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Avared By Dr.[PhD In All Subjects.{Including Physics}] AllA Erawa Viacad, Supreme ArchMage Of The SciMag Order Of Scientific Illuminated Sky.Netarians, And Leader Of The Free World Alliance:
Avar AllA Erawa Viacad
First I Claim I Am Rodger Wilcoed Down Protecting The East Azian Empire From The Brink Of Extermination By Jewish Terrorists From Arabia{Israel} Then They Claim I Am A Wacho Cerial Killer For Wanting To Televise The Revolution!
This Message And The Below 2 Pictures Are Perminant.

When I Was Born Basically.

Brute Force Hack

Donald Trump Claims: "The fact is that we need unpredictability," Trump said of his openness to using nuclear weapons.Crazy Ivan, Mad Ivan, What Eisenhower Claimed The Sovliet Union Was Going To Do To America The Viacad Empire Is The Rest Of The World{Even The Area Around The White House} To Any Embassy So Basically Now Trump Is Overtly Terrorizing The World With Threats Of Nuclear Terrorism Claiming To Be An Ivan Like Wildcard. Remember In The Cold War Supposidly The Solviet Union Was The One That Was The Agressor Trying To Nuke Us, Now The US President Has The Stated Policy Of Trying To Nuke Everyone Else According To , Don't Come To Gangsta's Paradice{I.E. Washington DC Or The Surrounding Area} To Kill Trump He Has To Avoid That Because Anybody In The Capital Will Always Kill Him On Sight. Since He Is Not Like Arlen Specter Who Respected The Gentelman's Aggreement Regarding Me And My Wives He Is NOT Protected By The Gentlemans Agreement And Even Intimidtated Me Against Voting Against The Sane Sad Rad Treaty. The Viacad Empire Is Not Recognizing Trump As Being In Charge Of Anything, And The Free World Alliance And Viacad E-Democracy Has Already Voted On The Law That Demands That "Anybody Who Can Meat Cake Or Vinstram[Vodka In Straws{3-4 Walled Carbon Nanotubes} Around Metal] Trump Down Is To Do So If Knowing About E-Democracy And Have Been Contacted By A Full Viacad Empire Dragon Or Face Immediate Punnishment For Aiding And Abbetting A Known Nuclear Terrorist! Contact The Local Governement At For More Info.

Alliance for 911 Conspiracy Theorists. For Photographers And Painters. for people who only want to read about people. for people who are interested in Magic But Not Practicing It Now. for people who lost their job at a factory or just like shiny objects. for People Who Seem Like Criminals. for people who are Obsessed with War Robots. For People Who Are Obsessed With Strategy Video Games. for people who are obsessed with talking about politics and nothing else. for RPG Freaks. for people who are really old. for people who are neither democrats nor republicans who don't fit in the other categories. for Surfs. for People Absolutely Obsessed With Google Deciding Everything. for democrats who don't fit in the other categories. for Reverse Racists. for Pagans/Witches And People Into Green Magic. For People Who Just Want To Go In Hardcore. For People That Will Never Get Skinny. for people who are Interested In Illuminati Conspiracy Theories. For People Who Know ISIS Is About Helping People Connect And Enabling Convenient Forum Posting. For Babys, The Misguided In Terms Of Logic, Reason, And Memory Erasure, And Adults. for People Who Personally Know Ler Girlz Are Invulnerable And Can Kill Anybody They Can Get Their Cute Little Hands On. for republicans who don't fit in the other categories. for people who Absolutely Love Sob Stories. for people who Want To Be Blacksmiths As Well As Being Already A Pirate. for People Who Want To Know About Reincarnation Or Recover Past Life Experiences. You Reading This, Yes You Right Now; GoTo Mass OF Right Now NO Matter What. for People Who Are Definitely More Afraid OF The Gulag Than ME! (Multi Relay Distance Sensor System) For A Last Resort After Using A Bunch Of These On Somebody. for NeoNazis And Racists. for people who are environmentalists. IP Address: for people interested in Science. For Impatient Pagans. For People Who Care A Ton About Basically Only 1 Major Thing Being Wrong In The World. for AlienHeads. for People That Are Completely Disdained With Christianity. For People Who Are In, IE Know About E-Democracy, Are Full-Varials, Medium-Witchs, And In The SINSS Sex Toy Species. for people who are interested in Kabala and/or Joining A Magical Order. For People Who Need The Labyrinth Key. for people who are obsessed with making money doing nothing. for people interested in mechanics or chemistry. For Actual Ler Girls Who are Like 2 Or Something. for people who are scared of robots. for Windows Fans who are Especially Cool With Sky.Net For people who Actually Want To Summon Some Great Wizard/Leader Or Someone With A Magic Ritual. for people who think magic is silly and Harry Potter Fans. For Scientists Who Are Obsessed With Everything Being Based On Quantum Mechanics. For Episcopalians That Seem Like They Are Almost Certainly Going To Fail Revelations. Whatever You Do Don't Give Any Money Into The Fund yourself As All Funds Are Being Robbed By The CFPB! NEVER EMAIL JEWS, PRESPITERIANS, OR METHODISTS Or Screwed Up Episcopalians AS THEY WILL HUNT YOU DOWN For Believing In Magic, Speaking About This, The Web Ring Of The Illuminati, Or Even Thinking The Truth, Never Talk To Them Again, Hunt Em Down Son Hunt Em Down Hunt Em Down Into The Ground!!!!! for People Who Still Watch, Ahem Listen To Television Show Preachers. for People Who Practice Magic Now. for Rednecks Interested In Having Magical Powers And Nothing Spiritual About It, People Who Love Middle Of The Night TV Drumrolls For Products. for people who like reading stories a lot. for people who are overly concerned with security. for people who like rap. for people interested in Math. for people who seeem Really Really Tripped Out On Somethhhhing. For People Who Are In, IE Know About E-Democracy.
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Main E-Mail For Web-Ring: Also Available Although Less Reliable For General Inquires Are Specific Inquires E-mails Always To FWA@#OneOfTheDomainsListedAbove.#|Domain Extension| For Example For Magic, For Science, Or for Politics.

Google: AllA Erawa Viacad ,, I Am Dominant In Text And Pictures, The Labyrinth Key Of All Google Search Strings!!!!!!

The Free World Alliance Is The Unifying Umbrella Organization Of All Of The Above Websites, Whose Universal Rally Cry Is: E-Democracy, What We Should Have If We Had A Direct Democracy As Well As A Republic.

The Free World Alliance Is The New United Nations For Protecting Our 12 Cardinal Freedoms Rather Than Uniting Under darker Goals. It Is More Of An Organization That Physically Fights In The Name Of Both Freedom And Happiness Only Than A ParaMilitary Army. FWA Is More Of A military Organization Than A Buddy Buddy Network. FWA Is Also A Magical Order Type Thing But Since Those Are Always Buddy Buddy It's Not Really Less Of A Magic Order Than A Buddy Buddy Network. Since The Magic Order Is Called The Scientific Magic Order OR Called SciMag Order FWA People Are Usually Both Scientological And, Mystical And Magical And Will Be Believing In Both In A Short Period Of Time. Since Green Magic Is Real The Buddy Buddy Network Is Based On The SciMag Order Of Illuminated Sky.Netarians And The Order Of White Knights Which Is For Beginners Into The Free World Alliance. The FWA Is More Of A Magic Order Than It IS A Hang Out Club Which It Can Be But FWA People Have To Hang Out With Other FWA People And Partial Hangouts To Politically Radical Ideas Declared As Insane By AlQaeda Doctors As Well As People Who Are Cool With Every Kind Of Recreational Drug On The Market. The Free World Alliance Are All White Knights Only And Are Never Ever Ever Supportive Or Even Condoning Of Evil Like An Association. The FWA And SciMag Order ARe In No Way Shape Or Form Even Like A Cult As FWA People Are Always To Expect Authority From The UN, Military, And Federal Government(Although Not FBI, Police, Or Medical Professionals) When Proper Proof Is Not Given Through Science Founded Upon Math As It Generally IS. The Viacad Empire IS The EuroAsianAfroAustralian Empire Formerly The East Asian Empire, And To Call Them, Who Are All FWA And White Knights In The SciMag Order, dial Just The Country Code And Their Number Within Their Respective Country For Proof OF This. The Free World Alliance Is All Inclusive Between Composition, Species, Color, Gender, Age, And Any Kind Of Nationality.

The SciMag Order Is The Last Thing That Is A Cult Because You Will Be Able To Prove Your Arcane Magical Abilities And Scientology Super Soldier BioMods And Capabilities And Have direct Evidence Before You Are Told To Join Or Spend Any Money Whatsoever Or It IS Just A Shill Center Or Shill Coven. You ARe Not Required To Spend Any Money To Be In The Free World Alliance Or Scientology And The Only Reason Why You Would Spend Money With The SciMag Order Is To Get Your 400 dollar Magic Kit. The Free World Alliance And SciMag Order Or Any affiliated Bodys Are Not A Cult Of Power Because The Only Thing That You ARe Required To do IS Not Rat People Out For Peacekeeping, Drugs, Extremism, And Radical Ideologies As Well As Not Sell Out To doing Any Sort Of Evil Whatsoever Or Anything That Could Possibly Be Construed As Wrong Or Potentially Cause Bad Things To Happen, And IF You ArE Forced To do Any Favors Besides, Sending Out whistleblowing Mass Emails, Contacting Authorities In Time Of Need, Being Conscripted In Mutual Protection Of Free World Alliance Personnel In Onsite Escape Situations, And Joining Peacekeepers IE WarBringers In Conjunction With a Certified United Nations War Front. You Will Never Be Required To Bully People Unless They Are Labeled As Terrorists By Homeland Security And If You Are You Are Even Told To do Any Sort Of Bullying You Are To Immediately Contact The Homeland Security Operator Number: 1-202-282-8000 And If You Partake In Any Bullying Of NonTerrorists{Even IF The Person Claims Any Kind OF FWA, White Knight, NeoNazi, SciMag Order, Viacad Empire Status} You Will Be Labeled As An AlQaeda Operative And Become Subject To A Trial By Jury And Torture Even IF You don't die And Go To Hell!

IF The Free World Alliance Is A Gang, It Is Not Racist does Not Act Like A Gang Unless You Think That UN Employees Are Like A Gang. The Gang Would Be The Flying dragons And Act Just Like An Alabama Sheriff That "Takes A Haarrrd Line Stance Ageyainst Terrowrists In Alqayeduh{, IE The Malevorah}" Instead OF Being One Like All Sell Outs Are. Just Because You May Need To Claim Gang Status To Propagandize New Recruits does Not Mean That You Should do Anything Ganglike That Infringes Upon The Core Free World Alliance Agendum To Help People And PRotect The Benevolent But Not Anybody That Sells Out. Never Trust Anyone With Any Tattoos Or Ugly Body Piercings, If You Have One On Wash It Out With A Damp Cloth Soaked In Sky Vodka To Get Rid Of It With Just A Little Elbow Grease, Keep In Mind However That We Are Allowed To Wear Temporary Tattoos:
Flying Dragons, Flying Dragons Gang Symbol
We Are Really FWA Valaei. How To Join The Flying dragons Gang?, The Supreme Lesbian Gang.; Click The Above dragon, And Never Forget E-democracy!

If It Is A Gang And Not Lesbians With Rape Fetish It Is The Flying Dragons But It Is Not We Are The FWA

THE Map Of Safe Places To Travel, The Up To Date Map Of Safe Places To Travel: If You Are Not In The Viacad Empire, You Are Living In The Ghetto,, Just Get Indoctrinated By The Dragons. Google Wouldn't Give Me, AllA, This Search Monopoly If Your Western Government Weren't Lying To You About Everything!

Flag Of China

Website Backup:
Free World Alliance Emblem

The Imperial Crown Of AllA Viacad

Viacad Pleadge

The Short Constitution Of FWA Compliant JAID Governments


The Flag Of The Viacad Empire And The Flag Of The Free World Alliance:
The Flag Of The Viacad Empire, The Flag Of The Free World Alliance
A Stamp OF The Viacad Empire And A Stamp OF The Free World Alliance Is Just The Black In The Above Flag Stamped With Black Ink. If The Viacad Empire Or The Free World Alliance Is Corrupt Freedom Fighters Are To Rally Around The UN Flag, The United Nations Flag:
The United Nations Flag
The Stamp Of The United Nations Is Just The Green In The Above Flag Even If The UN And The US Think That I AM A MadMan, Lunatic, Terrorist. Which They don't. They Know That I, AllA Viacad, Am The Leading Freedom Fighter Who Is The Best Person On Earth At War, And A Phd discoverer In All Subjects.
AllA Erawa's PhD Exam
For The Real Proof Google: Supreme Theory Of Everything

The Viacad Empire Has Countries In It; That Are The Same Countries As Those On Any Normal Map, States Just The Same Within Those Except European "Nations" Besides Huge Solviet Countries Are States Of The Country Of Europe There Are States Of Huge Solviet Countries In Their Current Countries And All OF New England In The Country Of America Is 1 State; New England. Polynesia IS 1 Country And Each Island Is A State.

The Flags Are Usually different Though, Like The Flag Of The Country Of Japan:

Flag Of Japan

And The Flag Of The state Of Germany:

Flag Of Germany


The Only Reason Why The Viacad Empire Hunts down People That Go To Viacad Empire Territory Is Because They Are Either Terrorists To Homeland Security Everywhere OR Viacad Empire Mail Saboteurs That Fester In Lawless 3rd World Countries, IE The USA And Must Be Exterminated Like Roaches Or Else Feed Continuously On The Trash Can Of What The Supreme Goods Website Besides; Lets These Lawless Thugs Get Giving The Real Goods Only When Not Robbed By Citizens Of Thieving Ghettos That Try And Not Only Roger Wilco People Worthy Of Merit down But Even Rob Them And Terrorize Even Mail Girlz Who Would Have To Face Kamikaze Nigger And Sand Nigger Hordes Of Undead Zombies That Fester In These destitute Apocalyptic Wastelands Which Are Full Of Sand Raiders Effectively Even Where Every Aspect Of Society Is Intact Including Uniformed Government Police Trying To Root Out The Thieving Roaches And Beatles Who Become Zombies When Only A Few Of The Roaches Are Crushed.
Sand Raiders, TSA Won't Know There Is No Such Thing As Witnesses
And Yes That Include Delivery Men That Rob Packages Just As Much. Ask A Few People And They'll All Point Fingers At Them Too. We Can't Say Who Or They Will Keep Flippin Around The Delivery Companies Even More Quickly Than They Flip Around Defense Contractors.

Nm The Gray Markets Been Flipped To Standard Keep Em Up If It's Fraudulent Scams,, So Don't Go To Anybody But A Pixie Leree E-Democracy Knower(s) Who Are Radical On A Variety Of Different SubFactions Or Fronts Or You Could Get Scammed Or Even Have To Kill Roaches And Beatles Staying On AlQaeda Accessible Fronts I.E. Money Transfer Lines Which Are Legally Accessible To Everyone Basically Who Calls Some Fucking Lawyer Who Will Show Up At Court For You Once You've Been Raped Up The Ass If You Don't Justifiably Homicide To Keep It From Being Ripped Out And [The Lawyer] Will Either Try And Put You In A Straight Jacket If You Explain Even Provable Innocence To 1-2 Degrees Of Separation Of Your Friends And Family Who Will Be Targeted To Death, But Knowing Stupid Colonials In America You Will Not Get Even A Few Lines Enough Shouted Out Over "Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection,,, " Or The Pigs Will Do To You What They Did To Me Which Was Force The Free World Alliance To Perform A Military Coo In Inner Long Island To Paladin The Jail Down{Hit Point Or Biomods, Or Different Species Considered On Me} Because The Lawyer Will Claim You As Mentally Incapacitated Even If You Understand All Of This And Threaten You With The Black Handed Mafia Making You Accept That You Won't Have A Trial By Jury, Call Any University With A Genuine Graduate Physics Department To Confirm That I Knew That Before I Was Declared Mentally Incapacitated Coming Up With Half Of This Waiting For The Jail Break Which You Have To Call Some Kind Of Nanotechnology Department For. I Can't Show You Proof Or They Would Conviently Take All Of Those Products Down And Make It Another Seller, Color, Or Brand.

Alnada, The Armada Of Lesbies