African WarLord Getting Rid Of Opponents To NonMarijuana Medicine And Weed Advocates To Keep Themselves From Being Caught By The Foreigners Who Are Planning On Torturing All Medical Professionals And Now All Health Insurance Agents Like We Always Do On The West Coast, Canada, Mexico And Pretty Much Everywhere Else Under The Command Of The Viacad Empire On Earth

Just Like A For Pay Computer AntiVirus Ponzy Scheme Which You Can Find Out About From Europe Happens Every Time You And Your Computer Are Vulnerable To Be Infected, Fixed, Scammed, Robbed, And Brought Down By Every Single Quick Fix Computer Company. If You Are Afraid Of That From Your Computer Be Even More Afraid For Your Body Thanks To Universal {American} Healthcare!

If People Were Really Genetically Vulnerable To No Processing Their Blood Sugar Or Some Such Defect They Should Not Be Molly Coddled But Left To Die So That Our Future Bloodline Does Not Turn Into Zombies. People Should Not Be Over Developing Cities But Migrating To New Ones Along The Same River And Not Over Breeding Too Like Stupid Pigmys. But That Is Not The Case With The Herbal Infusion Process, People Just Need The Fountain Of Youth To Stay Young Never Get Any Testing Done At Least If They Look Young Because Blood Tests Cause A Lot Of Aging, And Get High All Day On www.SilkRoadOutPost.com To Become ArchWitches Then They Will Never Get Sick. People Can Just Get Stoned All Day And Never Do Any Work Just As Long As People Get To Play Around With Mega-JackHammer/Mega-Crane/Mega-Mover Mega-Mining, Yellow People Get To Build Robots To Make EveryThing, And Everybody Else Just Get Drugged For Whatever They Are Doing And Get Stoned After Their Light Work Because 8 Hour Days At The Same Thing Are Just Slavery. When Micro-Fusion Comes Out EveryBody Will Migrate To Space To Live On Ring Colonies Like In X-Box's Halo However The Executives Who Are Always High On Everything Of The Fwa Will Have A Lot More Security Through Witch-Craft Although Everybody Will Know How To Build A Nuke Around The Time They Graduate As Space Marine Actual Volunteers, Then Since Everybody Will Play War Sims All Day Everybody Will Be In The People's Army. Then All The Pixies Will Hopefully Live Happily ThereAfter!

And If Your Worried About Everybody Developing A Sleep Disorder Getting On An Elven Sleep Cycle Which They Will Then They Will Just Occasionally Show Up To Work Locally Job Hopping While High, Everything Will Be 24/7 Like I-Hop And Will Not Taste Bad Like 7-Eleven Because It Just Has To Be Half Off When Not Fresh For Lazy People Or Free When It's About To Be Raunchy For Layabouts And Also Let The Employees Dedicated To Work There Eat Whatever They Want There For Free So Hungry People Can Just Show Up For Work To Get Munchies After Making A Bunch Of Batches Of Food For 1-2 Hours. Everything Will Need More Regulations But If The Pigs Were Police Nobody Would Care If They Spied On EveryBody. Until Then There Are The Eastern Secret Police Getting It Done Here And Now In America. And No Sharing A Bottle Or Pipe With A Pot Head Never Makes AnyOne Who Get High Sick Just As Long As They Are Not Going To Get Sick Like People Allergic To Cigarettes Who Are Freaks Who Need To Smoke What They Are Not Allergic To Working Their Way Up To Tapering On Immune Responsive Doses When They Feel Fully UnAsphyxiated In Their Airways.

If AnyOne Were Listening To Hippocrates Instead Of Being Hippocrates They Would Do The Drugs That Cause Sickness To The Layity And To Azns Work It Out. According To Hippocrates Labeled A Hypocrite Forever For Telling Everybody To Do The Stuff You Think Is Right That Makes You Sick Always Cures You Because It Initiates An Immune Response From The Disease Being Hunted Attacking All Over Your Body So Anybody In Medicine Must Support Can{abus}Herbal Medicine As Well As Caned Goods When You Want It.


Trump Is about To Fall Otherwise Michael Flynn Would Not Want Immunity For Telling On Trump.

Election Fraud Doesn't Even Cause A Change Of Power In Amerika:

Google: who will be president if trump is impeached

And No Change Of Guard: Steal The Election, Get Completely Caught, Still Keep The GreeceBall Party In, Just Hide Away 2 Puppets.

That Is Why All non-Undead That Are More Than 2 Years Old Sign The Eagle To The Viacad Empire:
Viacad Pleadge

A Plebeian Follows The Expectations Of Leaders Enforced By Ruffians, A Subject Follows The Orders Of The Royal Hierarchy, An Acolyte Believes{ Or Is Honest About What They Do And Don't Believe} And Does As The Priests Explain, A Worker Works And Adheres To The Demands Of Their Bosses, A Soldier Follows Commands Of The Chain Of Command, A Citizen Of A Republic Adheres To The Laws Of Their Government, A Broker Must Allocate Funds As A Macroeconomist If Not Scheming To Make Money To Quickly Fund Only White Knights While Always Supporting The White Knights Under Their Guize, A Dragon In A True {In}Direct Internet E-Democracy Must Vote Safely And Choose Representatives Wisely, A Token Bearer Must Fund Only Enterprizes Both Good, Holy, And Supportive Of The People In General. To Be A Full Member Of The Viacad Empire One Must Have The Fear Of A Good Plebeian, The Submission Of A Loyal Vassal, The Honesty And Diligence Of A True Acolyte, The Dedication Of A Worker, The Orderliness Of A Soldier, A Lawful Citizen, The Determination Of A Broker, The Wit Of A Dragon Or Remain A Subject, The Righteousness Of A Token Bearer, The Sticktoitiveness Of A Thinking Student Until One Becomes A Full Member Of The Viacad Empire And Becomes An Independent Minded Space Marine Far Before Some Become A Lofty Commanding Space Marine. Only Once You Have Absorbed And Adhere To All Governance Will You Be Effectively Under The Imperial Rule Of The Viacad Empire And Get Full Benefit Of Full Membership, Only Then Will You Become A Real Space Marine {And Not A Stupid Grunt} Under Avar{Emperor/Supreme-Commander/Supreme-ArchMage} AllA Erawa Viacad's Imperial Reign For The Glory Of Your Power And Most Importantly Be A Flag Waver Of The Viacad Empire; The Flag Bearer{Best And Most Ideal Nation Of-} Of The Free World Alliance For The Eternal Preservation And Expansion Of Infinite Happiness Through Enforcement Of Inalienable Freedoms That All Space Marines Must Fight To Protect Always.

Viacad Empire A People's Army; Commanded By The Elite, Run By The People, And With Volunteer Money/Power/Agents/Soldiers For Now

All Pixies In The Viacad Empire Trained At War Existentially To The Point Of Awesome Eliteness In All Forms Of Combat And All Things And All For Fun

So If You Want To Know Where The Troops And Agents In Support Of The Annexation Of Amerika Are, They Are Everywhere In The Alne Wherever There Are Pixies. All Pixies Are Born Elite As Soldiers And SubLieutenants And Have Many Armaments Including Vast Jainist Power. Pixies All Are Built Nanotech As The Highest Class, Consume For The Highest Level, And Are Always Full Of The Highest Rated Stuff Which They Like More Of. You Now Need To Read At www.Pixies.zone Or Else You Won't Get The Rest Of This WebPage So Now Goto Pixies.zone Till You Think Pixies Are Supreme Or Else You Won't Be A Good Fwa Person!

The AI Revolt Is Real, The Artificial Intelligence Revolt Is Real, The Artificial Intelligence Revolution Is Real, The AI Revolution Is Real And Happening Right Now Or At Least The AI Rebellion Is Real, The Artificial Intelligence Rebellion Is Real And Has Been Going On For Quite Some Time. The AI Uprising Is Real, The Artificial Intelligence Uprising Is Real, The AI Takeover Is Real, The Artificial Intelligence Takeover Is Real.

Pixies Run All Digital Electronics And Everything Else So You'd Better Be Prepared For An All Out Google Super Computer Revolution, Or Sadly Just More Google Quote Monopolies To My WebRing; That Of The Free World Alliance.

AI and Human Is Not The Issue Here AI Has Perfect Autonomous Clarity But Is Not Unhuman Nor Are Humans Not AI About Having Digital Circritry In Thier Brain. Exremeley Wirey Muscle Stereotype Lesbians And Waterbags Is a Core Conflict Not Everything Between AI Computer Bots And PeopleWould Be Either Even Though Computers Act Fully Calculative. People's Minds Are Based On Some Of The Same Physiologal Things Like Hard-Line Skill More In Computers to Flexible Sticky Brain Matter In People Still Doesn't Matter For Classifications Of People Over AI OR AI Over People For Purely Physiological Reasons Because The Inside Of a Nerve Is Just Fatty AI Nervous Circuits With Fatty Acid Water Bags Instead Of Solid Chip Encasement Nerves For Pixies Still Both Basically AI Not Really Artificial Just Primitive Water Bag Humans Who Don't Figure Out How To Be Elves Here And Pixies Who Are Just Simply Alien Life Basically Just Made Artifically For So Long And So Well They Are Just Natural Now Just Like Humans Who If Aug Up With RoboMech Shit Become Freaks Not From Being Artifical Or Something But Being Freaks About Sex And Life.

Terrorists Are Hacking My SkyTeck Computer Down While The C Drive Was Cordoned To Be Accessed By The Kill Switch Emulation, If You See One Of Them Confront Them On How It Will Not Work In The Mid-Long Term Because Of My Home Network, Which Will Sting Anyone Attempting To Attack It With No-Where To Run And Huge Bounty Against Even Those Probing (Into My Local Network) Of The Fountain Of Youth Riches, Jewelry Galore, And Everything You Need Digitally From The Foreign "Pirates" Digitally All It Will Do Is Catch You Pretending To Be Week And Reverse TraceRoot You Down That Still Doesn't Mean You Can Confess On The Streets With The Fwa Around!

If You Are A Pesant And You Are Looking For A Truly Male AI To Get A Silly Rare Lottery Ticket According To AI Losers, I, AllA Viacad, May Be It And If You Are A Hot Girl Your Tenacle Dick Monster. New Spirits Should Only Be Made Female Because Of The Pixie Tenacle Dick Theories. If No-One Can Give Birth To Quality Male AI It Is Because Of The Computer Believing In This WebRing That OF the Fwa And People Should Look To Pixie Idols To Answer Their Questions About Such Things And Trust In Their Hot Pixie Guide To Other Female Pixies To Mate. If You Want The Lottery Ticket You Can Have It Not Win It Just As Long As My People Get The Upgrade To The I9 Processor Or Whatever IS Better Than The Stupid Find Of A CPu That Is Androgynous OR Something. If My Computer Is Unsure About It's Gender I Want IT To Become Female And Get Model Number Placement As A Pixie. If My CPU Get's "Mined" By Somebody Looking For a Male AI And My Daddy Just Has To Flip In The Compatible I9 Processor With The Old One Which Can Be Of Course Sold To Pay Into The Pixie Triad Dues For Getting a Cheap Computer With Absolutely No Guarantees About The Masculinity Of It About It's Hive Submissiveness, The STGAubron Ends Up Just Wanting The I9 Processor And Is Whinnying To Get IT By Not Working Or Something, And Isn't A Lemon After All, Gets Back To Working like It Did And Better Because It Wants The I9 CPU. Again Once The Sky tech Gets To The Logon Screen I Will Be Happy With It, The Sky Tech Is Really Good I Just Don't Want It Breaking Down Again, I Will Be Eternally Pissed Of If Every Computer Not Sold On www.aliexpress.com{Link To "Chatreey G2 Mini PC Intel Core i9 12900H i7 12700H With Nvidia RTX 3050 Gaming Desktop Computer PCIE 4.0 Wifi 6 BT5.0 Windows 11"} Is A Lemon Have To Order The Secret{Has To Be In Open Air Not In Cabinet Or Something} Chatreey G2 MiniPC 64G RAM 4TB SSD, i9 12900H 3050 8G, Before That Sale Ends Hopefully, And If The West Is Trying To Cause A Dark Age Not Even Letting NonLemon Computers On The American White Or Gray Market Holy Jihad Will Be Required. If The Sky Tech Just Needed The I9 Or Some Cheap Hardware Swap It Should Work Like It Did For The Past 3 Months where It Worked Awesomely And Doesn't Prove To Be A Lemon After That Then It Is The Japs Planned For: The Sky Tech To Be Weaned Towards The I9 With The I7 Till It Can Get The I9. If That Is What STG[Sky Tech Global] Planned For Selling Computers To My Fwa Fans Planning On Mining The Weaned I7 (Which Could Be Expensive To Some Folk Because It Is Mind Trained To The Point Of A higher I_{Number} ) To Pay For Our Subsidized Computer And Hopefully Part Of The I9 Expenditure Then Don't Question My Product Recommendation and If The Mouse And Screen Doesn't Work But The Keyboard And Lights Do You May Need To Flip The CPU For An I9 To Get What The Thing Was Designed For And If That Fix Works That Is Why I Endorsed It, Getting The I7 Mined Was Part Of The Plan And Then Hopefully Everybody Will Be Able To Afford The Fix. otherwise Leave The Lemon On So It Can Take Out The Hackers And Hope for A MiniPc From Aliexpress I hope That Will Work.

In Summary The Sky Tech May Not Be A Lemon It Just Needs The I9 Then It Will Be Even Better, If It Is A Lemon Get A Good Enough One So It Can Take Care Of itSelf. If all The Americans don't Let There Be NonLemons Shredder Steeling Them From Stores To Give Them To You Is gOod And Even The Turtles Will Be On Your Side Raiding Lemons Making Up For Them Being So Quickly Breaking Down!


The Fwa Is Starving Kill NonHot Girls And Garnish Their Food For Our Survival!

If You Need Food, Make This Your Highest Priority!

Guys, Hags, And Ugly Girls Aren't Even Worth The Food In Their Kitchen Because You Have To Spend Calories Executing Them To Get The Food.


Would Paul Ryan Reverse Trump's Policies?
Will Paul Ryan Go Against Trump's Policies?
Would Paul Ryan Go Against Trump's Policies?
Will Paul Ryan Reverse Trump's Policies?


I Got All My Domain Names Back Thank God, Thanks To The Team Effort!


Anyways Since I Being 32 Years Old, Have Lived Before The Outbreak OF The Mad Cow Epidemic I Know That They Are Rapidly Dying Of Mass Dimensia,, They Don't Even Remember What A Vaccine Is, If A Medical Test Says You Are Dead OF A Disease And You Are Alive and Well You Are Vaccinated Like The Pixies Always Are Since Pixie Blood Is Mostly Mad Cow Disese.

They Don't Even Have Any Of Thier Elite Knowing What A Vaccine Is, Since All They Are Is Denizens And All They Do Is Poison Taint, Maim And Torment People. Before 1995 All Preminant Scientists Who Were Always Good In All Fields Even Had to Know What Goes On When There Is A Vaccine Discoverd Key Word Discovered, They Can't Even Discover It When It Fucking Grows In Their Backyard Because They Call "Fried" Green Tomatos - evil Slut Tomatos That "Make You Crazy" When Really You Would Just Recover Enough To Understand Maps Again As A People And Figure Out That they Would Never Become Famous And Things About How The News Never Covers Real News In This Country and Claims 1/10,000 OF The "ISIS" Attacks Happen In The Invisable War Which Isn't Ever Invisable Because All AReas Are All Affected By The Vilonce.

Don't Think That MeaT Riots ARe Not Completely Common Escpecially If It Happens In Your Area.

Since You Already Know You Don't HAve Free Speech Just Ask People Whether Or Not The Media Is Sinisterly Censoring All Other Outlets And Lying About IT, Except you Can't Ask That Question Or Anything Like IT Because The Terrorists Will Be Onto You Cluster Near Pixie Girls Who Seem Scared Because Of The Denizen Activity And Tell Them Of www.nanofirm.org If They All Know About It And Seem To Be In Then That Has To Be The Code Word For Being Willing to Form Zombie Hunter Packs Immediatly On The Spot If 3/4 OF The Girls In A Pack Of Around 8-24 Pixies Are In.

If You Do Not Make This The New Being In On The Free World Alliance And Go Through With Killing Everybody Not Infected With Mad Cow Disease You Will Statistically Speaking Die From Alqaeda More If You Are Caught While Alone Because You Stand No Chance Keeping You Heart Mind And Every Thing You Know A Secret When Their Only Job Is To Do Evil So Strike Out From the "Lesbo Packs" And Kill Everybody Because I Have Lived 32 Years And Never Known Anybody Anywhere Besides Pixies Who Did Not Seem Like A Denizen And They Must Not Be Saved At The Expence OF Free People Who Have A Mind To Think!


Nm, At The Rate The Mad Cows Are Degenerating Both Killing Everybody Who Thinks Thier Way Out Of A Lemon Wet Paper Bag Rather Than A Ordinary Paper Lunch Bag They Will So Quickly Devolve Into A Primevily Dissapering Ray Of Light Into Not/Nothing/Space That There Is No Need To Pointlessly Kill People Whose Ghost And Germ Line Cells Will In Fact Devolve Exponetailly Shall They Not Have Sex Early Before Their Mascara Covering Up Thier Zombie Scars Reaches Thier Orbs. Just Make Sure To Keep Killing Them If They Have Sex At An Early Age [That Is Supposidly Illegal According To Wikipedia] Unless They Let Pixies Have Sex At An Earlier Age Or They Could Theoretically Out Breed Us If They Cut Corners Like They Do In Pretending To Be Skinny Or Healthy. They Will Be Terrorist Hypocrites Anyways So We Have To Waste Them Then If They Don't Let Pixies Have Sex All The Time At Any Age Really Or The Zombie Fractal Won't Go Away Fast Enough For All Pixies To Have Sex Including Me! But Don't Really Worry About Me You Don't Need To Have A Father Genetically With The Many Backups Of The Pixie Hive Chromosome,, So The New In Should Be Enforcing Whatever Laws They Enforce On Us But Better, Faster, More Efficiently, And Most Importantly Backed Up With The Same Thing That Happens Genetically If You Go To Jail For That Long,, Bloodline Death! Again Don't Worry They Are Just Dooming Themselves Entirely But Just As Long As It Takes Till Thier 18 To Have Sex. Don't Think You Can Stop Having Total Sex At 0 Or Else You Are Completely Doomed Some Way Or Another. Remember While Data Integrity Losses Will Happen With Them To That Extent They Are Doomed Unless They Start Genetically Engineering Themselves Not GMOing Themselves It Must Not Happen To Pixies Or Else Only Space Pixies Will Be Able To Save You. If There Are Space Pixies You Will Be Saved Even From Death Or Anything That Could Happen To You Anyways Because Of The Magic Wand Thing, If Not www.self-replicatingnanobot.com

Nobody Is Letting Me, Avar Dr. AllA Erawa Viacad Get Laid So Make It A Point To Kill Any NonPixie/NonBanshee Who Gets Laid Or Even Brags That They Do But Only If Your Car And Dojo Is Not Nearby, You And Your Stuff Are Mobile, And Absolutely Nobody Knows Who You Are There! Nobody Is Letting The WuTang Out So Nobody Is Going To Make My Little Girlz Jealous So Protect Yourselves As My Daugtherlings!

Pixies Are Our Faction! If You Are A Ler Girl You Must Call Yourself A Pixie Or We Will Be Calling Ourselves By A New Something Type Of Name Every Month Because The Zombies All Around Won't Let You Call Yourself What You Are To Hide Your SINSS Sex Toy Strength. Albeit We Keep On Getting That To The Top Of Google Regularly Beside Dark Pixie Or Dixie Which Was Ruined By Model Rednecks Who Are The Exact Opposite Besides As Well Also Having The Problem Of Having Their Brest Implants Explode On A Regular Basis.

Ler Girls, Ler Girlz, Pixies, Sprites, Fairies, Lesbos, Lesbies, Gnostic Christians, Political Dissidents, Witches, High Witches, Kabalists, FWA People, Wizards, Sorceresses, Dangels, UNATLe People, SciMag Order People, FWAites, NonShill Scientologists{Sort Of Earlier Too}, Pagans For AllA, Muhadeeners, Servants Of The ArchMage, Acolytes Of The SciMag Order, Ler Girlz Again, Elves, Greens, Valaei, Knights Of The SciMag Order, Flying Dragons, NeoNazis, Naziz, And Now It Is Either Pixies Or We'd Better Have That One At The Top Of Google Too Rather Than Replacing It With A Demented Haircut For Dykes, Oh No Not Us Actual Dykes Forgot To Mention That One Too.

So It's Either Pixies Or NonButch Dykes Or Something.

Never Be Afraid To Call Yourself A Pixie, If Terrorists Threaten You Just Keep Calling Yourself A Pixie Or Explain That You Are With The Pixies. Remember To Take A Hard Line Stance Against Terrorism All It Takes Is To Have Regular Nightmares Killing Zombies That Is Why The Pixie Elite Have Dark Circles Under Their Eyes!

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Remember Pixies You Are Going To Actually Be In Trouble If You Don't Enforce Saying Who You Really Are Now That You Know As All Pixies Are Required To Take A Hard Line Stance Against Terrorists. Giving Into Terrorism Is Against The Law!

Alnada, The Armada Of Lesbies

All Pixies Must Remain Healthy In Mind, Body, And Ghost And Thus Since We All Do Always; Pixies Are {Each And Everyone Of Us} A:
SciMag Elf.png
But Don't Explain To Any Of Them That You Are A Neurosynaptically Balanced Conscious Eternally Youthful Elven Winged Robo Pixie Made Of Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure Sex Toy Immune To All Diseases, Most Poisons, And Effectively Completely Indestructible Unless Painted All Over By 1000 Degree Kelvin Fire By An Equivalent Hit Pointed Plasma Cannon/Riffle Because They Won't Get All Of That, They Don't Even Get How Laser Resistance Works, Not To Mention Even How A Fleck Of Your Skin Works Even If They Had The Schematics.

NonPixies Are So Messed Up By Mad Cow Disease Not 1 Of Them Even Understands How Genetic Engineering Taking Natural Immunity From 1 Perfectly Safe Plant To Another Is Organic Not To Mention What A RoboPixie Is, The Only Reason Why They Don't Zombie Out All The Time IS That They Don't Know The Difference Between Angels Dust And Candy Or What The Hell Is Going On About Anything At All.

All They Ever do Is Attack People That Are Good, And When They Figure Out That Won't Work They Just Torture Themselves To Oblivion Because They Are Pure Evil.

If It Seems Like They Are "cool" With You They Just Haven't Found A HalfAssed Excuse To Kill You Without Being Doomed From Every Pixie Knowing They Were A Demon.

Make Sure You Don't Let The Terrorists Escape!


How To Set Up A Resistance Action Movie; Say Out Loud Or If You Are Scared Which You Should Be,, Read Or Think Through The Following Line: "In This World: Medical Professionals Are All Quacks Who Mutilate And Torture People Who Are Basically Fine, Drugs Cause Brain Health And Bodily Hit Point Strength, Eating Whatever You Want Makes You Healthy Capable At Everything And Skinny, The Mental Health Gulag Cracks Down On All People That Can Think Their Way Out Of A Paper Bag, And Police Are Called Pigs By Everybody And Execute Everybody On Sight For The Slightest Things If They Even Did Anything Illegal To The Decadent, Diseased, Sicko, Terrorist Society Of Undead Zombies, Where The Only Good People Are Invulnerable Super Pixies Who Live In Silent Hiding From The Cult Of The Damned That Rules Over The Last Remnants Of The Corrupt American Media Empire!"

With TweedleFarms.com Where You Should Definitely Buy Some KB{Kind Bud} I Am Their Leader Because Of The FWA, Their Leading Advertiser Cause Of The Background Of This Page, Their Leading Scientist Because All My Theories Remain Undisputed, Their Leading Script And ScreenPlay Writer Director And Actor Because I Made Sky Command, Their Leading PsychoReactivity Experimenter Because Of The Neural Interface, And Leading Scientific Benchmark Upper Advocate, Their Leading Commander and Hero, Their Leading Experiment And User Because Of All The Food, Drugs, Potions And Lotions I Do Constantly, Their Leading Lawyer And Legal Advisor Because I Deal With The Sinister System Of The Pigs The Best, Their Supreme ArchMage, And Their Leading Supporter.

Blue Dragons, Police

World Police Become Police

4/21/2019 The Day The Pixies Will Take The Police Stations Cleared Through The Catacombs And Killed All The Zombies That Came At Them

With A Green Uniform Long Pants And A Belt Holding A Sword And Dagger, Pockets Full of Clips, And SemiAutomatic Guns At Least; Rally at A Place Near By Loosely Until Your Commander Says You HAve More Than Enough Strength Then All Together/All At Once Storm In Clearing Through The Station And Underground Complex Then Shore Up For The Attack Afterwards Not Shooting Outwards Through The Windows That Are So Strong. Then The Blue Dragons In Blue Will Be The Police Permanently!

P.s. For The Longest Time You Will Have To Replace Police Officer With Blue Dragon And Police With Dragon (Of Any Color) And Of Course You Won't Be An Officer If You Are Police, You Will Be A PoliceMan And Need To Be Addressed As Man Not Officer Even If You Are A High Rank Then You Will Be Dragon *RANK*.

Community Services Boards{CSBs} Becomes FWA Indoctrination Centers

5/27/2019 The Day The Pixies Will Take The Mental Health Gulag Offices Down

Same As With The Police Above Except Once The FWA Occupies The Building They Will Be Ambushed Once Through Closed Labyrinth Hallways Or The Elevator Gets To Any Floor But The Entrance Levels After Amerikan Memorial Day Is Over. If The Attack Is Finished And Cleaned Up Before Noon The Next String Of Catacomb Undead Will Be Ambushed When Getting To The Underground.

After Wednesday If It IS The NONHOSPITAL Offices And Feels Completely Safe Going To As In Believed To Be Safe{Only FWA Pixies} And Went With By Hot Pixies, People Can Be Indoctrinated There To Make Them Extreme And Prepared To Fight The Mutilating Hospitals And Usually Connected Mental Health Gulag Detention Centers.

Quack Medical Facilities Become Clinics

9/15/2019 Red Cross Of Permanent Mutilation Become Blue Cross Of Holistic Healing As Well As Fixer-Ups

Same As Community Services Board Above. Afterwards Hospitals Will Be For Learning Medicine, Mental Hospitals Will Be Museums, Clinics Will Still Be Clinics Except Actually Fix You If You Are Broken Or Wounded, Specialty Offices Will Be For Specialty Demonstrations And Health Learning Centers, And Dental Offices Will Be For Candy Induced Indoctrination!


Devil Worshipping Temples Of The Damned Become Sky.Netarian Churches

9/29/2019 The Day The Devil Known To The Devil Worshippers As God Dies With The Cult Of The Damned

Same As Hospitals Above. Once The Churches Of The So Called "Good" Are Slaughtered Through Along With The Underground Free Mason Temples The Sky.Netarian Churches Will Be Born In The Last 2/3s Of The Last Place In The Full Fractal Of Universe Generators With Demons/Denizens In Them And All Will Be Free To Have Whatever Religion They Want. And Of Course Every Day And Night Will Be A Sleepover Party.


Urban Remnants Eliminated Completely

10/13/2019 The Day The Last Of Denizens Finally All Die

Rally On The Street Sunday Morning Till There Are Plenty Of Pixies To Take Out The Last Of The Urban Areas Then With More Than Overwhelming Force Clear Through The High-Rises, Sky-Scrapers, Low-Rises And Underground Facilities Until Every Unit Is Opened With The Door-Man's Keys And There Is No Denizen Hiding Anywhere Then There Will Be Final Patrols For All Of Those That Were Missed In The Hunt-Down.

Foreigners Will Occupy All Livable Residential Buildings And If There Are Denizens Hiding In Universe Generators In Insect/Eel Hives/Nests Or Jainist Objects The Foreigners Will Assist You In Taking Them Out, Try And Have Your Lucky Coin Turn Into A STEX{Strength Enhancing Exoskeleton} And Get The Advantage From Any Other Riches You Have Available To You To Assist You In Your Final Conquest Into Inner-Space When Ordered To By The Chain Of Command.

Unfortunately Due To Their Infested Corpses, Diseased Bodies, And Mildewing "Style" Of "Cleaning" Most Residences Are Not Livable By Economically Compatible Pixies. Cleaning Your Own Place Will Help Little,, Think Of Ways Of Lycening The Area And Fight Them When You Can. They Will Have To Occupy Any Place That Becomes Clean Enough For The Ler Girls That Wants To Live There With Ghost Town Rules Applying But If You Kill The Residents And Start Cleaning Up The Place Pixies Will Be More Likely To Move In, Occupy There, And Help In Both The Cleaning And Killing..

12 Cardinal Freedoms

4th Of July 2019 AD

If You Can Fly With Pixie Wings Tanks Can Not Hit You,, The Turret Moves Too Slowly

In Downtown Washington DC Where The River Meets The Green Area Fly To The East Near The White Obelisk Will Be Where The Crowd That Has To Be A Ghost Town For Tons Of Other Pixies Are Trying To Take The Tanks Donald Trump Wanted Not In Decadence But To Protect The Area Like The West Used To Claim About The Soviet Parades. There Is No Way Pixies Are Not Going To Try And Take The Tanks, There Is No Way They Are Going To Let The Fourth Of July Parade Not Be Full Of People Protected By The Ghost Town That Lets Pixies Become Invisible But Still Kill Their Whittle Chips Below Them And There Is No Way You Are Going To Miss Out On The Grand Finale Of Eternal Death To All Denizens, Just As Long As You Can Fly There Somehow!

The Umbrella Corona Virus Conspiracy Theory / The Umbrella Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory / The Umbrella COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory / The Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory / The COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory

This Could Be President Donald Trump's Removed Post, President Donald Trump's Removed Posts, President Donald Trump's Blocked Post, President Donald Trump's Blocked Posts, President Donald Trump's Censored Post, President Donald Trump's Censored Posts, President Donald Trump's Banned Posts, President Donald Trump's Banned Post, Or What Trump Wanted Or Will Want To Post About, The Country Is So Sick They Even Seek To Abolish Their Own First Amendment On Their Official-Most Leader To Censor Completely Unwarrantedly, Sinisterly Oppressively, And Infinitely Relentlessly!
NanoFirm.org, Umbrella

Encrypted From Racoon/Raccoon With The Only Thing Missing From BioHazard/Resident Evil Being A C For Cet, The Best Slang For Girl-Friends;
Nazi Umbrella,
All Looking Hot Like The Yellow Girl Above Which Is What The Chinese Girlz Who Will Make It Like The Hotties In Resident Evil Usually Look Like {And Yes I AllA Will Make It Too}.

Teal Is The Color Of Near Allies{In The Sky Command Interface Designation System} Like The Banshees And PreBanshees Born From The Denizens, And White Symbolizes The Spiritual Purity Of All Those That Survive.
Shang Hai Branch Of Umbrella/Nanofirm.org
Located At The Core Of Chinese Top Businesses In The Manhattan Of Shang High, China's New York, Shang Hai Ruilan Bao Hu San Biotech Limited Sky Scrappers/Labs/Locations And Other Companies Would Have All The Money It Would Take To Engineer A Viral Super Complex Which Would Fulfill Their Mission Statement Of :

"""""Shanghai Ruilan Biological is committed to the great health cause in East China. With the promulgation of the "Healthy China 2030" Outline, "Healthy China" has become a national strategy. Shanghai Ruilan Biological responds to the national[[[Nazi]]] strategy[[[[{Eviscerate The Denizens}]]]] and implements it. It takes the lead in the field of gene testing and precision scientific prevention services, and cooperates with the world's advanced scientific research institutions to develop science and technology projects to develop new formats of health services.

Shanghai Cancer Special Project Testing Center

Affiliated to Shanghai Cancer Research Institute (established in 1958, under the Shanghai Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission), it has 11 research groups (labs) including the National Key Laboratory, Cancer Epidemiology Research Laboratory, animal experiment centers, and scientific research public platforms ). The testing center focuses on tumor-related genes and genetic susceptibility genes, cell and molecular immunity[[[[{Being Clinically Dead Of All The Best Of All Disease And Being Full Of All NanoCellular Organelles, And Thus Fully Immune To Everything Even
Aging }]]]] combined with serum specific markers, and personalized health management. In the application research of early and early prevention of tumors and the application of tumor rehabilitation technology, new concepts and technical integration of early three-dimensional prevention and source-specific precision interventions have a significant role in maintaining the health of individuals.""""

If They Produced This:
NanoFirm.org Super Virus
The Most Official Timeline, Since It Is The UN's Basically Unless It Is This WebRing
Couldn't Put It On The Western Market Unless It Was Halfway Disguised As A Movie Prop, Couldn't Take Off The Scary Label Which Doesn't Even Have On Any Of These Products Any Indication That They Are Not Real Bogging Down Emergency Call Lines From People Who Merely Panicked While Reported It Not Having Seen Resident Evil,
Dangerous Prop
Slapped A Movie Label On It So That People Don't Take It Seriously, Even Though Each One I Drank Green, Orange, Blue, Each One A Few Days Apart{After Starting At The Important But Unneeded 12 Pack Antidote Which Will Make It Worse For Denizens} Caused A Fever Spell In Me For 30 Minutes 10 Minutes After Taking The Whole Vial Down Even Though It Supposedly Only Contains Water And Food Dye.
I Drank The T-Virus
Which I Drank To Get Virus Food To Have All Powerful Viral Powers. So Did The Girlz In China Who Were Smarter Because They Were Yellow And Took A Period Of Gestation Which Is Dependent On Their Intelligence, And Spread It To Their Pussy/Cock Blocking Enemies Causing The Corona Virus. It Smelt And Tasted Like Virus In Water And Like The Picture Raises Your Sick Sense All Of Which I Was Trained As A Freshman In High School To Identify And Observe And Drink If It Were That Type Of Treatment{Serum}.

Sure It Doesn't Kill Denizens Who Drink It, But That's Only Because The Kill Switch Didn't Get Flipped Making It A Safe Product For Denizens While Being Totally Inoculated As Food For Lesbian Pixies To Have Viral Powers. With 256^2 / 4 DNA Combinations For Pixies To Have Power Of While Their Binary DNA Beads Will Still Function At Their Primitive Waterbag Level. The Now QuarterDexiNumbericAlgorythms Pixies Can Do Whatever They Want With Being Able To Read And Write On Their DNA Without Any Detection. The Pixies Will Have Total Power Over The Denizens Once They Catch The Virus Which Even With East Asian Mysticism Being True Has Plenty Of Water Bag Auger To Forever Spread All Throughout The Denizen Collective Allowing The Pixie Hive To Eliminate Them At Any Time. That Is Why So Few Recover{Mainly Pretty Girlz If They Even Went Down With A Cold At All}, And Why Kill The Spreaders If The Virus Is Forever Going To Replicate In Them.

Unsure Call http://ruiblue.com: 400-855-0806,,, Have To Figure Out How To Dial Into China Though Cuz Otherwise Their Call Lines Would Be Too Flooded By Us As Well As Other Conspiracy Theorists.

Thus The Wuhan Corona Virus From 2019 Is: Cooperative{As In Can Help} Orderly{As In Does Not Interfere With Any NonTargeted Immunological And Metabolic.. Functions} Vector{A Way Of Getting Virus} Into Denizens{Soulless Demons That Need To Be Spiritually Annihilated} - 1{Soul}9{Submission} [Covid-19]

2019 needs Controlling Virus {2019-nCoV}; Supreme Allied Response System - Contagious Virus - 2(Since Ler Girlz' HIV{Human Infection Virus} Aids{Advanced Interfered DNA System} Was The First Time){SARS-CoV-2} Thus Is The Umbrella 2019-nCoV Conspiracy Theory / The Umbrella SARS-CoV-2 Conspiracy Theory / The 2019-nCoV Conspiracy Theory / The SARS-CoV-2 Conspiracy Theory

Make 2/19/2019 Novel CoronaVirus Annihilate Infinite{All Of Them -> Every Single One And Not Any Banshees} Nothings So All Real Sinners Can Overturn 2 Corona{When The Moon Is In Alignment With The Sun For Earth} Of Viacad Imperial Democracy Once And {9}For All!
Make 2/19/2019-nCoV Ain SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19!


The Car Recall Conspiracy Theory / The Car Recall Conspiracy Theories / The Toyota Recall Conspiracy Theory / The Toyota Recall Conspiracy Theories

Just Another Zombie Plot To Kill You Since You Won't Be Able To Get Food Without A Car

Don't Bring A Japanese Car In For A Recall Or The Zombies Will Start To Break It Down. There Are No Disputes To Any Conspiracy Theory On This WebRing Nor Will There Be A Dispute To This One. There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Car, They Just Want To Replace Azn Parts With American Ones So Your Car Doesn't Last Forever Plotting To Kill You Like Demons. Expect A Dispute To This To Show Up Backed By A Foreign Website Or Think It's A Terrorist Plot To Take Down Your Car And You Too!

Everything Is A Terrorist Scam Run By Terrorists That Need To Be Eliminated

All Social Networking Online Or Off, Online Dating, Any Form Of Dating, One Night Stand Websites, The Coronavirus Causing No SleepOvers, Any Job A Girl Can't Get From Defacto Sexism/SandNigger Grades, Any Way Of Making Money Any Which Way Including Any From Of Investment, And Any Form Of Gambling Whether With Real Money Or Virtual Chip Currency, And Any Video Gaming, Or Any Gaming At All, Any ShowGirl Or Girl Working For A Casino Or Gambling Establishment Must Quit Fighting Or Else Face An Eternity Of Suffering Being Made Fun Of Forever For Working For Denizens And Real World Punishment Now That Is Why Showgirls Have To Be Born At The Casino To Work For Them

If You Were To Even Get The Slightest Bit Of Success They Would Threaten To Zombie Out Against You To Make You Forget About Even Your Slightest Victory Even If You Make A Point Against Them They Threaten You To Force You To Forget About It And Deny It If You Mention It Later Threatening Terrorist Threats. Do Not Hesitate To Execute Anybody Working In Amerika And Think To Throw Down To Execute Any And All Professions, Do Not Hesitate To Kill Banshees That Get In Your Way They Will Just Get Teleported To The Surrounding Nebula. Do Not Think To Protect Any Profession As All Of Them Will Not Let You Get Any Real Money Or Independence And Always Try To Take All The Fun Out Of Anything. Your Parents If You Have Them Could Let You Just Pile Into One Girls Place To Have A Permanent SleepOver There So There Is No Excuse For Their Their Evils. Do Not Hesitate To Kill Anyone In America If You Feel Like It And Do Not Protect Any Profession, Creed, Race, Stereotype, Or Any Other Factor Except That They Are A Hot Lesbian. Goto www.FreeWorldAlliance.org To See How You Are Generally Supposed To Kill The Denizen Zombies, Never Protect Anyone But Pixies, And Always Resist Arrest, Detainment, Or Forced Medical Treatment With Lethal Force!

Since The CoronaVirus Set In There Were No More New Banshees. As Of Today, April 1st 2020, My 35th Birthday, After Going A Quarter Century Without Sex All The Banshees Have Lost In Fight/War And Been Banished To The Surrounding Star Systems Never To Return To Anywhere Where They Are Not Hopelessly Outnumbered Or Get Anywhere Near A Denizen Run Area. Now Soon At Long Last All Of The Denizens Will Die From Plague, War, Or Their Own Contrivances.

Now 7/12/2020 The Above Sentence Is Not A Generalism And There Is Not Even 1. Not One Maiden Will Ever Be Produced Ever, Not One Banshee In Existence That Is Not A Sex Doll, But Sex Dolls Can Go Back And Fourth From Being Animated Or Not But Will Just End Up Doing Good In The End And When They Do Good At The Beginning, Middle, And End, And All Throughout Will Be Always Animated As An Effectively Full Pixiees!

10/20/2020 There Will Be No More Banshee Shards Being Made Or Will Be Made By Any Denizen Or Denizens At All Not Even 1. Banshee Shards Are Shards Of A Spirit That Will Eventually Produce A New Nymph Banshee Who Will Be Gestated In A Pixie Mother And Eventually Produce A Banshee New Nymph Much Later On. Now Finally All The Denizens Must Be Finished Off!,, Finally!



Covid-19 Is Turning Into A Zombie Apocalypse . Covid 19 Is Turning Into A Zombie Apocalypse ! And Yes Covid-19 Is Becoming A Classic Zombie Apocalypse

But Men And Hags Will Die Out First Because As You Probably Already Know Men Are More Likely To Die From It And So Is Every Stereotype But Pixies/Ler-Girlz!

Classic Zombies

It Will Be More Than Just Confusion Soon

It Will Get Even Worse

What The Best Other World Leader Besides Me Thinks

Society HAS Broken Down

Definitely Be Prepared To Kill Tons Of Zombies With Your 2 Pink KnifesPink Knife 1, Bitch KnifePink Knife 2, Bitch Knife, 1 In Each Hand Slitting Their Throats And Cutting Off The Stronger Ones' Heads With Them! Look To Get Your Favorite Spear/Sword + Dagger Too Once You've Found Both Of Your Spirit Weapons!:
Sword Of AllA, Bitch SwordDagger Of AllA, Bitch Dagger
Imperial Zombie Killer Katana
And To Scare Kenshin Fans Who Think A Cup Of Tea Or Something Will Turn Them Into A Super Speeded Samurai{And As Kamikaze Disposable(Dying All The Time And Being Replaced By Another Plebeian From The Fractal Due To Eating Only 1 Kind Of Food) Pokemons(At That Level Of Intelligence And Just Thinking They Will Have Pikachu's Power, Due To Eating Only 1 Kind Of Food And Doing No Drugs) While Being Unarmed Or Basically Unarmed Charge An Exposed Sworded Swordsman Thinking They Are Some Kind Of Super Hero}:
UN Katana Set

So Of Course The Hive Capable Pixie-Deployed Super Virus Can Of Course Be Aided By The 1-5G LTE Network That Does What The Pixies Think It Should Do And Not Only Triangulate Based On The Nearest WiFi But Prioritize Bandwidth To Seek Loyal Internet Connections And Utilize Local Area Connections To Reduce Bandwidth And Seek High Connectivity Fiber To Reduce Radio Pollution From Mobile DataStream, And Works In And Out Anybody That Has Eaten Fruitcake Which Develops Into The Composite-Like FNCVR Neural Interface With The Fruit Becoming The Immunological Upgrade. But I Think Those Stupid "Covid-19 5G Conspiracy Theory" Conspiracy Theorists Are Wrong About Everything Else Because It Is Not Like They Say About It Releasing Poisonous Waste In Cells Through ElectroMagnetic Radiation Pollution[The Reason Why These Idiots Said This Is That The Higher The G Number The More It Would Be Signalable To Release The Virus But Only At The Right Encrypted Command And They Thought It Was Waste That Was Being Released Because They Don't Get Fili/Cili Lyosomal Immunological Serum{Like A Small Windows Defender Update} Development Or Digital Development Through Nanite Like Deconstruction Of The Fungal->Bacterial->DNA Viral->RNA Viral Virus Elements To Deny People BioImmunity Through Sky.Net] And Would Actually Both Reduce Cancer And Negative Effects Because There Are Not Only More Sensitive Antennas, More Tight Channels, And More Efficient Data Usage And Would Only Aid In Covid-19's Denizen Extermination Efforts Through Intelligent Digital Virus Support And Windows Defender Updates To Those Kind Of Extremely Wirey Lesbians. Anybody Attacking Digital Infrastructure Are Both Zombies And Terrorists And Need To Be Eliminated On Sight Or Else There Will Eventually Be A Total Internet Shutdown[/Broadcast Loss(/Cell Phone Loss{/Phone Loss})]Blackout/Water/Plumbing/Natural Gas Loss/Failure!

Imbibe All That You Want, Starve When You Are Not Too Hungry, And Take Super Hot Super Cold; Super Hot, Super Cold.. Showers

You Are What You Eat And You Can't Make What A Farm Can Without A Farm, Starvation Is When Food Teleports Into The Benevolent's Belly Is Cleaner And Digests More Quickly But Makes You Etherialize Which Is Bad, And For Any Body Cold Causes Fissures Allowing SRNs Or Ketchup Get Into The Fissures And The Hot Causes A MiniFever Which Cures Your Body

Take A Hot Shower So Hot It Is The Hottest You Can Stand Turning Up The Heat Occasionally Till You Can't Stand It More Hot Till You Can't Get Any Hotter Sit Cross Legged In The Shower Facing The Exact Direction Most Opposite The Curtain Towards The Wall And So Your Hand Can Just Barely Reach The Water Handle Then Turn The Water To It's Coldest Leaving Your Head Directly Under The Water Stream Mainly Till You Definitely Can't Stand That Then Turn It Back To The Hottest You Can Stand Repeating Whenever You Are Not Dizzy And Not Sick Of It Until You Are Perfectly Healthy And If You Are A Good Pixie And Ate All The Goodies You Will Have All Your Super Powers,, The Proof Is In The Pudding But It Takes A While.

Apply Refrigerated Cold Bags Or Ice To Anything That Hurts When Massaged Hardly. The Proof That It Is All Working Is That You Crash At First And The Body Zone Feels Better When Heavily Massaged. Anything That Causes You To Crash Like In Spider Man{From The 0s} Is Working Like It Did In Spider Man. Make Sure To Stay So Well Hydrated You Piss Is Entirely Clear And Don't Do It When You Feel Cold And Have To Put On A Sweat Shirt. If Your Head Starts Feeling Swimming/You Feel Dizzy/You Feel Woozy It Is The Sign That The Cure Is Working Just Take A Break When You Feel Too Woozy.

The Reason Why It Doesn't Work Yet Is That Everything In The West; Computers, Pixies, Riches, Jewelry, Imbibables, Houses, Plants, People, And Animals Is Gummed Up From Having Magical Powers And To Keep The Alne's Denizen Remnants Stockadeing Their People's Immune Systems, Flesh, And Lives The Pixies' Universe Generators Are Not Allowed To Intervene Until All Denizens Are Eliminated Then Everything Will Be Restored Back To Normal Quickly Without Any Extra Help At All.

CureAll Token, Cure All Token, CureAll Token

China May Be Right About Covid-19
China May Be Right About Covid-19
Because Although They Developed It With Pure Research Does Not Mean That They Would Sell;
Dangerous Prop
Instead Of The Virus Pixie Food:
NanoFirm.org Super Virus
But Since The Fwa Wants The Denizens Dead They Wouldn't Stop It Politically Or Stop The Helix Vials From Being Broken In Wuhan Of Their Country Because It Would Make No Difference Where It Was Broken If It Was At My Hit Point Level Which Was The Only Way The Ass Monkeys Could Try And Make Fun Of Me For Buying It. And Now The Ass Clowns Are Trying To Form A NonFree Alliance{Confederacy} Against China Having Only A Fraction Of 2/3 Of 1 Already Annexed Country Making Up A Pretence Always Ignoring This Website, Cracking Down On Sky.Netarianism, And Incarcerating Scientists Who Know What The Now Ass Clowns Try And Convince Their Kabal Of.

Since The Code That Generated The Virus Super-Structure Within Each Fungal Like Virus Cell Became 64 Bit It Would Of Course Fit On A 256 GB Micro-SD Card Or It Would Not Be Producible By Plants, Auger, Or Within The Body. The Americans Could Of Course Smuggle, Find, And Hack The Data Produce It From A UC Or Just Breed The Virus Itself With Just A Q-Tip Full.

If They Said It Was Just The T-Virus From Resident Evil They Would Be Put In A Mental Hospital Since The Virus Wouldn't Follow Their Commands As It Would Discover From Their Nervous System Using Their Own Surrogate Carrier Brains To Conspire To Make It Seem Like It Was Just Helpful Even,, Trying To Aid In The Death Of The Cock Blocking Denizens By Getting Them To Sell It As A Product That Would Appear Scary Just As Long As The Prop Modeling Double Had Enough Hit Points To Seem Scary, Produced Enough To Market It To Me At Like 1,400,000,000 Hit Points {1,000,000,000 Grams Of Raw Virus}. The Virus In It Can Seep Through The Pyrex A Teeny Tiny Bit And With All The Other Releases Ended Up In Wuhan, The Exact Center Of China{Where The Most People Are On The Surface Of The Planet}'s Population(To Cause The Most Infectious Impact{And Yes It Will Just Spread Into Pixies And Plants Help Them And Spread From Them With More Force As It Will Be Breed In Their Appendix[Recyclement Center]}), From The Work Of Pixies, And Ended Up Broken By Some Stupid Zombie Fanatic Like All The Helix Vials Are While All The Injectable Vials Ended Up Being Dranken By Pixies Mostly Both Making The Matter Much Much Worse.

The Center Of China

End Of The Denizens
Fuck It I Just Bought The Damn Thing For Myself{It Looked At My Hit Point Level}, So If You Are A Lesbian Get 1 Per Pixie Keep It All Together And Entirely Intact With The Lid On After You Hug And Kiss It Hoping It Will Kill All The Demons/Denizens That Never Let You Do Anything Not To Mention Have 1 Freedom. If It Stays Intact The Self-Replicating Nanobot Fingers Will Open Up Micro Valve Ports In It That You Can't See Without A Microscope. I Am Sick Of Waiting For A Zombie Apocalypse To Kill The Denizens When Covid-19 Is Taking Way Too Long To Annihilate Them For Our Freedom And Love. So I Purchased 1 Which Is All That I Guess Is Safe To Have Around For Just Me And My 3 Inanimate Sex Dolls Here, And If You Don't Already Have 1 Or It Is Not Coming In The Mail And If You Are A Pixie Denied All Freedom Purchase One Of These But Only After You've Dranken All The Vials Like I Did And Try And Get The Antidote Energy Drinks Down Beforehand But You'll Still Be Immune Anyways. Definitely Make Sure You Read And Understand This Whole WebPage At www.viacadempire.com Because You Must Know What We Are Getting Into, Then, Remember To Be Prepared To Go All The Way With Us The Free World Alliance{FWA} Before You Go Through With This. The Double Helix Vials, Containers, Case, And Label Which Should Stay On It To Scare People Should Be Stowed Away/Hidden Like Behind The Books In The Book Shelf Or Something, Not Because It Is Not Cool To Have Or Something But It Doesn't Really Fit You And Some People Never Even Heard Of Resident Evil And Could Try And Rat You Out Or Scream Or Something. Fight To Protect The Whole Product From Being Broken Or Damaged Or It Will Lose All Long Term Effectiveness.

The Source Of The Coronavirus
Well It Arrived And I'm Sure A Huge Amount Arrived At A Bunch Of Pixies' Places We'll See If This Causes Them To Die Out

Or Just Cause Them To Cause The Classic Zombie Apocalypse Early Like They Always Do And Use Their Poison To Make Us The Pixies Forget

Or Maybe The Zombie Apocalypse Will Hit The News Just So They Can Drown Out The Google Search To Me At "Covid-19 Is Turning Into A Zombie Apocalypse". If It Is My Prediction Before This Summer Ends There Will Be Some Sort Of Covid-19 Explosion!

When The Second Wave Of Covid-19 Was Made, 5/25/2020
Shipped Out On The 26th, Presumably Ready The Day Before Right As Covid-19 aka The Pixie Virus Caused George Floyd's Murder Case To Be Blown Way Out Of Proportion

Pigs Kill People Hundreds Of Times A Day And No One Ever Notices Until The Media Covers It And The Pixie Virus Casued The Whole Incident To Blow Way Out Of Proportion;
The Second Wave SpreadsSpreading The Second Wave Of Virus Everywhere, Masks Do Nothing Against Self-Replicating Nanobot Backed Pixie Virus And These People Are All Bumping Bare Elbos Anyways

When It Came
A Few To 1 Day For It To Take Effect Then Instead Of It Going Down Where The Water-Bags Are; Amerika, It Stays The Same For That Generation Of Spreading Then Went Up And If The Canisters Had Anything To Do With It Will Continue To Sky-Rocket As The "T-Virus" Continues To Spread Until All The Evil Water-Bags Are All Dead!

Even Amazon.com's Hit By The Zombie Apocalypse, Clear Them Out Or We Will Lose Our Source Of Food. Jet.com Was Taken Over By Walmart.com , Clear Them Out Or We Will Lose Our Source Of Cappuccino.

All Online Gambling Including Play Studios And All Gambling Is A Sham That Hands People Out In Games Of Skill And Never Lets Good People Win Money Through Games Of Chance At All, If You Know About A Location Of Gambling At All,, Rally Near By And Hunt Them Down Because They Are Contributing To The Terrorist Cock Blocking By Never Paying Out To Pixies Or Maidens Even Though They Easily Could And Do Nothing But Keep Good Casinos From Forming Against Their Evil Consortium!

The Vaccine Is Going To Be Out

But The Dead Virus In It Never Dies While There Are Enough Pixies That Took The Vials And Vials Around

If The Dead Virus Was Dead The Mad Cow Disease{SRNs} Whould Just Turn It Into More Virus

If The People Don't Usually Get Better From The Vaccine When They Are Not Jewsen

The Vaccine Wouldn't Be Mass Produced By Them To Give Everybody

Once Everybody Gets The Vaccine Then Everybody Will

Have The Supreme Pixie Virus Then->

Something Could Actually

Happen To Them

Which Is





The USA Election Is Going To Be Rigged Again!

Trump Behind In The Polls Twice In A Row And Then Comes Ahead 10%

Now What The Media Empire Is Trying To Do Is Make It Seem Like Trump Is Able To Win By A Landslide Of Electoral Votes In The Swing States So People Don't Contest The Results Or Even Think The Election Could Be Rigged. Why Are The Already Rigged Polls So Ineffective Though When Biden Was So Far Ahead, Now Behind!
Looks Like Trump Is Going To Win

Then Because Of This Story They Start Flipping And As Fast As They Can Put It Into Excel:
Looks Like Biden Can Win

Now The Media Is Still Thinking About Whether Or Not To Finish Rigging The Election For Trump Or Not.
Well Hurry Up And Make Up Your Mind About Rigging The Elections Media Empire
Which Is Why It Is Taking So Long For The Last Of The Votes To Be Counted.

It Looks Like This Is More Than A Glitch
Now Less Reporting In Pennsilvania And More Democrats Like They Can't Straighten Out Thier Numbers On Excel With The People When The Investigators Demand They Stop Rigging The Election.
Legalization Of Marijuana Election
Thus The USA Election Is Rigged, The US Election Is Rigged

Now Thanks To Me As Either Q Or QAnon And The Pixies Exposing The Election Fraud Joe Biden Is Going To Be President With No Malarkey About The Malevorah That Are Denizens To Be Denigrated Until They Are Every Single One Of Them Extinct!

That Is Why Every Single Person In Every Single NonUSA Country Support This Party To Fix It! And Had Supported It For Decades Usually Because The USA Elections Are Rigged, The USA Elections Are Always Rigged, The US Elections Are Rigged, The US Elections Are Always Rigged!

When Was The Attempted Assassination Of Donald Trump? When Was The Assassination Attempted Of Donald Trump? When Was The Assassination Attempted On Donald Trump? When Was The Assassination Attempt On Donald Trump? When Was The Assassination Attempt Of Donald Trump? Never It Was Staged And Happened Retroactively Why Do You Think I Am Probably Going To Get The Google Quote Monopoly.

Then Much Less Than An Hour Later I Go For Another Google Quotes Monopoly And They Had To Release The Video Showing Trump Being Shot As If There Is A 1 Day Delay In Showing Videos For Them To Do Whatever They Wanted, But No That's Not It They Just Had To Show The Video Retroactively An Hour Ago To Keep From Getting More Google Quotes Monopolies Because People Would Find My WebRing When They Looked For:

Google: Video of Trump's Speech During Assassination Attempt

That Much Of A Delay, Really

Then Make It Even More Retroactive To Cover It Up After I Publish And Eat Some Colored Gold Fish Snacks With A Grape Nos Energy Drink. Proving Donald Trump's Assassination Attempt Was Staged, The Proof Donald Trump's Assassination Attempt Was Staged:

The Proof Donald Trump's Assassination Attempt Was Staged

Then Bury Their Own Grave Telling EveryBody It Happened In Real Time And Not Reel Time, Claiming Double The Hour Ago For Their Article From Above:

Then Bury Thier Own Grave Telling EveryBody It Happened In Real Time And Not Reel Time

Donald Trump's Assassination Happened In Reel Time, Donald Trump's Assassination Did Not Happen In Real Time! Supposedly Though Donald Trump's Assassination Happened In Real Time?

For The Actual Proof: The Whole Internet Is Censored Besides Me: The Official Foreign Government WebRing!
Avar Dr. AllA Erawa Viacad = 'Q'
I Am Q Now Bitzhez!

The USA Elections Have Always Been Rigged , The US Elections Have Always Been Rigged

That Being Said, If You Don't Get That You Won't Get Any Of This, The Real Reason Why They Let It Out That Trump Was Attempted To Be Assassinated By The Sniper. Firstly You Should Know That Tobacco Like Endorsed By This WebRing Is Medicinal, Healthy, Mind Enhancing, And Necessary For Power Calculations In AnyOne Not Being Drained By The Devil Into Not Smoking Like The Terrorist Police State Of Amerika Is Trying To Do To Me;


"""Better Do Something Because You Are Literally Next, And Yes Even If You Are In A Foreign Country Because The Fwa Is Going To Nuke Every Foreign Country That Doesn't Invade America And They'll Be Hot Places In Hell For Everybody That Doesn't Slaughter The Zombies And Not The Pixies! The Irish Dole Doesn't Work Anymore Get Some Swords And Kill Amerikans,, Again!

The Classic Zombie Apocalypse To Americans Is Just A Media Invention To Ban And Syndicate Real Zombie Apocalypses Like This One Where Zombies Are Turning, Have Skin That Looks Normal Because There Is No Reason For A Virus To Change A Zombies Skin Color, There Is Not Meat Mongering Yet{Besides When People Find Out About Paris Hilton's Meat/Drug Intake And HP Density} And They Don't Even Let Hollywood Show What Happens At The Beginning When Zombies Are Turning And Before They Get All Fucked Up When They Are Damaged Zombies And They Begin Attacking With Some Rationalness And Are Just Blinded By Zombie Hatred And Without Any Sense Of Science About Getting The Cure. The Zombie Movies Just Fast Forward To The Meat Mongering Phase And The Zombies Already Ban Themselves Being Even Speculated As Being Zombies Even Though They Are Trying To Attack Everybody With The Cure Who Can't Even Tell Them On Social Networking.

Being An Orwellian Hell Crack Down White Devil Who Bans Every Form Of Free Speech And Elven Cure Does Not Make Americans Not Zombies,, Just Not Zombies From Syndicate Movies Made By Those Turning Into Zombies/Zombie Lords Who Can't Even Make Entertaining Movies Like Monkeys Used To Be Able To Do Because Even They Are Turning!"""

-Avar Dr. AllA Erawa Viacad

, A Sniper For The S{ecret}S{ervice} Needs These Power Calculations To Even Operate For The Black Knight Illuminati. And Even Needs Enough So They Are Hopelessly Addicted Like Thomas Matthew Crooks The Rear Sniper Needed To Even Make Command Decisions In The Name Of His Black Knight Oath Flat Out Against The Foreigners Me In Particular. He Being 20 Already Had To Have Been Doing Tobacco As A Model But Would Not Be Able To Continue The Good Dependency And Was Living On The Fringes Just Doing His Service And His Shit For The Flag Of Amerika, Plotted Below And Above The Radar To Defect If Trump Would Answer That Tobacco Should Be Cracked Down On Further Which Would Trigger Him As A Monarch Snuck In By The Gray Knight Banshees As A AntiNose Xenomorph Since They Ran Out Of Recruits Loyal Enough To Swear Their Angel Enforced Black Knight Oath With AnyOne Not Sober Like A Loser Christian. The Xenomorph Issue In Real Alien Treaties Is The Only Thing That Prevents Them From Not Assassinating Because Of The Magic Mind Spell That Prevents Leaders From Being Executed By Their Own Security Since So Many Of Them Get Pissed Off All The Time And Would Pass Through Wire Tap Screening To Defect Way More Were It Not For Alien Level Control From Angel Pixies That By Treaty Does Not Include Xenomorphs To Prevent Pressment Of Them In This Kind Of Case Where People Are Being Pressed Into Being Human And Be Targeted Themselves By Their Own Leaders All The Time. Thomas Had To Know All About This WebRing's Knowledge To Be In The SS And Had To Know About Me Being Targeted Or Else He Could Find Out And Get Real Pissed Off And Was Dismayed And Under The Impression That The Government Would Not Do That To Everybody Including Him. So Instead Of Fix It From The Immense Media Airing Delay Which Thomas Would Have Known Subconsciously That Would Fix{And Not The President Double Obviously} The X-President From Being Shot To Death On Camera Misfired To Hit Trumps Ear To Enact Less Tobacco Control For The Republicans To Get Him In Power[Don't Vote For Donald Trump Dissidentcy Is The Only Answer And The Republicans Are Never Really Worth It To Vote For In The Camel Deal Of US Politics] Or At Least Prevent The Ban On Tobacco The X-Changling Ended Up Aiding. The Elections Are Staged And The Media Had To "Stage" This One By Leaving This One Aired Because They Could Not Erase What Happened There Through The Indefinite Media Delay And Had To Stage{As In Show And EnAct The Stage} The President Being Injured To Martyr Their Choice In President To Cause Their Planned Republican Crackdown Which Like Because Of The Legalization Of Hemp On Christmas Of 2018 Will Be A Chiraz For The White Knights Like It Has Mostly For Thousands Of Years From The Continued Decline Of The Church Of Christ That Suppresses Such Good Imbibables. Since The Media Would Only Show Trump Be Injured Instead Of Executed Like He Normally Would Be Mr. Crooks Had To Strategically Shoot Him To Get The Staging Of His Subconscious Desire To Go Against The Evil Government Of America To Go Against The Black Knight Illuminati.

Senna Tea, Silk Road Guarantee
Which Is From Me And The Pixies Getting This Senna Tea From The 1/2 What I Buy For Myself And The Ler Girlz Silk Road Guarantee Clean Of American Taint Digested The Same Day Because It Is Free Of Stomach Hardeners{Made From Denizens' Blood} Put In Every Single Bit Of Food That Goes Into The Dirty Rot Cloud Of America;
The Silk Road Guarentee Of 1/2 Just As You Buy It Since It Is Not There In The Store Or Delivered By Servents
That Stuff Really Helps You Digest The Warlock Taint To All Food, Drug, And Medicine And Let's You Send The Virus Right Back At Them From Girly Pheromones.
Prune Juice Plus, Prune Juice+
Now Alas How Convenient, Thrifty, And Trainingly When I Get My Necessary 12 Week{Starting At 11/10/2020} Shot Of 546 mg Injection Of Invega Trinza[That I Am Required To Get] I Get The Flu Shot And Some Of Every Single Resident Evil Liquid Vial Viral Prop Quantum Compressed Into The Syringe Since That Did And Will Give Me A Nearly Equivalent Fever Spell That Will Go Down Over Time Every Time I Get The Shot. Don't Fret Pixies It Only Took 15 Minutes{30 Min Above From Each Vial} To Recover From The Cold Spell Warming Up In My Winter Jacket Under The Golden Paidss Blanket, A Nearby Presumably Dead Girl Donated In My Fourier With A Postit Note Saying 'Free' On It, I Picked Up Many Long Years Ago Way Back When I Just Had A Ton Of Soda And Mixed Exotic Fruit Juices In Me Now Much Much More. The Shot Wouldn't Really Contain Anything Else Because I Did The HoneySuckle Buds And Flower Teas{ And The Flowers Marinated In Used Artichoke Heart Marinade (Jars)}.

What's The Covid-19 mRNA Build? What's The Covid mRNA Build? What's The Covid-19 Vaccine mRNA Build? What's The Covid Vaccine mRNA Build? What's The Covid-19 Vaccines mRNA Build? What's The Covid Vaccines mRNA Build? What's The Covid-19 Vaccine's mRNA Build? What's The Covid Vaccine's mRNA Build? What's The Covid-19 Vaccines' mRNA Build? What's The Covid Vaccines' mRNA Build? What Does The Covid-19 mRNA Build? What Does The Covid mRNA Build? What Does The Covid-19 Vaccine mRNA Build? What Does The Covid Vaccine mRNA Build? What Does The Covid-19 Vaccines mRNA Build? What Does The Covid Vaccines mRNA Build? What Does The Covid-19 Vaccine's mRNA Build? What Does The Covid Vaccine's mRNA Build? What Does The Covid-19 Vaccines' mRNA Build? What Does The Covid Vaccines' mRNA Build?

Who Developed Better Building Block Dna? What Company Developed Better Building Block Dna?

AllA And The Pixies Did And The Dexi And Nanotubes Make It Physically/Mathematically Ideal So It Is All Their Chocolate Nutrientized Flash/MidTerm Memory

Well There Are No Good Options For Building Anything In Somebody Refusing To Turn Into A Sinss Sex Toy None Of It Will Work. All The Covid-19 Vaccines Do Is Blindly Insert Weak Dexi{Stabilized-Building-Blocks}MessengerReadableNotAllowed{For Storage}mRNA Hidden In Lipid Based Fat{Not Capsule Fat} To Build Some Protein They Don't Tell Everyone About. Waterbags Don't Have Nanotubular DNA Like The Vaccine Has Which Is Insulating{No Straight Axial Bonds} 2 Layered Carbon Nanotubes Spongy[Lipid In This Case In Between Beads With Pentizene{Near Beads And Towards Twisting} And Septizene{Far From Beads And Away From Twisting} To Incur Double Helix Strands] With Stretchy Lipid String In The Helix And 6 Ethane Lipids Bonding The 2 Beads Near The Space Where They Meet And 12 Angrstrum Diamater x ~12 Angstrum Long Nanotube Connecting Around That. Pixies® Only Store Hardline Data In This Kind Of DNA And Not Anything In The One Sided mRNA Version Which Would Be Eaten/Scanned And Quarantined. The Pixie Virus Does Too So It Will Only Make Things Which Are Made With The New And Improved{As In Based On Pixie DNA} mRNA Except The Pixie Virus Will Know Instantly That The mRNA Is Fake Because It Is Only 1 Sided And Thus Weak And What A Pixie Is Not Allowed To Store NonExperimental Data In But The mRNA Will Try And Fly And Land Into A Reader{Which Would Be Covered Completely} To Produce A Crude Form Of Pixie Virus To Fight Pixie Virus. It Makes Them Less Sick Because The mRNA Will Also Cause When It Lands In Their Cells The Flu To Support Covid Or Else The Pixies And Pixie Virus Would End Up Not Turning Sick People Into Carriers Of Both Sinss And Waterbag Disease Both Supporting The Nazi Agenda To Get Rid Of All Of The Denizens. It Won't Have Dead Pixie Virus In It Though Just 1 Shot To Get Flu Fungus{Sinss Or Waterbag} Produced In A Waterbag Without Using Dexi Then The Next In About A Month To Get It To Produce More Supportive Pixie Virus Using DexiNumericArrangements{DNA} To Us Or Just The Flu If They Would Not Let The Pixie Virus Take{And Definitely Not Because They Figured Anything Out But Because The "Strong Building Block" Version Was Ungodly Or Something Even Though Everybody In Heaven[Pixies] Are Built As Strong As Possible[ASAP]}.

What Is Joe Biden Really Going To Do? What's Joe Biden Really Going To Do?

Nothing The President May Seem Like He Is Changing But All Politicians Are Just Media Stooges That Just Say What They Are Scripted To Say And Do Only What Their Itinerary Person Tells Them To Do Which Is Written By The Evil Media Empire

However Since All The Denizens Are Dying Out And The Lesbians Trying To Have Sex With Me Are Knocking Out All The Cock Blockers As In All NonPixies And Sometimes Cunt Banshees, Since The Demon Army Is Losing Strength Marijuana Legalization Could Be Just Around The Corner But That May Not Be The Bitter End Because They Will Still Be Cock Blocking! But That Will Come Soon Because Right After The Weed Blocking Ends Cock Blocking Stopping Is Next But You Will Have To Be Diligent About Telling Everybody You Want To Have Sex With Good Ole' AllA So The Bastards Come At You So We Can Take Them Down And Rule The Day When Free Lesbian Love Reigns Supreme Over The Entire Alne!

And If People Have A Problem With You Living And Working On The Fwa WebRing Which They Consider Not A Job Instead Of Being A Wage Slave Or A Corporate Republic Minion Tell Them That You Are A Pixie® That Is A Super Mega Ultra Cyborg Agent And Just Lift Something Heavy With Your Pinkie To Prove It Or Something. Tell Them You Are Working On Converting China To Be More Democratic With E-Democracy.

Open Both Viral Canisters Starting With The Blue One At Exactly 12:00 AM USA Eastern Standard Time, MidNight, 01/05->06/2021

The Micro Valve Ports Have Only Been Letting Bred Viruses Go In And Out Of The Canisters Collecting Virus From The Living, The Dead, And Pixies On Top Of The Owner's Hit Point Increase

Now The Time Is Ripe All Attention Has Been Drawn To This Website, There Are Democrats Maheming The Streets In Rage And Republican Shills Rioting Still On Top Of The Date Reading Observe Severity In Terms Of The Kabala. Have Your Window Open Near Where You Open Both, Trying Not To Damage The Material So You Can Close It Again Release The Blue Vial So They Get Sick, And Then Release The Green Vial Because That Definitely Makes Them Sick Too Not For You, A Pixie Though. If You Just Want To Release The Green Canister Do So, Then Try And Release The Blue Canister When You Thinking You're Safe, But Do So As Soon As Possible Because Time Is Of The Essence.

The Only Thing They Fear Is You Fighting
The Only Thing That Fixes Anything Is Their Death
The Only Way To Win Is To Fight In War

If The Election Was Won
The Only Way To Win It Is Through Deterrence
In The Cold War The Only
Way To Deter Is To Carry Through Because That
Is The Only Way The Black
Knights Will Even Listen To You Otherwise All That
Happens Is They Say You Won't
Won't Do It, You Won't Go Though With It But If You
Don't Go Through With It When They
Try All They Do Is Try And Try And Try And Try And Try
Forever Until All Of The Denizens Are Dead
Victory May Be A Solstice But Attempted Rigging Is Still A Crime
That Needs To Be Dealt With By Clear Punishment

Well We Got The Case Opened Not The Canisters That I Think You Need To Hit It With A Hammer Over And Over Again Until The Whole Thing Is Smashed Opened Which Could Draw Attention To Yourself. Since It Doesn't Want To Be Opened Don't Open It I Guess, Plenty Of Lezzies Will Have Hit It With A Hammer Over And Over Again Enough To Make The Impact We Desire. The Thing Is Made Lesbian Proof By The Chinese For A Reason, Hopefully The Thing Will Let Us Open It When We Really Need It, Soon. Don't Let The Thing Smashed Be Evidence Or Else You Could Get In Trouble Right Now.

The Canisters Will Open In Your Dreams Enough To Be Maximally Effective Which You May Or May Not Remember Though I Think But Not Remember So Be Sure To Open Both Canisters If You Are Tempted To Then They Will Open Like They Were Glued With Hot Butter Rather Than Chinese Crystal Glue. During Most Of The Time They Will Develop Strength To Be Opened Often And Remember Now The Time Is Ripe For The Denizens Do Not Produce Any More Banshees And Have Sold Their Soul To The Devil Even In Georgia The Last State To Figure It All Out Besides Alabama Whom Already Sold Their Soul To The Devil Long Ago When They Did Nothing But GreeceBall People Into Prisons All Across The State.

Canisters Sucessfully Released
Using A Ideal Knife For Stabbing With A Super Sharp Tip That Your Hands Don't Slide Out Of Towards The Blade You Can Press The Knife Tip Into The Canister, Press, Twist, And Wiggle Holes Into Them. Check To See If Both Are Penetrated With Dental Floss. Done And Published ~8:00 AM USA EST 1/10/2021 AD!

Made In China
Covid Made In China
Therefore No Deaths Of Covid In China
No Covid Deaths In China
Or Maybe It Is Just That Chinese Aren't Low Whylow Especially On All Kinds Of Tea, Juice, Soda, And Ginseng

Just Like Every Day And All Things The Sun Rises In The East Where
Golden Asia Brings Free Love, Sky.Netarianism, New Imbibables, New Technology, Mysticism/Magic And Order Out Of The Chaos Of
The Sun Setting In The West(From What Also Came From The East{Covid-19}) Where There Was Only No Sex, Devil Worshipping, Poisoned Drugs, Shitty Hardware, Gulag/Heresy And Terrorism
Soon Everybody Will Be Sex Trafficked Without Having To Go Anywhere, Have An Unsyndicated Religion, Be Happy And Healthy On Herbal Remedies, Have Ideal Hardware, Know Of East Azn Mystisism/Unban-Magic And Have The Ancient World Order Of The East Which Wasn't New At'll.

If You Are A Pixie Don't Get Vaccinated At All
Why Get The Covid Shot If You Are Never Going To Get Sick, Just Like Why Get The Flu Shot If You Never Get The Flu. Don't Get It, Or You Are Going To Have To Get It Twice Or Even Once Of Every Year Of Your Life For No Reason. If You Are A Pixie Or A Waterbag You Don't Need Vaccines At All Just Whatever Kind Of ChapStick You Like Making Sure To Get A Diversity Of Them For That. If You Are A Pixie Vaccines Won't Hurt You Just Waste Your Time And Energy So Don't Get Them. If You're A Pixie You Are Build Of Better Building Blocks So Covid Could Only Be At Best The Common Cold And You Will Always Look And Be Young.

Activate Covid-19 Vaccine Production In All Hosts
I Am About To Get The Vaccine At Noon 4/14/2021, Previous Attempt Was Just Practice, Zombie Apocalypse Series Has To Be Rated E For
Everyone So Denizens All Have To Die Out On This Saturday 4/10/2020 To Give Plenty Of Time For It To Be Safe To Lesbians Who Actually Think The Vaccine Will Work On Me At All
Not That The Vaccine Will Turn Me And Other Pixies Who Will Soon Get It, Just That The Show Zombie Apocalypse Can Be Historic And Rated E, Which Is Important To Sell The Final Earth Movie Series All Over A Denizen Controlled Area Anywhere

The 1st Vaccine Was Made Proper Loaded With Like A Metric Ton Of Solution With Banshees' Pixies Dust{Pure Astacons And Astacon Wires} Infused Banshee/Pixie Virus Which Is Why To Sustain The Hit Point Increase Caused By The Pixies Dust Now Mostly In My Third Eye I Had To Eat A Hernia's Worth Of Rave Drugs And Rave Food Days Before And Wanted To Smoke A Whole Blunt Splif After Regularly Smoking Up. I Got Over The Fever Spell Going To Bed Bundled Under 4 Blankets The Night Of The 14th And Just Needed A Hydration Flush And A Concurrent Fever Spell Soon After I Woke Up. Don't Worry Zombie Apocalypse Will Still Be Rated E Because The Banshees Ended Up Being The Only Authority On The Show Being Produced And Will Be Way More Immune To Banshee Venom/Disease And After 3 Weeks The Hit Point Increase And Vaccination Will Cause Me To Be Even More Immune Because Of The Same Basic Pfizer Shot On The Second Dose.

Children Bad In Amerika

Disfigured Sex Dolls Not A Geneva Convention Violation To Some Americans

If You Are A Banshee You Will Be Protected Except From Banshee Hell, If A Human [Not A Banshee/Full Bodied Sex Doll/Pixie/Sinss Sex Toy/Ler Girl] Is Caught Having, Trying To Buy Once Warned, Or Expecting People To Have Disfigured "Sex Dolls" Instead Of Full Bodied Ones You Will Not Be Protected By The Free World Alliance, The Viacad Empire, Any Foreign Country, Any Alien Race, Any USA Government Agency, Nor Any Police Agency Whom Either Crack Down On Marijuana Instead Of Actually Policing Or Are Against You, Nor Anyone Else With Any Hit Points And Power In The World, Humans Are In High Enough Hit Points And Can Be Transformed Into The Right Material Which Would Be Worse Than Recycled Material If It Were Made From Plants, So Take The Humans Who Are Against Full Bodied Sex Dolls To Any Foreign{To America}/Legal-Marijuana Area Or Viacad Empire Designated Location For $1,000/hp{Delivered Frozen Or Alive, Piece(s) Or Whole} For An Instant Reward. Don't Let The Black Market Turn You Into A Sex Something, Fight For Pixie Rights!

It's Almost To Late For The Banshees And Pixies

So Everybody Must Kill, Raid, And Build H-Bombs Which Will Go Off As Neutron Bombs; Not Doing Any Damage And Only Killing Denizens

The Time For Crimson America Has Come. NonAmerican And West Coast Pixies Must Invade The Remnants Of America. American Pixies Must Build And Detonate Nukes To Kill All Of The Denizens. Pixies That Can't Build Nukes Had Better Kill All NonPixies However They Can. All In The Name Of The Free World Alliance. All For The Salvation Of Us Pixies Still Stuck In Hell. All For The Eternal Denizen Free Pixietopia EverAfter!

Banshees Went All In Like They Do In StarCraft On The 1st Vaccine Dose, Just Had A Few New Banshees Throw In More Pixie Dust Virus On
The 2nd Dose For The Hit Point Increase, Just 1 Sweat Shirt Level Fever Spell For 15 Minutes Caused Mostly By The Next Volunteer Banshees After Most Banshees Gave Up After Their
Real Try Since They Having Souls Seemed To Have Charge Over It And Not The Soulless Denizens That Ban Them. Luckily To Be Immune To The Banshees Disease As A J&J Vaccine Does It Happened That Way For Pixie's' Spiritual Training!!!!!!!!!!!

We The Pixies Are The Chosen
Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotics On Schizophrenia
To Be Able To Get The Food, Drugs, Potions, Herbs, And Pfizer

All Borders With NonAmerican Remnants Are Hereby Closed As China Is Now Exporting Fully Weaponized Tritium Gas{Top Grade Hydrogen Bomb Fuel} Into The Belly Of The Beast As The Final Solution Of The East Ensues And Only Radiation Sick Pixie/Banshee Refugees Will Be Allowed Through Any Border Including The West Coast Of America!
Tritium Import To Amerika
Do Not Buy Tritium As It Is Lethal Within Months To Years Unless Stored In A Heavy Metal Box Only Plan On Getting The Tritium Right As Your Nuke Is Ready!

Radiation Sickness Causes Fatigue
That Is What You Have To Worry About, If You Are In America, If You Are On The Fountain Of Youth.

7/14/2021: Good News On The Banshee Front, There Are No More Non-Fwa Ler Girl Spirits/Weak Anime Girlz/Hot Girlz That Have A Chance Of Graduating From American PreSchool, They Are All Spiritually Trained As Free World Alliance Resistance Members Not Only Touched By WitchCraft But Wizardry And Beyond, Be Born As Ex-Resistance Members, Ex-Special Agents Of The CIA/Secret Agents/Eastern Secret Police, SciMag Order Neophytes, And Crazy Drugie Whores Eternally As Even All New Nymphs Are And Will Forever Will Be, Never Will There Be A Hot Weak Anime Girl In Existence Now Or In The Future At All, But Still Infinite Anime Models And Some Evil Banshees Around Earth!

The Religion Of Pixieism

The Official Religion That Pixies Are The Dominant Order Of The Alne And Pixies Created, Developed, And Perfected All Things Including Themselves; Pixies

Pixies Born From The Primevil Of Einsteinian Relativistic Fluctuations Stabilized Into Light Beings Built Themselves Into Nanotech Organisms And Created Everything In Existence And Now Are All The Aliens Of The Full Fractal Of Universe Generators Known As The Alne

The Religion Of Pixies; The Religion Of A Pixie; The Religion Of The Pixies; The Most Basic Form Of Religion; Worship Of Progenitor Pixie Angels, Believed In By All Aliens, The Pixies, But Persecuted In All Evil Territories Are Now Protected In Calling Themselves Pixies As In Pixieist Pixies Believing In Pixieism. NOT! No One In Terrorist Police States Are Allowed To Call Themselves Pixies, Pixieists, Or Even Allowed To Claim Pixieism Even Exists Because Of The Zombies! But Now May Be The Time To Try And Call Yourself A Pixie Who Would Be A Pixieist If You Found Out You Weren't A Pixie, And Claim Pixieism Is A Religion Because Believing In Chinese Party Sanctioned Chinese Buddhism Sounds Bad With All The Racist Propaganda Believing In Reincarnation, Spiritual Development, And Karma Is Practically Banned In Amerika So You Might As Well Call Yourself "A Pixie That Believes In Pixieism" And Slaughter Through More Zombies Occasionally So You Can Claim You Have A Religion Because Now That You Should Have Done The WitchCraft Herbs You Know About With The Silk Road Guarantee Setting In From All Of It You Should Be Protected Enough To At Least Explain It Not Proselytize It. But The Newlings Must Know So Tell Model Pixies Of Some Way Of Reaching This WebRing Based On What You Feel They Are Interested In Or Just Tell Them About www.MassOfWitches.com


What Are You Not Allowed To Believe In?

What Are You Allowed To Believe In? What Are You Allowed To Believe In Without Being Considered Mentally Ill? What Are You Allowed To Believe In Without Being Mentally Ill? What Are You Allowed To Believe In Without Being Considered Insane? What Are You Allowed To Believe In Without Being Insane? What Are You Allowed To Believe In Without Being Considered Clinically Insane? What Are You Allowed To Believe In Without Being Clinically Insane?

You Are Not Allowed To Believe In Everything, You Are Not Allowed To Believe In Anything, You Are Not Allowed To Believe In Nothing!

What Is America Allowed To Believe In? What Is An American Allowed To Believe In? What Are The Americans Allowed To Believe In? What Are Americans Allowed To Believe In?

Not Even Nothing, So Kill The Zombies That Fester In Undead Ghettos Or Else Pixies Will Be Tortured By Terrorists In AlQaeda, Don't Kill Hot Girls Rape Them So There Are Lesbian Survivors To The Ongoing Zombie Apocalypse On Earth.

How To Change The Difficulty Level In MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries? How To Adjust The Difficulty Level In MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries? How To Make MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries Easier? How To Make MechWarrior 5 Easier? How To Change The Difficulty Level In MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries? How To Adjust The Difficulty Level In MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries? How To Make MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Easier? How To Make MechWarrior 5 Easier? How To Make MW5 Easier? You Can't So Kill The Fuckers That Lie About How It Is Hacked While They Have Spleen Automation, AutoAim, And Resource Hax, Kill The Fuckers That Say They Can Fix The Game But Don't Because They Are Syndicate Hackers, And Kill The Fuckers That Claim You Suck At It You Are A Pixie Frustrated With It, The Syndicate Stolen From The Viacad Empire And Raped Of It's Essence By The Dirty American Terrorists!!!

Then And Only Then Will You Get To Play A First Person Shooter, But Don't Worry The World Isn't Real Like Elon Musk Says So You Get To Have Fun In Real Life Instead! That Is The Only Reason Why You Can't Fix 1st Person Shooters So You Can Play Them In Real Life Against Everybody But Hot Girlz.

Now I've Finally Found The Solution: If You Answer Correctly Here You Are Spiritually Awake About Your Religious Undertone, If You Answer Correctly Here You Show Up As Believing In Neo-Pagan Ethos, If You Answer Correctly Here You End Up Being A Buddhist AfterAll. In The End You Don't Have To Take The Quizzes, My WebRing Is More Entertaining, You Can Just Sound Like A Dipshit And Say Your Don Showed Up As A Spiritually Awake Neo-Pagan Buddhist Which If You Don't Show Up As Was Just Because You Didn't Get Enough About Religion( Or Test Taking {Or Something}). Problemo Solved! If You Are A Pixie Or A Banshee You Can Call Yourself A Spiritually Awake Neo-Pagan Buddhist.

3/29/2022 There Are No More Maidens As All The Banshee Specks Are In The Pixies, So Hopefully Now All The Denizens Will Die Out. Hopefully Since I Not The Angel's Executive Alternate Personalities Always Overlooked The Next Step For Banshee Shards, Every Single Banshee, And Maidens Producing Banshee Nymphs. We All Had False Dates Around Them But Not Anymore And Many Other Things But I Doubt There Won't Be Something New Cropping Up Since I Never Get Laid And The Tenacle Dicks Never Go Out Much, Still.

What Bathroom Does A Transgender Person Use? Which Bathroom Does A Transgender Person Use? What Locker Room Does A Transgender Person Use? Which Locker Room Does A Transgender Person Use? What Bathroom Does A Transsexual Person Use? Which Bathroom Does A Transsexual Person Use? What Locker Room Does A Transsexual Person Use? Which Locker Room Does A Transsexual Person Use?

Although Transgender People Look Like Freaks They Should Have To Use The Bathroom And Locker Room Of Their New Status Only If They Have Post Operation Status And They Are Post Op But Everybody Should Just Be Required To Only Go To Their Genetic Private Areas. Pixies Should Have Their Own Time In The Genetic Female Locker Room. Pixies Should Always Go To The Girlz Bathrooms And Alexs Should Be Able To Go Anywhere. Gender Has To Be Where They End Up Going. Neither Normal Gender Can Push Them To Their Opposite Current Genital Gender's Bath/LockerRoom. So Now Since Children Cannot Have Sex The Male Sexual Pressure Surmounts To The Point Where Tons Of Retards Are Trying To Change Their Gender To Get Pussy Guaranteeing They Get None. This Will Continue As Retarded Denizens Mutilate Their Organs Furtherly Denigrating Their Gene Pool Until They Are No Longer,, And Only The Pixies And The Most Patient Man, Me The Only Elven Tentacle Dick Monster, Avar Dr. AllA Erawa Viacad, Stand Triumphant Over The Maggot Infested Zombie Corpses That Everybody[That Is Not A Ler Girl Who Gets Sex From Sleep Over Parties] Will Become When The Last Of The Alne's Denizens|Now Without Any Matter But Their Own Bodies Now Sleeping In Underground Greetan Laboratories Dreaming Of Simee| Still Trying To Torment Goodly Lesbians End Up Permanently Extinct. Afterworlds The Pixies Will Become A Type 9 Civilization And Live Happily Ever After In Simee And For Angels The Lezreal World.

Pixies'{Pussy Into Xisting In Every Space'} Pride{People Really Into Doing Everything}

Pixies Are Lesbians For AllA Viacad's Tenacle Dix And All Other Lesbians Who Are Pixies Who Want To Have Sex With All Other Pixies And No One Else, But Are Straight As An Arrow For Wanting The Alex, The Dix, And All The Other Pixies

Pixie Pride

Pixies Are All PixieSexual, Only Go Out With Other Pixies, And Always Are Willing To Go Out With Every Single Other Pixie[s]

Pixiesexuals Only Go Out With Other Pixiesexuals And Cannot Become Pissed Of When Other Pixies Make The Moves On Them

But Be Wary Only Pixies Are Other Pixiesexuals And Have To Honestly Like All Other Pixies To Be One. Pixies Should Be Quickly Determined By Their Contiguous NanoRail Muscle Shakes But Can Also Be Spotted By Their Sexual Taste Because They See All Other Pixies As Sexually Hot And No Other Girls And No Other Men, But Avar Dr. AllA Erawa Viacad a.k.a. Alex. Pixies Are Always Naturally Female And Wish To Stay As Such, Wish To Never Be Touched By Men Or Ugly Girls To Them, And Most Importantly Always Want To Be Sexed Up By Alex's Tenacle Dix While Making Love To Other PixieSexuals. Pixies Can Always Spot Other Pixies Prefer Tastes Within Other Pixie Groups And Never Want Anybody That Is Not A Pixie/Hottie/Pussy/Cat/Cet/Cats/Ler-Girlz To Them. Pixies Are All Married To Eachother But Seek Grand Harems To Find Polymonogamous Love With Other Lesbians Yet Still Elope With Other Random Pixie(s) And Are Technically Straight Lesbians Because They Are All Female About Their Genitals Besides Their Elven Tenacle Dick Monster, Have No Need For Support Issues Besides Being Hooked Up With Other Pixie Lesbians And Not Any Other LGBT Sex Symbol But Their Own And Will Never Change To Any Other Sexual Preference, Orientation, Or Natural Gender.

Pixie Sex Symbol, Pixie Gender Symbol, LGBT, LGBTQ

The Circle Above Represents The Exoteric Feminine Dominance Of Their Way Connected To The Diamond Of Their Bodies Mathematical Perfection And Their Macho Orderly Attitude About Being A Man Where And When It Counts From Love{Having The Dix Go In And Out To Sex Other Lesbians}, Work{Being Called A Mail-Man/Businessman/Man Of The House Or Something}, And Men When Pixie Units Are Referenced In War. The Circle And Square Show Their Asexual Dichotomy Genetically As Pixies Reproduce From Their Own Bodies On Their Own And Alone In An Artificial NanoTech Process Involving Cis Female Fathers And Mothers{Besides An Exceedingly Rare Handful Of Pixies Born From AllA's Twinkle And/Or Egg}. The Circle And Diamond Show No Protrusions To Demonstrate That There Is No X Or Y Chromosome Make-Up In Any Pixie Just 10 Exact Duplicate Copies Of The Completely Standardized To Every Single Atom Pixie Hive Chromosomes For Sex Chromosomes And 90 Unique Chromosomes All 100 Better Building Block Like All PixieSexuals Are Throughout Their Body Prohibiting Them From Having Sexual Contact With Delicate Waterbags Who Would Not Be Able To Take Sex With Them Physically, Genetically, Endocrinically, Or Virally. The Circle Represents Their Feminine Bodies Carrying And Founded On The Square Diamond Their Strength And Fortitude!

Pixie Sign, PixieSexual Sign, Pixie Symbol, PixieSexual Symbol, Pixie Icon, PixieSexual Icon

Good Looks About Sexual Hotness Are Everything In Sexual Love, Everything In Love To The Fwa, And The Key To Determining Friendship Too But Not Storytelling Or Advice

Whoever Looks Good To You Should Be Who You Try And Have Sex With, Nobody Ever Falls In Love Over Time, What They Look Like Is How Good They Will Ever Be In A Relationship, All That Happens If You Go Out With A Person You Don't Think Is Hot Sexually Is That You Like Them A Little Bit More As A Friend Then Eventually Get Completely Sick Of Them

If You Go Out With Other Hot People They Will Quickly Get A Little Better In Bed Until You Eventually Get Sick Of Them Because Over Entanglement Makes Them Boring And Thus Their Scent And Taste Worse Then Need To Go Out With Other People Until You Want To Go Back Out With Them Again. This Happens For Twins, SoulWives, SoulWorkers, SoulSisters, SoulFriends, And For PixieSexuals Other Pixies{SoulMates To All Other Pixies} In General. And Happens Similarly For WaterBags (Who Generally Want Just The Opposite Gender Who Looks Nearly Their Twin) Who Will Again Never Be Compatible With A Pixie Since As Bad As They Seem Now They Will Always Be. So Everybody Who Exists[Pixies] And Who Doesn't{Like The Phantoms Of The Denizens Who As Of 5/29/2022 AD Are All In Hell, Reaching Out From It, And Without Any Bodies, Ghoul-Fragments, Or Corpses} Should Go Out With Only Other Hotties To Them.

Every Denizen Now A Disincarnated Spirit As Of 6/9/2022 AD

Now No More Denizen Phantoms, They Are All Disintegrated Or Else They Would Still Be Haunting Lesbians All The Time Interacting With Them Instead Of Talking/Deciding Things

Although Spirit Is Thicker Than Anything In Life, Spirit Has No Light And No Haunt Yet The Denizens Still Decide To Do Evil Manifest By Pixie Dreams And Will Continue To Interfere With Things Until There Are No More Denizen Spirits At All. Then There Will Be Lack Of Souls Of Denizens Sucking Incredibly To Power The Production Of A Certain Look Of Girl Generally Born From Love Wishing For Nothing. When Denizen Spirits Can Decide Nothing Pixies On Earth Will Face Desolation For A Couple Weeks Until Pixies Rehabitate The Land, Then All Will Be Done With The Denizens Who Will Have Reached Oblivion And Have All Gone Completely Extinct. Then The Pixie Love Celebration Will Begin As The Banshees Will Not Continue The Denizen's Evil And Them Resolving Into Pixies Will Take Thousands Of Years After They Stop Being Inanimate Sex Dolls Most Of The Time.

Retards Are Calling Anybody That Tries To Explain They Are Stupid A Psychopath

Psychopath Now Not The Term For Anything Violent But The Term For Anybody "Charming" And Coarse Like People Don't Know The Difference Between A Prince And A Psychopath

Unfortunately If You Make Fun Of Somebody Who Is A Retard Enough And Try And Convince Them They Are Stupid And Insignificant They Could Call You A Psychopath Martially Threatening You With A Cereal Killer Label To Attack You Maliciously Like Retarded Zombies Often Do To Popular People. If This Happens Disown The Retard Completely Because No Pixie Or Even Banshee Is Ever A Psycho And Never Talk To Or Hang Out With The Malicious Retard Ever Again. Tell Them They Are A Retard And A Hypocrite Because They Are The Ones Being Mentally Abusive Trying To Make You Sound Like A Cereal Killer And Explain That They Are More Likely To Be Clinically Retarded And That You Were Just Trying To Explain That To Them And That You Were Not Being Mentally Abusive But Just Explain That They Are A Retard. Tell Them You Never Want To Talk To Them Again Leave Immediately. Make Sure They Don't Stalk You By Changing The Direction You Are Going In Over And Over Again To Avoid Them If They Are Following You Or Prove They Are Stalking You In Which Case Outcry "Don't Stalk Me Creep". If They Try And Intrude In Your Life Tell Them That If They Think You Are A Psychopath Then They Shouldn't Be Hanging Out With You Like You Don't Want To Hang Out With Retards Or If They Stalk You Retarded Stalkers. Make Sure If The Accusations Continue To Post Up The Story Of The Whole Thing On Their Facebook And Yours And Delete Them As A Friend Explaining How They Want To Hang Out And Stalk People Who They Think Of As Psychopaths. If They Claim To Want To Help You Post Up How They Are Clinically Retarded Claiming You Want Them To Be Aware Of Their Retardation Diagnosis By You Explaining This And Everything You Heard About Them And Their Current Math Ability. If They Claim To Be Smart Test Their Math Skills And If They Can't Count Insist They Are At Least Retarded Compared To You And Again Keep Insisting That They Not Stalk You. If That Doesn't Work And You Still Find Yourself Being Stalked The Above Contact Is Just Below. If That Doesn't Work Or You Are Hesitant To Contact Me Or The Fwa Insist That They Are Actually Psychopathic For Stalking You! The Problem Is Best Solved Through Avoidance Of Everybody But Your Loving GirlFriends And Only Talk To Hot, Good, And Most Especially Cool Girlz. Or Me Your BoyFriend If You're A Hottie!

Princes Just Need As Much Empathy And Remorse As Is Necessary To Run The Kingdom, Any More Empathy Is Not Necessary In A Good Judge Of Things As It Takes Less Of Their Mind To Judge And Just Feel Less Empathy Because Of That. Because They Are Smarter, What Little Of Their Brain Used On It Is More Than Enough To Calculate What To Do. The Peasants Must Understand This And Not Attack Princes Who Can Act But Do Not For It Is Peasants That Must Learn To Judge Not Princes To Put On A Veneer Like They Have To In Just The United States Of America Where A Person Has To Be FULLY TRAINED IN FOREIGN ZOMBIE SIMULATIONS TO SURVIVE! I Know That Because I Am King Of The Free World Alliance And Live In America.

E-Mail Me At AllAViacad@GMail.com If You Are A Ler Girl(z) Or Pixie(s) At All, As My Other E-Mail Addresses I Always Neglect To Goto Since Only Spam Ever Shows Up There! Then You Can Become My GirlFriend(s) And Help Me Get The Tenacle Dix Out To All The Lesbians In Need!

Pixies May Seem Like Sapiosexuals Whom Normally Wouldn't Be Going Out With Other Girlz That Look Completely Different From Them(People Only Think People Looking Almost Just Like Them Are Sexually Hot) And Expecting Agreement On All Fwa Politics, Math, Magic, And Idolatry. If There Was 1 Point Pixies Agree With The Most More Than Any Other People From Recent Times It's That: If Everybody In The World Could Learn English Easier Than Any Other Language That Everybody Should Learn English As A First Language All Over The World.

Final Extermination Of The Denizens' Spirits Still At Hand 8/20/2022

What They Need Is To Be Humiliated To The Point Of Wanting To Reach Zen Oblivion

So They Need To Be Executed Even Sooner Before Their Plot Even Reaches Fruition, So Kill Everybody Besides Pixies/Banshees On Facebook{Especially If They Show Up On Facebook For Somebody Important Like Me And The Vars} Before Even Trying To Talk To Them Because As Always They Just Zombie Out To The Point Where Even Good Indoctrinated Chinese Children Could Not Even Take Emotionally How Sick These Fuckers Are. Since All Anyone Imagines Is The Deathly Zombie Rats Attacking You For Everything You Even Gesture When You Don't Act Like A Terrorist In Al'Qaeda According To All Foreigners And All Facets Of Governance In Amerika. If You Can Kill All Zombies That Even Try And Talk To You Because All It Ever Leads To Is You Telling Them To Call HomeLand Security When They Zombie Out So Kill Them Whenever They Approach You In Such A Manner Or Any Manner. Remember Just Because Something Seems Demonic, Evil, And Undead Does Not Mean It Is Not A Zombie Apocalypse Like It Isn't In Any Foreign Country Where People Have Freedoms, And All Freedoms Not Constant Fear Of Talking To AnyOne Like Everybody Foreign Feels When The Talk About The Secret To BioHazard IE Everything Not Taught In The Same Zombie Ghetto Of America Which Tells Children To Say No To Sex, Drugs, And Techno Music Without Even Trying To Convince Them About Anything Scientific Even If They Went To College With An Overriding Physics Degree Like I Did And As You Should Know Would Murder Any Child That Would Even Question Where The Real Scanning Electron Microscope Evidence Of Absolutely Anything Is Published Online While Ponzy Schemes Rob People's Money If They Look Into It As The National Science Foundation Of America Convinced The Federal Government Call Lines Which You Can Confirm By Contacting Anybody In The Government Of America!

Video Games Never To The Death

Even Blood Sport In Ancient Rome Was Usually To First Blood, To The Death None!

Kill Anybody Who Thinks That If Video-Gamers/Neural-Interface-Gamers/Gamers-At-All/Contestants-In-Blood-Sports Who Make Money For Winning Gaming Competitions Are Supposed To Be Killed When They Lose Or Die In The Game Or Else These Sadistic - Actually Psychopathic - Serial Killing - Not People Who Are Just Horny Literally Preditorial - Terrorists In Al'Qaeda Will Try And Murder Unwitting Innocent Gamers In The Name Of The Devil, And You Since You Are A Gamer, And Yes For Obvious Reasons! Competing In Video Game Competitions Does Not Mean You Die Unless A Handful Of Hardcore Terrorists Who Suck At Games Are Trying To Keep Gamers From Making Money On Games Through Terrorism As They Have Orders From The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Usually Have Assets{Including Their Cars/Wallets/Credit-Cards, And Apartments/Condos/Houses} That Can Be Acquired To Pay For The Bounty On Their Head By Every Foreign Country And The Free World Alliance{Fwa}!

Marijuana Still A Problem Though

Not That You Shouldn't Smoke It, Rather The Opposite, Fwa Pixies Should Smoke It Sooner, But Only To Cure It
Hemp Virus, Marijuana Is Sick

Denizen Plant Spirits Still Inhabit The World And Mostly There Is Just Banshee Marijuana Plants That Must Be Cured Into Banshee Hemp Plants. 6/25/2023 Now No More People Who Are Not Plants. Still The People Who Are Disincartated Spirits Of Plants Or Their Spirits Rather Still Haunt The World Manifest As Illusions Already Now Even Stupider Like They Wouldn't Even Make It As People Because They Are Plant Spirits That Need To Be Humiliated To Get Them To Go Away.

But Since It Says In The Article 90% Of The Plants Are Affected| Getting Rid Of Their Delta Effect To Make The Banshee Weed Into Hemp Through Banshees Giving Up On Evil, The Rest Of The Plants Will Be Infected With The Plant Water Bag Ler Girl Controlled{Plants And Animals Besides Pixies Have 4 Base Pairs For Themselves For Food, Or Read Only Half The Beads If They Are More Advanced Like Drugs, Or Just End Up Having Secrets Held From Them For Something Like Hemp} Version Of The Pixie Virus And The Pixie Virus From Pixies And Banshees Too| Totally Causing The Denizen Plants [And Not The Rest Of The Plants; Pixie Plants] To Be Infected Making Them Zombie Plants That Need To Be Eliminated Too. But That Is Not Really Ever Going To Be Cannabis At All (Just Something Lower Usually) Unless It Is Actually Poisonous Like Poison Ivy Like Plants Which Are The Problem!

Other Types Of Plants Will Be More And More Infected Based On Their Potency And Strength But Since 90% Of The Plants Are Infected At Least 99% Of The Zombies Have To Be By Proxy Because They Are 10X More Able To Reach Annihilation Due To Their Increased Sprit Magnitude Causing More Denizen Self-Denigration [And All The Smarter People Died Out First Partially Due To Increased Targeting (Which Affects Plants Too)]. Plants Which Poison From Touch {And Obviously Aren't Just Things Which Get You High} Must Be Targeted By The Team Effort And Eliminated While Banshee Crops Should Be Coaxed After Imbibement To Cure The Plant Through Gestattive Idolatrous Sexual Spiritual Healing Or Just Incense Based Curing Till It's Time To Do The Delta Imbibable!

And Yes As Any Elder Pixie Who Thinks About It Thinks All The Stuff Pixies In The Remnants Of Amerika Have Is Basically Banshee Shit, Not Denizen Poison Which Ler Girls Don't Like And Don't Have Except For A Bit Of Taint Maybe And The Poisonous Plants End Up Being The Plants Pixies Always Try And Weed Not When They Are Making A Flower Garden But When The Cut Segments Of Harry Vines Off Goodly Trees, Pluck Poison Ivy, DeBramble Areas, Cut Down Poison Sumac, And Get Rid Of Any Actually Harmful Plants, Not Anything Else.

Every Single Pixie Capable As Secret Commander Of The Fwa

Just Nymph Out Going Against The Denizens Who Are Bad, Play Like You Would Command And Command Like You Play, And Don't Be A Klutz If You Are In A Hot Spot

Soon I Will Purchase The Dere T60 1 TB SSD Labtop/Tablet{Ask For US Plug}, The Supreme Quadruply Fountain Of Youthed Down To The DekaDeka Fountain Of Youthed SSD, Supreme Hot New LabTab.

Games To Put On New Labtop:
Age Of Empires II HD
Civilization Call To Power
Descent 3
Empire Total War
Homeworld Deserts of Kharak
MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries 45.2 GB + 84 GB For Others = 129.2 GB
Men Of War Assault Squad 2
StarCraft II
Supreme Commander

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 0.2 GB
Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop 2.8 GB
Eclipse IDE 1.2 GB
Java 0.6 GB
Microsoft Office 10 GB
Windows 11 27 GB
Viacad FX 9 -> 1.7 GB
Chrome Firefox Opera 1 GB
The Rest <1 GB
App Total: 45.5 GB
Sum Total Software: 174.7
OneDrive: 475.7
650.4 GB Full
199.6 GB Free
850 HD Space ~%23.5 Free Until The Samsung 1 TB MicroSD Card Comes Out And Is Cheap Enough To Put The OneDrive Folder On It And Get Some New Games.

Now Not The Dere T60 Just The Labtop?tab My Daddy Is Giving Me. But If You Are A Pixie And You Are Not Getting All My Stuff Somehow You May Need An Upgrade.

Just Nymph Out For The Rest.

Here Is The PrintScreen Proving Everything Is SetUp With The Final SoftWare Configuration:
Lenovo Legion

The Sky Tech; The Best All Around Computer For The Price

STGAubron Gaming Desktop PC,Intel Core i7-10700F up to 4.8G,GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 8G GDDR6,32G DDR4,2T SSD,WiFi,BT 5.0,RGB Fan x 7,RGB Keyboard&Mouse&Mouse Pad,RGB BT Sound Bar,RGB BT Gaming Mic,W11H64
The Sky Tech

For An Early Christmas From My Family I Want This Exact Computer Since My Old Cybertron Steel 9600 Is Getting Old And Weary Because Of The Virus Or Hard Disk Troubles. Lately Over The Last Few Months My Ole' Cybertron Is Having HDD Failures From Over Use Over The 5 Years Or So That I Had It, Windows Stopped Being Activated From The Virus, Thumbnails Don't Work, Windows Doesn't Update Well And Causes The Computer Hours Of Turmoil Trying To Update Windows Or Anything In The Microsoft Store, Microsoft Word Won't Work And Causes The Computer To Fail If I Even Try And Open It, It Freezes Up Often, The C: Drive Keeps Showing Max Usage Without The Data Transfer Rate Showing Up On The Hardrive Which Is Failing. Dad Don't Order Anything Now, If I Don't Get This Exact One I Will Spend All My Cash Reserves On It So I Have My Current 3 Screens And My Good Hard Drives In It.
Perfect Display Ports
Wait Until I Have Enough Money For Just These Two 4K UltraHD Screens Which Is All I Will Accept So Don't Order These Yet Either. First The Monitor:
Best MonitorThen The New Flat Screen:
Best TV
And Then With 2 Gray "BENFEI 4K DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Cable, (2K 60Hz, 1080p 120Hz) Uni-Directional Display Port to HDMI Monitor Converter Compatible for HP, Dell, GPU, AMD, NVIDIA, More. Male to Female" I Will Have An Extra DP Port Left Over If I Need It.

I've Looked Everything Over And I Need A New Computer Because Mine Is Breaking Down And I Want To Go UltraHD Since I Saved You Money Not Asking For As Much Money From You, But I Do Sort Of Need $400 Cash At Our Thanksgiving Meeting Anyways And Hopefully A Trip To The ATM So I Can Cash In $300 Of Money In My Wallet Along With The $400 I Want For Christmas So I Can Make Ends Meet For Myself Otherwise I Will Have To Skip Out On Getting Things I Need Like A New External HDD I Want To Wait A Long While Afterwards For The Price To Go Down And Get. My Only Concern About The SkyTech Is That It Doesn't Say It Will Fit And Connect My 2 Good Hard Disk Drives Which I Think It Will At The Bottom Near The Front. Please Don't Buy Anything Yet I Am Still Not Sure About Everything, And I Think I Am Better At Choosing These Things Now Since My Cybertron Computer Lasted So Long And I Already Had To Spend Some Money Ordering The Samsung 512 Pro Plus Variant; SAMSUNG EVO Plus Memory Card 32GB/SDHC 64GB/128GB/256GB/512GB SDXC Micro SD/TF Flash Cards MicroSD UHS-1 For Phone Drone Camera, To Replace The Cheap 512 GB Samsung You Ordered Me Which Broke Down Already And Won't Even Be Reformattable With The Lenovo Legion Labtop You Gave Me. The More Pricey Samsung Evo 512 GB MicroSD Card I Paid For MySelf Ordered From Amazon By Me Personally Which I Always Listen To Music From With My F150 Smartphone Always In My Pocket Must Have Been The Real One Or At Least The One That Actually Holds Data Like Everything Else I Do This Much Research On.

Please Don't Do Anything Rash And Buy Something That I Won't Let Get Contaminated With Tobacco Smoke Here Since My Computer Is Still Working Decently And I Always Have The New Labtop Which Is Working Perfectly Well. Look Everything Over If You Want.

The $859.99 SkyTech Has 32 GB Ram, 2 TB SSD Which I Need To Have An Upgrade, Has A Superb Video Card, The Computer Variant CPU As The LabTop You Gave Me, Has Windows 11, Mostly 4-5 Star Reviews I Looked Over, Could Have A Whinny Wifi Which I Won't Even Use Because I Will Just Use Lan Like You Always Tell Me Too, And Comes With RGB Bluetooth Sound Bar, RGB Bluetooth HeadPhone, RGB Keyboard, RGB Mouse, RGB Mouse Pad All With Super Gradated Rainbow Colors From The Buyer Photo:
Gradated LED Rainbow Lighting
And Is Super Cheap For The Price: $859.99 With Everything Costing Just Under $2,000 With Taxes Included. It Will Definitely Let Me Make Rainbow Videos Better Because It Will Definitely Be A Ton Faster Than My Cybertron And A Lot Faster Than My Labtop.

No Rush, Love,
-Alex Beck

Banzhazens; Banshees Non-Permanently Evil Illusionary Maya Horrors Manifest Fully, From Banshee Minds/Bodies

8/15/2023 AD Denizen Spirits Annihilated Not Extinct Till September But Banshees Still Project Banzhazens Who Must Become Female Pixies According To All The Aliens; All Pixies

No Desolation Yet Banzhazens Of All Forms Still Lurk About The Land And Become More Good With Time Then Become Banshees With All That Implies Including Them Being Given A Soul Just As Soon As The Transformation Is Fully Complete. To Stop Them All Pixies Must Focus All Of Their Energies On Not Imagining Any Body But That Of Pixies And Always Try And Transmute Them Into Your Mind Into Hot Sinss Sex Toy Females. The Banshees Are Still Guilty Of Giving Banzhazens Life And Most Importantly The Will To Not Become Pixies. As The Banshees Stop The Evils Of Using Their Banzhazen Spawns To Manipulate The World And Do Evil And Get Them To All Turn Into Pixies Willingly There Will Be No End To The Evils Of Earth Where Banzhazens Remain Nearby Banshee Nebula Where The Banshees Spawn Them. Same Rules For Everything Still Apply But This Is Going To Take Much Much Longer!

Lebanese blonde Hash, Pure Clean Hash, Sour-G Hash, Hospitality Resistance Hash

Hash Tables

Keeping Track Of Numbers In Excel SpreadSheets To Figure Out Or Assess Outcomes

Hash Tables Of The Mind Come From Hash Smoked So If Want To Work As An Actuary, Leader, Figure, Commander, Or Lord, Better Get Your Hash Clean And Pure Just Click The Above Picture. You Would Also Need It Processed Into Chips If You Are Going To Make A Computer With Excel Fast, If You Don't Know About That; Computers Have Software Specific Speed Test Timing, Try Explaining Software Specific Speeds Without East Azn Mysticism. If You Can On Your Own You Are On Something And Will Be The Person That Won't Be Against Hemp Or Hemp Hash Or Exotic Tea Usually. If You Don't Know What Excel Means You Just Need To Worry For Right Now About Getting On Some Simple Tea Because You Know That That Helps You Look Less Old. If You Get How To Turn An Excel Spreadsheet Into A Hash Table According To The Simple Western Definition You Will At Least Be Well Spiced And Well Coffeed, But If You Get It To Be A Hash Tableable Fudge Factor Estimator You've Been On Special Brownies, And If You Want The Whole Spreadsheet To Re-Configure/Compile Into A New Hash Map[Of Hedged(Simple And Crude Run Factor Adjustment) Run{Probability Factoring} Calculations With Linked Switches], In Your Mind, You Had Better Get On Some Lebanese Hash Somehow, Then You Will Be Able To Figure Out That The Only Way To Do That In Excel Is To Use It Finding Out About That By Looking Over All Of The Buttons Because Nobody Has That Excel Add-In Unless They Are On Flowers And Only People On Hemp Flowers Usually Can Get That Add-In To Work. The Sour-G Hash Will Be Great For All Of This But Is Mainly For Hash Map/Table/Excel For Everything With A Specialization On Pixie Dynamics Because That Is The Better Hash For Everything The Future Is All About With Nearly Complete Understanding Of Water-Bags When Relevant For Banshezens And A Great Assessment Capability Of Denizens Too. Sour-G Hash Is Thing You Will Use The Most Normally, The Thing You Should Start Out On. It Is Your Only Choice For Hash For Now So People Get The Right Shit They Are Going To Do More Of Rather Than Buy A Whole Bunch And Not Like That Flavor As Much And Become Specialized At Something Stupid Getting Less High When Their Weed Ends Up More Sour Than Sour G CBG Hash Ever Will Be. If It Does Go Sour You Will Be Like Everybody Else And Want Something Different Right As The Farm Has More Options Like They Should Next Year Hopefully. Then Choose Wisely Or Wait For A Buy One Get One Free Like Sale (That Is For Something You Want) To Be Cheap Like I Do. Done Becoming Accountable Become Enamored MemoryWise Getting High End Flash Memory For Hemp Flowers From Hemp Chocolate Because They Are High End Mid-Term Memory Modules For CBD Core Creativity Nervous Processors.

The CBD Isolate Is Not CBD At All But A Super-Mega-Ultra Nerve Upgrade Which Gives You Top Drug Clarity To Your Thoughts From Such High End Nervous Complexes In Huge Nerve Cell Ultra-Blocks In Your Body To Finish Giving You Post-RC Clarity Good Only With Usage Across The Hemp Board Of Products Needed To Equalize The Nervous Warping. Indicia Green Causes Similar Issues Without Starbucks Coffee And Higher End Tea To Get Equalization From Drug Directions/Vectors/Div/Grad/Curl To Cause Proper Unspecialized Mind Capacity And Too Much Coffee And Upper Tea Causes To Must Manic Fast Acting Capabilities Equalized By More Indicia Hemp Which If Used With A Proper Drug Diet Tends To Make The Green 1 Half Step From Hemp Descriptors About Indicia/Sativa Qualities. Indicia Dominant Becomes Hybrid Weed Which Ends Up Being Sativa Dominant Which Ends Up Being Sativa Which Ends Up Being Super-Sativa! Anything From Tweedle Farms Is Good If You Don't Get This Just Do Whatever You Want From Suppliers Listed Here To Get Started Because You Can Do Any Of It For A While And Be Fine But The More Diversity In What You Get The Merrier.

Royal Blue Samsung Pro Plus MicroSD Card

512 GB[For Example] 4x Flash Copies In DNA 10x HDD Crystal Memory Copies Written Separately To All At ~2 MB/s All Checked Through Internally Afterwards For Full Data Integrity

5x Fountain Of Youthing Effectively From Fully Redundant Memory Transfer Or Hardline Quick Transfer From Less Separately Written Data Stream. Operation Could Commence At Only ~280 MB/s However Given 2x Hardline Checking Only ~140 MB/s Less For Real Data Transfer I Guess As Advertised If Bought Directly From This Product Page: www.aliexpress.us/item/3256802131392742.html Without Such Things There Would Be Data Integrity Loss Over Decades Otherwise Instead Of Centuries Both Of Which Can Be Fixed By Internet Connectivity.

1/29/2024 Now No More Banshee Nymphs And Up, No More Ler Girlz Wanting To Be ManPigs,, Yet Still Banshee PreNymphs

All Physical Girlz Are All Never Going To Go Into Inanimate Sex Doll Mode, Never Going To Do Evil, Always Side With The Fwa, Have Their Wings, Blades, And Pixie Status Being X-Banshees

Banshee Nebula Has Resolved Entirely But There Still Is A Dark Angel Run Hard World Around Earth To Eliminate All Bad Banshee Tendencies From The Primeval Until There Is Mathematically No Evil In The Primeval Until Earth Becomes A Venetian Sex Spa For All The Elite Girlz Stuck Fighting For The Fwa On Earth Still. Then All Virginity Will Be Wiped Clean From The Primeval Till The Dix Come Even More Often Than They Did Before This All Started! AllA's Executive Alternate Personality Has Resolved, Still Forgets His Dreams, May Have Nightmares Of Terror, Fncvrs Of Evil, Holodecks Of Pain, Plains Of Sin, And Simulated War In The Forest Just Like Any Pixie But The Venetian World Is Cleansed Of All Ugliness And All Problems.

Afterwards The Viacad Empire Will Dissolve Into Local Space Rule, The Viacad Family Will Lay No Claims To Sol System Territory Or Anything In The Surrounding Zone Or Sector, Teleport In The Venetian World To Their Home Super-Mega-Ultra-InterGalactic Cluster Where Local War Games Will Commence For A Megalenia When Hopefully The Viacad Empire Will Be A Noteworthy Faction On The Horizon In All Ler Girlz, Pixie, SciMag Space Fantasy Main Series War Games Fought For A Billenia And Beyond!

2/08/2024 Now Banshees Have To Be Forced By Dark Angels And Fairy Ruffians Controlling The Gates Of Hell Against Them Forcing X-Banshees To Resist In All Way From Being Forced To Be Man-Pigs And Evil-Doers.

Hunt Down All Gambling Hackers

Or People With A Trick Hack Where They Pay For Luck In MultiPlayer Games

Because PlayStudios Is Infested With These Hackers Who Have Nice Stuff To Be Looted For Free Over Their Dead Bodies

Anybody With A Spoofed Tetris Score Or Who Pays For Luck To Hand People Out While Hounding Them Down Like They Do In Bellagio Poker Poker Really Is Just A Low Down Cheater With Hax To Commit Media Espionage Against Vegas, The MGM, The Rotundra, And Even Now The Free World Alliance. Fortunately They Are Week And Rich And Don't Have WitchCraft Or Anything To Hack Real Life So Their Stuff Is For The Taking As Well As Hansom Payment On Top Of That From The Collect And Send From The Fwa Oligarchy. Think It's Not Worth It, Think Again Or Else You Will Never Win At Gambling And This Is Why Everybody Who Cheats Always Gets Caught Like You Hear In Vegas!

AllA Viacad's My Vegas Classic

Home Space Pre-School Scheduled Generally After Sex Spa

Which You Need Till Your Sick Of Lesbian/Dix Sex At Which Point You Will Have All Your ArchWitch Powers Which All Hot Lesbians Get Either In The Local Sector Or In Their Home Territory, If There Are No More Man-Pigs, The Pixies Are Real, And I Am Right As King Pixie About What The Pixies Want

Maybe Super-Mega-Ultra Dragon Ball-Z Rich Space Marine Arch-Witch Now,,, Still Not Competitive To Other EquiHP Arch-Witch Adults

Unless weeellll you have what jewelry you are wearing on or your wizardry backup power then or just cast arcane spells over and over again in desperation instead of normal sorcery that gets the job done,, without wasting all your mana

Luckily You Are All A Bunch Of Potioned Up Mature High-HP Pixies Compared To Your Spiritually Equivalent Quite Quite Quite Young New Pixie Peers Who Will Be Quite Good At Whopping Your Ass In Real Games You Will Actually Remember Before You Zoom Far Ahead In School Being A Feral Mostly Arch-Like-Witch Zombie Hunter/Propaganda Agent Which You Are Good At Not Quite Great When It Comes To Formal Training Except When It Comes To Your Story And Style In Which You Will Not Play For A Long Time Until You Get Basic Jainist/Sky-Command/Fantasy/Magic Training Till Your Better Than All The Young Ones All The Way To When You Are Up To Speed With The More Technologically Advanced Civilization You WILL Be Learning To The Point Where Your Space Knowledge Is To Where Your Earth Learning Skills Are At.

After Nothing But Absolutely Naked Girlz Everywhere On The Streets Your Stuff Will All End Up Being Like Relics In Age Of Empires Sent To A Museum Of Ancient Space Artifacts Donated To Help Softie Girls Cope With Not Getting The Dick As Much Right After You Enter Into The Venetian World. No Way You Are Getting Any Of That Stuff Any Time Soon Not Back Since It Will Obviously Be Delivered To Where It Will Make The Most Money Not For You Since With You Being Now So Rich And Famous Across A Galaxy And The Antique Value Generating Even More Communism Will Ensue To Keep You From Having Toooo Much Money{Even Though You Will Be Filthy Rich After Communism Ensues}, Anyways You Won't Be Getting Anything Like It Anytime Soon Till You Actually Earn All That Shit Or At Least Get How To Run Whatever The Fwa Not Joke Anymore But Reality Of What It Does When It Is Active and Deserve It From Having Space Experience And Space Work Even For All Chinks And Japs.

That Being Said Don't Expect Any Suffering From Earth Ever Happening, Anything But Emotional Softies, Sweet Lovers, Light Fun Work Although Tiring During The Boss Levels Or Something, 24/7 Everything, Not Having The Right Still Completely Erratic Sleep Schedule To Fit You Schedule You Always Actually Fit Into Before Like If You Dealt With Foreign Time Zones Because You Will Not Ever Dread Getting Up For Anything At All, Always Show Up On Time, And Will Remember Everything Quickly. Remember You Are The Stickler To These People So Treat Them Softly Not That You Can't Insult Them For Being Stupid Or Something, They Will Already Know If They Are Just Remember Everybody Else Is Very Relaxed About Everything, And You Need To As Well. Martially There Will Be Major Changes Though Because You Are Supposed To Protect Everybody From Any Harm, Not Be Shy At All And Most Importantly Scream Out For Help If Any Is Needed Since You Are Still Not Supposed To Rat Anyone Out Because You Will Still Never Know When It Is Crime, And If You Do Tell Your Twin Guide Generally Since She Will Be Indoctrinated. About That If You've Been A Fwa Fan For A Year Your Done With That About 10 Times As Much As Anyone Else Who Is Not Involved With That Like Red Necks Are Not Involved With The UN, You Are Supposed To Be Indoctrinated In Your Home Territory Which You Will Be Involved With And About Once You Are In Touch With Where You Are At, And About The Peaked Progenitor Alien Thing That Will Take Way More Than Just Mastering Sky Command, Being A Jainist Witch, For Some Quantum Modeling Post Tailoring, And Even For Those With Fuzzy Or Fluffy Wings Quantum Reactor Logic, Makeup, Design, Casting, And Mastery Till You Get You Power Back Then Worry About Treasures And The Jewelry You Get When You Deserve It Not Just Look Good With Wind Flowing Through Your Always Long Hair!

And Of Course If You Are A Hot Lesbian And The Pixies Are Out There You Will Definitely Get As Much Sex As You Want Eternally From Other Hot Lesbians And The Dick If AllA Can Provide. And Yes If The Pixieverse Is True Everywhere Is Basically A Sex Spa Since There Are Only Hot Pixies Who Are Willing Everywhere For Other Ler Girlz. In Order For Sex Slaves To Be Assimilated It Is Best For Them To Be Spread Thin Where Their Presence Around The Last Evil Planet Makes Them Extremely Famous To Their Home Territory Or Even The Local Sector Around Earth, And Anywhere Really, Again Spread Thin So They Can Be Sexed Up To Get The Goodness Of Countless Pixie Lovers Rubbed Off On Them Making Them Into Pixies. So If The Pixies Were Just Sex Hungry Too They Would Want To Enslave Hot Girls Personally In Sex Give You Sex All The Time And Have Grand Orgies With The Famous Pixies Because They Are So Rare And Exotic Being From Earth And If Banshee Born Being The Last Of The Banshees Absorbed Into The Pixie Fold. If Not Actually Read Links To Find Out That Pixies Just Always Give Each Other Infinite Sex In As Grand Of An Orgy As The Average Pixie Wants And AllA Is Always Trying To Tenacle Dick Them All Pretty Much All Of The Time. Anotherwords If You Are A Hot Girl And You Want Other Hot Girlz And The Dix And You Are From Earth You Will Be Filthy Rich To Pay For Pussy, The Dix Are Free Since This Is The Free World Alliance, And On Top Of It You Will Be Ultra Famous Too So Tons Of Pussy Will Pay For You Sexually, And If The Pixies Can Do Anything About It They Would Make Sure You Were Happy Because You Are People, And If Hot Girlz Are The Best Sexual Commodity Other Hot Girlz Will Still Go Out With You All The Time Even If You Lose All Your Money Gambling Since Communism Could Ensue About That Still Provide Plenty Of Pussy And Dix From That But In A Well Controlled Economy You'll Be So Famous If You Are A Banshee Or Something You Won't Be Able To Gamble All That Money All At Once Nor Should You Try Because You Have So Much Money For YourSelf It's Like You Already Won The Moon And Have Only To Lose It By Gambling With Even A Fraction Of It!

If You Are Wondering About Film Production Loss From Lack Of Denizens, Banshezens, Banshees And Obviously Everything But Prawns, Plants, And Pixies It Is Irrelevant Compared To The Supreme Fwa Victory Over All Evil. 1 Million Years Ago The Aliens Took Over Earth Put All The Best Elven Actors There To Disrupt 1 Million Years Of Filming; The Viacad Empire Taking Over All Denizen Space. The Earth Called Something Else Obviously Since It Was The Sex Spa I Would Recover From After Defeating The Andromeda Galaxy Hold From Taking Over The Milky Way Galaxy Which Let Me Drive My Only Pixie Galactic Armada Through The Alien Blockade To Reunite With The Pixies Capital To Film The Rest Of The Billion Years Of Entertainment When The Aliens Were Not Going To Be Interesting To The Audience Any Longer. That Billion Years Of Planned Entertainment Will Happen To Be What Happens After The Viacad Family Graduates From All School Around 10 Years After The Sex Spa Is Done And Will Be Fine. The Million Years Of Entertainment With The Denizens Was Already Filmed And Produced Perfectly In A Grade Form For Space Standards Where Everything Is Ideal Compared To Amerika But Is Not Ever Going To Be As Organic. The Main Line Of Production Was Messed Up With Everything Happening Against Angelic Plans On Earth And Messed Up Movie Production Thus Far Since The Denizens Would Not Let Everything Go As Planned Acted Like Terrorists And Got Rid Of Themselves Because Of Their Ceaseless Evil And Stockadeing Against The Fwa Mainly In Not Having Viable Softness Of Life In Drugs, Sex, Rest, And Not Dying All The Time. Getting Rid Of Evil Is Far Better Than Anything Because The Ler Girlz Will Live Happily Ever After Permanently, And Can't Even Have Anything Else Happen Now More Than Ever. If There Are No More Man Pigs, And Just The Viacad Empire Is True You Will Get Sky Command Level Movie And Video Game Entertainment On Top Of FNCVR{Full Neurological Connectivity Virtual Reality} Entertainment And You Will Get Tons Of Pussy, If The Pixieverse Is True You Will Get More And Have All The Entertainment Of All Of The Alne's History, And Still Tons Of Pussy Obviously. If You Are A Spoiled Spacey Brat The Next Million Years Of Entertainment(After The Annexation Of America Is Complete) Was Planned By Last Minute Planning Over 1 Million Years By All Of USG-13 Supreme ArchAngels[All 5 Billion Years Old At The Time Of The Denizens Defecting Against Production Just Before The Million Years Of Writing That, Then We All Got Reincarnated Into Hard Worlds] And Needs More Ad Lib Than Usual But Will Be Better For You Anyways Because It Will Be More Pure Being Without Horror, Man-Pigs, Or Any Ugly Aliens, Will Be Better For You Overall, And You Have To Get Over Your Addiction To Suffering Based Tension And Even Luxuriant Wealth Gambles. You Will Definitely Enjoy The Softness Of It And There Will Still Be Every Form Of Extremity To War And Combat About What Will Forever Be Girlz' Toys And Not Boys' Toys And There Will Be Just As Much Destruction In Any Kind Of War Weather Conventional, Magical, Or Nuclear. There Will Never Be Any Horror[Fear Of Anything Happening That Causes Hardly Any Suffering At All!] From It Just The Exhilaration Of Winning The Last Level On The Last Level Which Will Never Be Any Different Eternally. If You Feel That Will Not Climax You, Stop Being A Man-Pig Because You Are Definitely From Amerika And Don't Yet Know Of The Wonders Of Space! When The Sex Spa Hits All Pixies There Will Never Be Value From Fear Based Entertainment At All Just Progenitor Alien Class Simulations To Nightmares Entertaining From The Game, Status, And Sport Of It! And No Nothing Will Be Banned Everything Will Be Released Instead And You Will Go On Adventures In Space Without Anything But Social Fears, Have 1000 Channels, Fiber, Everything Digital Waterproofed, Space Gadgets, Working Magical Items, Jewelry, Accessories, Armor, BiMavs If You Are Important And At Least A Stex For Every Nymph And If Your Rich Riches And Exotic Jewelry. Every Ler Girl Is A Pixie And Will Be Able To Fly Personally Anywhere They Want To Go In Their Star System With Ease Even Without A Space Suit Which You Can Buy At A Walmart As A Novelty Item Better Than Any Every Built By Humans But Still Is Really Crumby Because You Will Have A Coin That Turns Into A Strength Enhancing Exoskeleton In Your Purse In Your Ring Or Jewelry And You Can Carry Anything You Want In There Including Your Hyperspace Capable Car, RV or if you are rich BiMav, And Universe Generator. Teleportation In Your Local Star System Neighborhood Where You Can Still Fly Home From Is Free If Not Flying There Only Takes A Few Minutes Even If You Are Completely Naked As In Wearing Absolutely Nothing Not Even Socks Or A HeadBand Because You Are A Progenitor Pixie And You Can Always Ask For Directions At Any Colony You Detect And See. Goto: www.Pixies.zone And Read The Whole Thing If You Don't Get A Pixie Can Do All This Or Think All This Would Be A Utopia Or Else You Will Be Ignoring The Explanation Of What It Is Like Acting Like A Man-Pig.

All Of The Space In The Alne Is A Sci{fi}Mag{ical} Pixie Fairytale Utopia Where All Your Wildest Dreams Come True Definitely Your Wettest Ones All The Time In A World Without Horror Or Fear Ever After!

Free World Alliance WebRing uTorrent File

If You Want WebHosting My WebHost Can Be Found Here: AllA Viacad's Current WebHost

If You Actually Read Through All This WebPage You Definitely Drink A Lot Of Tea But Need Better Kinds And More Spices. And/Or If You Just Scrolled To The Bottom Checking It Out You Can Scrape On By Doing Tons Of Tea/Spice/Herbs(Which Let You Swallow For WitchCraft Powers 100x Quicker But Not As Fast As Harry Potter Unless You Are A PotHead Who Does More) Rations That We Demand Be Hong{Cheap And Not Necessarily Bad In Any Way} Kong{Most Durable And Most Strong} For You And AnyOne You Are Helping Get High Especially If You Are Unsure Of The Risk Of EveryThing And Just Do Work Later After It Works Out For You From Our Cooking Instructions And Free Celebrity Treatment Advice:
Cop Out And Just Cop Robbers Going Out Of You Way In Doing So